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On Lip Sync Scandal

'Can I Live?'

1/27/2013 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0127_beyonce_webstagramBeyonce is finally breaking her silence on the crazy lip-syncing controversy that broke earlier this week ... kind of ... by posting a picture of herself online with the message "Can I live?"

Beyonce -- who has yet to address the allegations she faked her way through the National Anthem on Inauguration day -- posted the cryptic snapshot on Instagram Saturday night.

Bey is seen wearing a sweatshirt -- while practicing for her upcoming Super Bowl gig -- which poses the question "Can I Live?" ... the title of a song by her husband, Jay-Z.

It's clear from the pic ... either Beyonce is telling the world to back the heck off ... or she's just a totally supportive wife.

So we gotta ask ...


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The shirt should say, "Can I Sing?"

635 days ago

BB not bb    

This is making me wonder about alot of acts that have been around for decades. Somehow their shows don't sound as good, but they do all the same running around. I wonder if they are no longer live. They tend to sound dead and flat, like a track. You don't know who they are even playing too.

Like can Ozzy really sing that good and run all around when he is so mental he is always shaking and drooling and fumbling about? Maybe he does rehearse alot, but it makes you wonder. People's voices do get alot weaker with age.

I wonder how many acts are really live. I think you know a live show when you hear one. It feels like they are playing right to the crowd. That is what a good performer would do anyway.

635 days ago


Beyonce lies: she's 39 not 32. And she used a surrogate for the baby. Plus wigs, plastic surgery (nose) and photoshop. Can you live honestly? Then sing live at the Superbowl.

635 days ago


She gotta go. Along with Jay Z's phony ass and "his" lousy president.

635 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Didn't Milli Vannilli ( who knows how it's spelled) lose their entire career over lip syncing songs. She got caught being unprepared and lazy regarding a patriotic song for a prestigious event. And now she's dealing with the backlash. She's sells herself as a true professional and performs as an amateur. You get out of life what you put into it.
Besides, it was for Obama. He obviously doesn't care. The guy is President and wouldn't know the pledge of Allegiance if he had to recite it. This is all just phony drama anyways.

635 days ago


She just doesn't get it. It's not so much the fact that she lip synced, it was the manner in which she did it.
Especially at the end when she stares into the camera with that head jerk and outstretched arm like she's singing one of her girl power songs, followed by another head jerk when she finishes the song - staring down the camera like she's all that. She must have forgotten the snap and wave.
I'm surprised she didn't expose her thunder thighs and rump shake until the stage collapsed.

I've heard enough of her and JayZ's extravagance, pissing away millions on themselves. They're no role models. Both are uneducated and never learned to give back.

635 days ago


Smh at all yall racist ppl yall hate to see a successful black person

635 days ago


Ppl are ruthless.. Beyonce is an icon!!! You can't compare her to Kelly clarkson or the Taylor guy!!! I know I will be watching the Super Bowl like nobody bizness.. Ima need for all you ppl that have something bad to say: shut the **** up, grow up, and make your own life known.. Who are you??

635 days ago


Really wish people back off...she's talented, but more important she's human. She knows how far to push her vocals that may have been a bad day..let go!!

635 days ago


No.. Not live as in breathing. It's live like in person. Can you sing it live at the Super Bowl? We'll see...

635 days ago


This bitch is totally FAKE she doesnt desrved my comments.

635 days ago


Wth is going to sing at Super Bowl? Nobody wants to hear bootylicious, or see her gyrate around like a freakin stripper. She always tries to come off like she's better than everyone, but dances like a stripper like everyone else.

635 days ago


The shirt is questioning whether she can sing live, which I think she could but it wouldn't be perfect, so I don't blame her for taking the technologically enhanced route.

635 days ago


If TMZ were any fun they would have linked the Bad Lip Reading video of the Inauguration over at Youtube which includes the funniest video of Beyonce ever. Go look at it.

635 days ago


Totally agree with her, LET THE GIRL LIVE ! What is the big effin' deal anyway? We all know the girl can sing. She isn't the first artist to do this and she probably won't be the last. People need to pay attention to more important things.

635 days ago
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