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Lindsay Lohan

Fires Attorney Shawn Holley

1/14/2013 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has made one of the worst decisions of her life ... firing Shawn Holley -- the lawyer who has kept her out of jail multiple times -- and hired a New York lawyer, who was suspended from practicing law for 5 years back in 1994 ... sources tell TMZ.

Lohan is facing criminal prosecution in both California and New York.  Attorney Mark Heller is repping Lindsay in the NYC assault case. Shawn Holley was repping LiLo in L.A. in her multiple criminal cases -- most recently the car crash where she allegedly lied to cops. 

It's a stunning development -- given that Holley has taken heat for being too effective, keeping Lindsay out of the pokey in the jewelry heist case as well as several probation violation cases. And she's almost magically made some criminal investigations disappear.

Sources connected with the L.A. prosecution of Lindsay tell TMZ ... Heller -- who according to the New York Times has been called a "menace to the public" by some lawyers -- sent a letter to Holley saying he was now repping her on all criminal matters.

Bad timing on Lindsay's part, because sources tell us ... Holley was literally on her way to the courthouse when Heller sent his letter -- she was trying to negotiate yet another sweet settlement for Lindsay in the lying-to-cops case.

Calls to Holley were not returned.


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Sally Smith    

Lindsay Lohan is America's full-time loser.

565 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


565 days ago


ROL says she is supposed to be there in court in person, per the article that says Lohan has stiffed Holley for months. She has not paid her a red cent for the Cali charges. She's fvcked. Instead of delaying it, I'd rather go to jail in the colder months instead of sweltering California heat in the coming months.

565 days ago


Lindsay Lohan ‏@lindsaylohan

George Clooney!! Yay! So smart and classic. He reminds me of my new attorney @markheller!!!!

565 days ago


charlie or what's his name loved her lesbien breath

565 days ago


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Mark Heller Is Not Lindsay Lohan’s Attorney, Says Lindsay’s Camp
Posted on November 30th, 2012 at 1:01 pm -

Although controversial attorney Mark Heller is speaking to the press on behalf of Lindsay Lohan, a representative from Lindsay’s team tells RumorFix exclusively, “Lindsay’s legal counsel remains her longtime attorney Shawn Holley. Any reports of her being represented by Mark Heller are not accurate.”

565 days ago

Sally Smith    

Whaa.... I owes my lawyer more than $250k, so I gotsa fire her. Whaa...

565 days ago


For all those NOT ‘in the know’ about Lindsay's ‘new’ lawyer, here are some highlights from a Nov. 30, 2012 article by RumorFix:

“Although controversial attorney Mark Heller is speaking to the press on behalf of Lindsay Lohan, a representative from Lindsay’s team tells RumorFix exclusively, “Lindsay’s legal counsel remains her longtime attorney Shawn Holley. Any reports of her being represented by Mark Heller are not accurate.”

“Mark, who was Jon Gosselin’s divorce attorney, is talking to everyone from E! to ABC News about Lindsay.”

“Kristin writes (in a letter to Lindsay), “While we don’t personally know each other, I feel compelled to inform you about your choice in attorneys, Mark Jay Heller. If you care about your freedom- you will fire him immediately and retain competent representation.”

She continues, “Mark Heller used to represent me. He did nothing to get me out of jail when I was arrested because he was more concerned with generating press for himself.”

565 days ago


One fame whore representing another whore.

565 days ago


Just a reminder .... this isn't the first time Borderline Crackie fired Holley. Holley was fired when she couldn't get Crackie out of a POV SENTENCE during Judge Revel's reign. Remember??? Revel then gave Crackie a grace period of 2 weeks before serving her sentence(which totaled 2 weeks due to overcrowding). Crackie used the 1st week of this grace period to hire Shapiro and then spent the last 6 days prior to jail DETOXING in his recovery house. When Shapiro was unable to get this sentence overturned and then made a public statement that Crackie was an ADDICT like his deceased son, she fired him and rehired Holley. So if Crackie fired Holley, it only means one thing: THE PROSECUTION IS OUT FOR BLOOD AND WANTS CRACKIE BEHIND BARS AND HOLLEY IS UNABLE TO NEGOTIATE A SWEET DEAL FOR CRACKIE!!!! On another note, where the he11 is Crackie? Not one pap picture has emerged in the past week, only her Golden Globe crack tweets. Is she holed up somewhere DETOXING because Holley told her that she would have to go to jail? Any thoughts, fellow H8TURDS?

565 days ago


I'm popping some popcorn so I have something to eat while I watch this train wreak of a show unravel. GOD how I love watching stupid people self destruct in spite of the fact that MULTIPLE chances were given to help this it's just a waiting game, hence the popcorn.....

565 days ago


I wonder if SCH has to stand before Godfrey tomorrow and ask to be recused?

565 days ago


Shawn Holley is probably THRILLED!

565 days ago


BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ........TMZ you kill me , ssooooooo sneaking and soooooooooo good timing .....How long have you sat on this one....Two ......Three........ days at least got to give the old boy time to fly out to LA and file his papers for his Por VOC ....which will delay the hearing on the crash at least ....Not to sure it will delay the revoking of the probation because that was already done...this was for the sentencing because if you remember she gave up her right to bail and pre hearing with Judge with Little J..... so she may not be clear on that ....
And the Shyster lawyer of NY town will get it delayed....if he can.....
I 'm just going to sit here and watch the show......
and somewhere in the Hollywood Hills the Police have corrided off a two square block area around Shawn Holly 's House as people have gather in a ":Free at Last Party " that going on at her house......
So Micheal old friend is now her lawyer.......trained in the same school of shyster hood has Micheal....
What happen Dina ...couldn't get anymore money out of your black book to pay Holly......Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

565 days ago


I WISH I HAD SOMETHING CLEVER TO SAY, BUT, I HAVEN'T. Everyone else has expressed my thoughts, accurately. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!

565 days ago
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