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Hollywood Nightclub Brawl

Clubgoer Shot Dead (VIDEO)

1/14/2013 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

A man was shot dead outside a Hollywood nightclub early Sunday morning in the throes of a massive brawl ... and our photog captured it all.

Cops tell us ... It started inside Empire nightclub ... where several fights broke out between some women ... before it moved outside.

You see women in the video throwing punches, pulling hair, slapping etc.  

Within minutes the violence escalated into all out mayhem ... dozens more joined in -- men and women.

Suddenly ... a man in a grey sweatshirt pulls a gun ... takes aim -- and two shots are clearly heard.

Moments later, you see a man lying dead in the middle of the street -- and it appears the victim was the intended target.

Another man was also shot during the brawl.  He's in stable condition.

The shooter was not apprehended. The LAPD is looking for him.


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I've seen some pretty **** up **** on the Internet (excecusion, people hit by car leg bones out and **** , suicides ) that jus made me sick to my stomach damn straight he will be caught and jus another stupid move by another stupid person... Over a fight .?.? I'm 10 minutes from seaside heights nj and we fight out here all te time at clubs there's one bouncer for every 3 of us we straight brawl.. Fists!! No Guns.. That was a kid in a mans body and after all that people jus driving by I thought the one bitch was gonna run is lifeless body over

615 days ago


Of course. It's. Another ****** ****** with. A gun. ****in ****in cowards I would. Love to see this happen in my town we over due on shooting a ******..cowards

615 days ago


And the republican ding a lings say this would not have happened if everybody in the club was armed.

615 days ago

Michelle Nelson    

And TMZ's reason for posting this? Celebrity news, while not enriching, can be an entertaining diversion from our everyday lives; reporting violence and bloodshed for the sake of violence and bloodshed have no place here, nor anywhere for that matter.

615 days ago


TMZ...Please, respect this man's family, remove the portion of video showing him on the ground.

615 days ago


Not all Americans are that dumb. Only the northern parts. Texas rules

615 days ago


i thought were laws on the books about murdering people...if that is the case why do people still do it? maybe get rid of all guns and no on will have guns..except law breakers...outlaw drugs and no one will have drugs except people really think if guns were illegal this guy wouldnt have that gun and do the same illegal murder?

615 days ago


Did everyone see the "assault rifle" ... ass clown politicians..

615 days ago


The Mayans predicted the end of civilization. Here you have it: uncivilized people shooting into a crowd and uncivilized TMZ for posting the video in the first place.

615 days ago


The shooting with the victim down should have been edited out of the video.

615 days ago


I cannot believe how trashy these women are in this video brawling like that. It's disgusting!!!

615 days ago


Thank God a celebrity, gay activities or a white child wasn't shot!!. Obama, the FBI, CIA, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Boy Scouts would be activated--the killer would be apprehended before he could car-jack a ride to his baby's mama crib, Obama with a fake tear would be on TV "condemning" the "tragic event". The LAPD would have to work... it would have been crazy. But since it was just ghetto/barrio riff-raff the mayor will come out with a "statement" and the cops will go back to their hiding spots to sleep, poke chicks and smoke pot.

615 days ago


This is just another weekend of gun violence in America. I think America is getting so used to gun violence that before long people won't even care about mass shootings like that one in Connecticut where 20 elementary school kids were slaughtered with an assault rifle.

Does America want to just get used to this madness or what? All so the right winger NRA gun fanatics will be happy?

I'm sure all the gun fanatics insist that MORE GUNS are the answer! If only a white card carrying NRA was there with his fully automatic AK-47 then this would never have happened.

The NRA won't be happy until every school teacher, every grandma and every 12 year old kid is toting a gun. THEN, America will have a civil society and nobody will actually use their guns. Right?

615 days ago


Any way he owns that gun illegally? Pass more laws so thugs are the only ones with guys, great concept.

615 days ago


See its cause of all those guns!! Gotta round them all up then no one will die anymore right? Its not the piece of **** that pulled the trigger, its the gun right? and he prob plays Call of Duty cause that makes you kill people too right? Prob watched a lot of War movies too cause movies are bad and make you kill people right? Gotta love this country. So chock full of stupid and ignorant.

615 days ago
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