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Hollywood Nightclub Brawl

Clubgoer Shot Dead (VIDEO)

1/14/2013 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

A man was shot dead outside a Hollywood nightclub early Sunday morning in the throes of a massive brawl ... and our photog captured it all.

Cops tell us ... It started inside Empire nightclub ... where several fights broke out between some women ... before it moved outside.

You see women in the video throwing punches, pulling hair, slapping etc.  

Within minutes the violence escalated into all out mayhem ... dozens more joined in -- men and women.

Suddenly ... a man in a grey sweatshirt pulls a gun ... takes aim -- and two shots are clearly heard.

Moments later, you see a man lying dead in the middle of the street -- and it appears the victim was the intended target.

Another man was also shot during the brawl.  He's in stable condition.

The shooter was not apprehended. The LAPD is looking for him.


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your hypocracy is beyond belief, You will not show a womans nipple nor open legged car exit because they would be a privacy and provocative issue, but hey show aguy getting KILLED is OK by you. I have NEVER known a liberal who was consistant in their philosophy of life, NOT ONE.

655 days ago


R.I.P Andre, that guy is going to be in jail reaaal soon, Justice will be served.

655 days ago


people forget that when the cops do/did show up and ask if anyone saw anything everyone will say "I didn't see anything" becuase the mentality is to 'protect' the gangstas becuase it's all they gots (lowering my spelling grammar to the average poster here)
the gun didn't kill anybody until somebody pulled the trigger

655 days ago


Welcome to my city guess he didn't pray when he woke stupid ass... only 19 canker even drink in the club why kickit in Hollywood?

655 days ago


This is horrible, each and every person who was there fighting and supporting it by watching it should be charged as a accessory. Charges should also be charged against TMZ for supporting this as well.

655 days ago


so upsetting.....some entire family is torn apart today

655 days ago


Why isn't this guys mug pasted to every account of this crime online. Most of the major media outlets have no pictures, and only ask if anyone has any info, to contact police. His face needs to be out there while people memories are fresh with what they saw. Look at who calmly he pulled a gun and shot the guy twice in the head, in front of hundres of people no less. This is not this guys first killing.

655 days ago


When 13% of the population accounts for 50% of all the murders its no longer prejudice or racial profiling to assume all black males are armed and dangerous..If you dont believe my stats look them up. If you are black and dont like what I have to say too bad. Tell your brothers to start acting civilized.

655 days ago


I will now always associate velveeta cheese with first degree murder.

655 days ago


I hope everyone involved know that for the rest of their lives that their actions took the life of another. Im sure they are all very young. God Bless the victims family with strength after this

655 days ago


straight bitch move... but he gonna get caught quick

655 days ago


funny how only ppl of colour can be thugs according to u ppl...

655 days ago


I'm disgusted with the people on here acting like black people are the only ones who do this....
oh I guess that's because WHITE men only shoot 1st graders and theaters full of people. Check the school shootings all white - check the mall mass shootings - not black.
And yes I am caucasian. disgusted by people blaming ethnicity and every mass casualty in US besides 9/11 were white. Oklahoma bombing, etc.

655 days ago


The saddest part is all of your comments.....Not one is actually breaking down what happened....Just racist undertones...Not one has said "Did you see the guy who got shot walking across the street with his hand clenched and jump in and start swinging?" Or how about realizing that street fights are not MMA-and this stuff does happen. Hell people don't even stop fights when someone goes down. AND wake up...there were a ton of women fighting there as well...This is an ugly sight and I am glad I do not need to go to bars to find fun....If these people would challenge themselves during the day they may not challenge other people to prove their masculinity at night. So Please, analyze this from a societal view and not some damn racist comments...Because I am not sure if people notice but WHITES want to be gangsta as well. Does no one remember bangin in Little Rock

655 days ago


What horrible footage.

I mean, that cameraman is garbage. Why can't anyone hold a camera steady? Isn't this all these guys do? They stand around waiting to film stuff, but it looks like they've never operated a camera before.

655 days ago
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