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Manti Te'o Scandal


1/20/2013 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120_RONAIAH_video_2Ronaiah Tuiasosopo -- the man who allegedly spearheaded the hoax on Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o -- has finally come out of hiding ... surfacing at his family home in Palmdale, CA on Saturday evening ... TMZ has learned. 

Ronaiah was wearing a hoodie and tried to hide his face. He also didn't utter a single word when asked about his role in the hoax. 

Just 24 hours before Ronaiah appeared in public, Manti had told ESPN ... Ronaiah had reached out to him -- confessed to the prank -- and apologized.

According to Manti, Ronaiah was the person who created "Lennay Kekua" -- who Manti believed was a real person ... and "dated" ... even though they never met in person.

Of course, the whole thing was a hoax -- Lennay never really lived ... or died from cancer on September 11.

Manti claims he and Ronaiah were simply acquaintances -- and insists he was only a victim in the hoax and not a co-conspirator.

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No Avatar


Yep these things happen. Can we move on from this story, because it's getting boring. Thanks

641 days ago


They look Chinese.

641 days ago


I wish somebody would hack his computer so TMZ could get all the convo's he supposedly had with his internet gurlfrenn.

641 days ago


So sick of this boring ass story. I love how TMZ just latches on to the dumbest f***ing stories and feels the need to write about it 10 times a day. It's not even remotely interesting.

641 days ago


Acquaintance my ass. They both gay. What normal man pretends to be a woman for 3 years??? And why would Manti be friends with a guy like that? Also Manti already admitted he lied about meeting the girl and that he lied cause he didn't want people to think he was weird so why wouldn't he lie about being gay? I think they both gay and invented this idea as a cover up and then after the fake girl supposedly died maybe he did date a real girl for a few months. Who can't fake it for a couple months? I'm sure he realized he needed to be seen with a real girl to keep up the front. And I am sure Manti's team got together and paid people off and the Ronaiah guy is taking the fall for his boyfriend so he can get an NFL contract and then I am sure Ronaiah is gonna get his share for taking the fall.

641 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

I thought this was George Zimmerman in action again. Flash at arm height, innocent person wearing a hoodie...

641 days ago


This guy is the ultimate s***bag!

641 days ago


Manti was part of this scam. Why else would he have to tell his father his fake girlfriend met with him in Hawaii?

641 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

At least 10 stories about this guy's fake girlfriend is getting boring. I think Harvey was hoping MT was going to come out of the closet.

641 days ago


This story is more stupid than most of the Kim Kardashian nonsense that TMZ follows. Can we please get back to Katt Williams arrests and that Twilight dude that pissed on the floor at LAX?

641 days ago


hey mante jus confessed ,hey mante said he didnt know , mante just farted omg leave the ****in story alone **** happens find something else tmz

641 days ago


I'm over this ****

641 days ago


Jesus H Chr!st. Give it a rest already. Most ppl dont give a flying fk!!! Hasnt the media done enough damage to this guy already?? He screwed up, he lied, he got caught. No need for ANY firther stories!!!

641 days ago


omg. i hate sick people who does these kind of things. just recently my nephew was also in a mess like this. it went on for 6 months. His so called "online girlfriend" was always making excuses for not being able to meet him. she claim she has cancer and was sick. so eventually i had enough. (he's only 17) so i looked up his phone

641 days ago


ESPN is reporting that Manti and Rosie O'Donnell are co-grand marshals of this years Pride parade in San Francisco.

641 days ago
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