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Hollywood Nightclub Brawl

Clubgoer Shot Dead (VIDEO)

1/14/2013 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

A man was shot dead outside a Hollywood nightclub early Sunday morning in the throes of a massive brawl ... and our photog captured it all.

Cops tell us ... It started inside Empire nightclub ... where several fights broke out between some women ... before it moved outside.

You see women in the video throwing punches, pulling hair, slapping etc.  

Within minutes the violence escalated into all out mayhem ... dozens more joined in -- men and women.

Suddenly ... a man in a grey sweatshirt pulls a gun ... takes aim -- and two shots are clearly heard.

Moments later, you see a man lying dead in the middle of the street -- and it appears the victim was the intended target.

Another man was also shot during the brawl.  He's in stable condition.

The shooter was not apprehended. The LAPD is looking for him.


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I'm sure the right wing NRA gun fanatics of America think that if only nearly everyone at the club had a concealed 45 semi-automatic this shooting would NEVER have happened!

Guns don't kill people you know! MORE AND MORE GUNS is the answer to America's problems with gun violence!

What those NRA gun nuts don't realize is that human emotions often override common sense and rationality when a guy has a gun available in some confrontation. He's probably going to shoot somebody and maybe end up in jail for the rest of life.

586 days ago


It's sad that TMZ would show someone losing their life and think its ok, just ridiculous and to u racist ppl making comments y'all are pathetic and I'm sure u wouldn't have the balls to say that ish to a black person.

586 days ago


How can we blame this Katt ?

586 days ago


Same guy that shot Tupac and B.I.G. The mystery shooter. Mobs of people...nobody knows shìt.

586 days ago

ms. j    

Out of respect for the deceased and his family please remove the footage of his body. I am not related but I know from experience how they may feel. Showing his body is salt on top of an open wound....

586 days ago


Where are the morals and human respect? I see women dressed like cheap sluts & a bunch of dysfunctional thugs who enjoy putting up the facade of being gangsta. These people enjoy this, they seek it out. If you begin to peel back the layers of 85% of these clubgoers you will see lack of education, drugs, welfare, jail/prison/criminal records, big egos yet lack self esteem, parents not intact, child abuse/child neglect, unemployment,etc. To break it down these are people from dysfunctional homes/families who lack apathy for there fellow man. What is really scary is these people are raising children who are a reflection of there own parents. Hopefully one or more of these clubgoers might use this tragic event to better themselves & stay out of places that are at a high risk for bad behavior & homicides?

586 days ago


Why oh why didn't we make and effort get rid of all the non-white or asian people in the world? Now its too late.

586 days ago


Why are people making this a racial thing Newtown and Aurora were white guys it's the people that are stupid

586 days ago

Sir Boo    


586 days ago


Glad they got his image on video. To the LAPD, get this coward off the street.

586 days ago


That is some bitch ****. Bet his bitch ass is hiding somewhere all scared. I also bet his homies have cut all ties with him. Stupid ass! Idiots like him make me want to learn how to square dance so I could go to one of those joints for entertainment and not worry about dodging gunshots while trying to get to my car!

586 days ago


First, who was at the club that brought TMZ's crew there?
Second, another shooting in the US, why is this even news?

586 days ago


He kind of looks like Chris Brown!

586 days ago


Yup, this thug will get to keep his gun but Obama wants to take them away from law abiding citizens.

586 days ago

The dark knight     

The thing that bothers me the most about these kind of videos is that in Hollywood of all places it takes the cops so long to show up. The police should have arrived faster. This video is obviously edited for time. This absolutely disturbing and these kind of fights are becoming more and more common in Hollywood. That's why I refuse to party there anymore. It's always ignorant black people fighting each other. Blacks try to destroy one another and I'm sad to say this but, uneducated, ghetto black people are the sum of the earth. I go out of my way to avoid them. The people in this video is why African Americans have such a bad reputation within our society. All that being said, I AM BLACK! Highly educated, hardworking, professional, clean cut and an upstanding citizen. Put the guns down and pick up a book! Educate yourselves and stop behaving like savages and maybe you'll make it somewhere in this world! As for the shooter, there are numerous people just like you in prison that you will be able to hang out with. You will be caught, either someone will recognize you or your friends will give you up. You just ruined your own life,........epic fail........MORON!
Rest In peace to the deceased NO ONE deserves to be gunned down in the street like that.

586 days ago
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