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Kim Kardashian

I Don't Want Kris Humphries

Around When I Give Birth

1/9/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
does not plan to tie the knot with Kanye West -- at least not yet -- but she is angry and frustrated that Kris Humphries is putting her in a position where she may have a baby with one man while still married to another.

Sources connected to Kim tell TMZ ... she does not feel the need to marry Kanye, even though she's having his baby. But she does not want to be legally married to Kris Humphries when she gives birth. 

Our sources say ... Kim feels Kris is being "spiteful and vindictive" in dragging out the divorce -- which has dragged on for nearly a year-and-a-half -- for no reason. We're told with all the depositions and paperwork, there's been no evidence presented by either side suggesting Kim defrauded Kris when she agreed to marry him.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... people in Kris' life are now urging him to just settle and walk away. But here's the problem ... Both sides have now incurred big attorney's fees, and we're told Kim believes so strongly Kris' legal challenge is so bogus that she wants him to foot her lawyer's bills.

If they can't settle, the judge will set a trial date next month.  Kim's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, estimates a trial would take a grand total of 1 day. Kris' lawyer thinks it's more like 5 days, because he wants to put reality TV on trial.

Stay tuned.


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SHE IS SUCH A HO!!! I hate her and she is too egotistical to have a baby. She adopted two dogs and had one put down and one re-homed and she did the same with a kitten in Miami. The only thing she can commit to is HERSELF and MONEY. The baby is a money maker--the announcement, MAJOR PUBLICITY AND BS IT WAS NOT APPROVED. Then there will be countless debates on whether they want to know the sex ending in a cliffhanger episode of THE SEX--ZOOM INTO ULTRASOUND, ZOOM OUT, LOOK AT THEIR FACES, BUT NOISE OUT THE SEX--TO BE CONTINUED. THEN there will be the spin-off showing them, albeit blurring the baby as that is her idea of keeping her out of the press--being parents. There will be the HUGE price for the first pics. Then nannies will raise the kid as she galavants to all her "engagements" for which she gets paid to show her fat ass up at. She looks like Rob in drag without the hair extensions and maek-up and all that fat globule crap under her skin. SHE IS FAT AND DUMPY AND IT IS TIME SHE GO AWAY--this whole family--please.

631 days ago


Darlene--it won't be the first time a man "rains" on her--LMFAO--The girl became famous for a sex vid that was so staged and the FULL vid contains the scene she was peed on.

631 days ago


the only think this moron sees in whats his name is the dollar signs because he is one of the most ugly mugs I have ever seen of course she would do anything

631 days ago


Hollyweird trend,of women wanting babies, but not wanting "husbands" to en***ber them.Kim, Kourtney Kardashian,Jessica Simpson,Halle Berry etc. They all just want the sperm donor of their choice. So, if the woman is rich, she does not want the bother of a"husband."??Poor babies,labeled illegitimate bastards, because of selfish mothers??
And irresponsible men.

631 days ago


As he is legally still her husband he would have the decision making power in any medical emergency. Kim give him that annulment quick before your life depends on him.

631 days ago


Awwwww poor Kim Kartrashian, so so so sad! You're still legally married to one man and you got yourself knocked up by another! Maybe you should try being a responsible adult and take care of your legal issues before you go sleeping around; but then again, you're famous because you f***ed on tape. I'm so sick of hearing about this disgusting piece of trash! I don't understand why or how she became a "celebrity", she is a glorified porn star! I hope Kris Humphries gets EVERYTHING from her, her pregnancy is proof of an extramarital affair which should void the pre up, good luck Kris H.

631 days ago


TMZ..please for just one day stop riding the back of kk. So many others rode her back why do you have to follow..she's morally trash..if she believed god she wouldn't had a baby with another man while married to another..she's a hoe..I feel bad for the baby mommy got famous for taking a $%

631 days ago


Did Kim get pregnant on purpose to boost the rating of their crappy show? How much did homo Ryan Seacrest pay them extra for this life event?

631 days ago


I think she should now agree to the annulment that Kris asked for to start with. She is the one dragging it out. Get over yourself

631 days ago


Because SHE wants, what SHE wants, when SHE wants it! Want baby NOW!

631 days ago


wow really u stupid ho, wht u expect dont put this all on kris, u were the one should have protected your *****, wtf,u knw i looked at the shw, kuwtk, an i liked it, when ppl were bashing the kardashians i was one u always said its their life their money leave them, but now i realize that they have no shame especially kim, not even 2 years have passes u already pregnant, for another man, one word for tht k sorry, whore,wht kind of example are setting for your younger sisters, an the younger generation, come on think before u act kim, u are getting older, u have a child on the way , if not for yourself, or your family , or your fans then do it for your unborn child, start living a good life stop moving from man to man

631 days ago


No sympathy here. This woman married Kris under false pretenses. She did not love him but loved the idea of the big perfect wedding. Kim conned millions of dollars out businesses for her elaborate ruse--sure hope the IRS are checking to make sure that all gets claimed on her tax returns this year--and I believe she conned Kris H though he admittedly isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Kris hang in there to the bitter end. She wants YOU to pay her attorney fees. If Kim is in such a hurry for a divorce, let her pay YOUR fees and anything else you feel owed; then and only then sign those papers. You have nothing to lose now. Hey as the legal dad you can probably insist on being at the birth if you guys are still married when the baby arrives.

631 days ago


She...the hooker put herself in this position,

631 days ago


Everybody hates you and your greedy life. Put the baby up for adoption so they can have a normal life. You should be ashamed of yourself.

631 days ago


I bet Kris is so happy to be away from that nightmare! Don't worry Kim, he probably wants nothing to do with your trashy self or horrible family.

Just for fun, we all know Khloe isn't a Kardashian, so stop trying to deny it! :)

631 days ago
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