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Kim Kardashian

I Don't Want Kris Humphries

Around When I Give Birth

1/9/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
does not plan to tie the knot with Kanye West -- at least not yet -- but she is angry and frustrated that Kris Humphries is putting her in a position where she may have a baby with one man while still married to another.

Sources connected to Kim tell TMZ ... she does not feel the need to marry Kanye, even though she's having his baby. But she does not want to be legally married to Kris Humphries when she gives birth. 

Our sources say ... Kim feels Kris is being "spiteful and vindictive" in dragging out the divorce -- which has dragged on for nearly a year-and-a-half -- for no reason. We're told with all the depositions and paperwork, there's been no evidence presented by either side suggesting Kim defrauded Kris when she agreed to marry him.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... people in Kris' life are now urging him to just settle and walk away. But here's the problem ... Both sides have now incurred big attorney's fees, and we're told Kim believes so strongly Kris' legal challenge is so bogus that she wants him to foot her lawyer's bills.

If they can't settle, the judge will set a trial date next month.  Kim's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, estimates a trial would take a grand total of 1 day. Kris' lawyer thinks it's more like 5 days, because he wants to put reality TV on trial.

Stay tuned.


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KARMA - you wanted a big pay day and to been seen all over the place getting married. I think its funny and it would be even funnier that if you are still married that he gets to claim the baby!!!! You took advantage of him for your own guilty pleasure and sometimes you get what you deserve!!!

590 days ago

It's Dave    

Yeah, Kim, it's such a hassle when your husband isn't cool with you getting pregnant by another guy when you're still married to him. That's why the rest of us on planet Earth try not to do that. Didn't you get a birth control pamphlet in school? It should have explained these things to you.

590 days ago


The truth is that Kim fakes her twitter numbers....they pay people to make up phony twitter accounts and names to make her numbers look huge.....with what they must pay to TMZ , Too Fab and has to be a huge amount of money paid out to get noticed....and now she is probably faking he baby just like Beyonce did.

590 days ago


Shut up, Kim, you whiney fame whore. Give Kris his ring back and grant him an annulment. You don't need the money and 72 days speaks for itself...

590 days ago


Funny how she wants to play the victim. She should've thought about all that before getting pregnant with another man's child while STILL going through divorce proceedings. I hope he does bring the show's executives in to it. How can she even keep a straight face and say that it was not for publicity when she so quickly feel out of love with him 72 days later, her mom didn't even remember to include his family when reserving limos for the wedding. Really??????????????

590 days ago


I feel you Leslie but Kris knew who Kim was before and still got with her thats where I am at with this and nobody forced him he wasnt in love either so why not just walk away if he let her got the whole check then his bad life is a b**ch he learned that why act like a woman scorned he is a NBA player there are many others out there just say f it

590 days ago


Kim did all this to herself, it's no one elses fault but her own. She's just a nasty gold digging whore that only married Humphries to make millions of dollars from it. If she wants that marriage to go away before the kid is born then she should be giving Humphries everything he's asking for and he's not asking for much considering everything she's done. The only thing he' guilty of is being a complete moron in thinking that she ever cared about him, she's only ever been out for herself and money, nothing more.

590 days ago


So what most of you are saying is that Kris H should just keep dragging his feet with this divorce. In CA she has been legally seperated long enough to not have the husband be presumed the father. However, he better watch his step and not make any unwarranted claims of paternity. He could be obligated to pay child support until paternity could be established. Then who do you think will be dragging their feet. Divorce happens every day and just because she was only married for 72 days doesn't really make any difference. Kris is intentionally being a jerk and not signing off on a divorce. Her ability to legally move on is being held hostage by someone she most likely hates. Even if the divorce was finalized today, it still has lasted significantly longer than their entire relationship. My impression of this situation is that Humphries is clinging on to this "marriage" in order to avoid fading into obscurity; since his basketball playing skills arent going to make him NBA superstar.

590 days ago


It wouldn't have been dragged out this long if SHE would have just given him an annulment like he asked. After getting the boot after 72 days of marriage and it being painfully obvious it was all for $, I think he deserves that much. She just knew an annulment would make HER look bad. Technically, she is the one dragging it out. Good for him for not backing down! And why does TMZ always try to make him look like the bad guy and her look like some innocent angel?

590 days ago


Oh I'm sorry, are the divorce proceedings from your fake marriage complicating things for your PR baby? Considering how calculating and image obsessed the Kardashians are, there's no way that this pregnancy was an accident. I still think it's pretty ironic that she rushed into marriage right after the royal wedding and is now pregnant so shortly after it was announced that Duchess Kate is expecting.

590 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

Kim is probably just upset that outside of her paid minions, the real public is siding with Kris on this and calling her out for the trashy gold digging narcissistic whore that she is.

590 days ago


It would be interesting to now if California is a a State that considered a child with a marriage .. The husbands child... Chris could find himself paying child support for Kanyas baby if Calfornia is a State that has a law like that! He might want to grant the divorce quickly!!

590 days ago


I just don't understand why everyone seems to hate Kim Kardashian so much. What exactly did she do that was so bad besides get married quickly before she knew him better? Did anyone hate JLo and all of her marriages, or Britney Spears who had 2 husbands in the span of a year? You all say it was FRAUD, but how do you know? Kris was and is a jerk and if you saw her show and the things he said and did, it is all there. If she did for the show, she would have told him she wanted a divorce on the show. But the thing is guess what people all your hateful responses and pure NASTYNESS is gross and it just shows how much time on your hands you really have and how freaking JEALOUS you all are. I mean for someone you despise you read all of her stories and have to comment.

590 days ago


After all of her exploits, she's now worried about her image? This is what happens when a woman is too ass-conscious. Her thinking is usually worth ****.

590 days ago


I thought Kris Humphries wanted the marriage to be annulled instead of getting a divorce. I guess an annulment would mean fraud on her part. She should have agreed to it and it would have been over by now.

590 days ago
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