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Jason London

Wanna See My BUSTED

Face After Surgery?

2/3/2013 11:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It took over TWO HOURS of major surgery to start fixing Jason London's busted face -- following a crazy bar fight in Scottsdale -- and TMZ obtained the gruesome post-op pic.

A source close to Jason tells TMZ that the actor went under the knife Saturday at a Los Angeles hospital (the first of several surgeries to come) to repair a deep nasal fracture, a severe orbital floor fracture and have a titanium plate inserted into the right side of his face.

We're told Jason feels as bad as he looks -- he's in a severe amount of pain following the surgery, but is trying to keep his spirits up.

Jason isn't out of the woods yet. We're told he still has orthopedic and eye surgeries left to go and it will be a "very long time" before he is functional.

TMZ broke the story ... Jason suffered some pretty brutal injuries stemming from last week's brawl ... including multiple face fractures, contusions, hematomas and a concussion.

And as we previously reported, Jason was arrested directly after the melee for disorderly conduct and assault. He remains adamant, the fight wasn't his fault and the bar staff assaulted HIM.


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No one has the right to do that to someone, even if he was a drunken a-hole. That is excessive force and those bouncers should be prosecuted. They could have killed him.

628 days ago


After his surgeries he will be addicted to the painkillers... he needs rehab.

628 days ago


Bar fight... oh my... How dignified... man should be so proud to show his face...

628 days ago


This man was attacked, they should all go to jail. The cops arrested the wrong man. This is a shame we live in a world that supports such horrid behavior! Jason, I hope you sue,sue,sue everyone for every penny including the COPS and the city of AZ!!!!!!

628 days ago


I dont know if he started the fight, but even if he did, the bouncers could have thrown him out of the bar without trying to kill him...those are some severe injuries...I didnt read where anyone else had to go to the hospital, overkill in my Opinion

628 days ago


That's what happens to a drunk that runs his mouth. Good Job bouncer.

628 days ago


Was he in 7th Heaven or his brother?

628 days ago


This is sad. I do feel bad for him and his family (especially his family). It's hard to see people you love suffer. The financial burden alone is going to be devestating ... not to mention future surgeries. Are they not even going to do an investigation? I thought bars were liable for this sort of thing?

628 days ago


The guy crapped his pants people! Whether intentional or not I think the guy deserves a break this time.

628 days ago

thisisme3 it is a mobile site but this is the bouncer from that same bar who was killed.

628 days ago


Dang! One claims he was kidnapped and forced to do drugs and the other claims he was beaten for several minutes before he was arrested. How did Jason know how long he was being whupped did he hear the timer go off? Big dummy!

628 days ago


He didn't look nearly that bad on the mugshot the cops took right after; what happened?

628 days ago


I have no idea who this guy is, but Nobody can justify beating on this man this way. I also read he pooped in the cop car. Really? Why was a man who was beaten until he was unconscious in a damn cop car anyways? Why wasn't he in a FREAKING AMBULANCE?! I don't trust that he crapped in the car. In fact if there was any crapping it was probably when he literally got the SH!T beat out of him.
As I said before, I don't know who this guy is. He might very well be A-hole but I personally don't feel safe living in a world where people can do this to somebody else and get away with it.

628 days ago


A case of bouncers abusing more than the power they are given, he should sue those gorillas! Photos of Mr. London's hands show that he didn't put up any fight whatsoever, no bruising or swelling. It seems that those apes had fun that night by beating the daylights out of this guy. They should be in jail.

628 days ago


The Mark Hamill face lift.

628 days ago
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