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Kim Kardashian

& Hot Friend Plan Trial Strategy in Divorce

2/5/2013 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

In case you're wondering who Kim Kardashian's hot friend is ... well, it's her lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser!

Kim showed up at Wasser's office today, and we're told the two of them are gearing up for a divorce trial against Kris Humphries.

Our sources say Kim isn't even thinking about settling anymore, because Kris has made it clear he wants the case to drag on endlessly, so she spent hours with Wasser going over trial strategy.

As for when the trial will take place ... there's a trial setting conference set for Feb 15, and Wasser has made it clear she wants a trial in March.

If history repeats itself, Kris' lawyer will appear and say Kris needs more time to prepare.  By our count this will be the 4th time Kris' lawyer made the delay argument. The judge has bought it 3 times, but we're guessing this time a trial date will be set.

As for reports that Kim is an emotional wreck because she doesn't want to have her baby while still legally married to Kris -- not so. We're told she's over the whole thing and just wants a divorce so she can get him out of her life.


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Just give him the annulment you fat bitch.

564 days ago

bring back recent posts    

........................I FEEL FOR KRIS...he was used....100% case closed....if dummy mommma wants her too keep fighting..well..hell...I will send a few dollars too fight for his rights..used is used...nobody should no it more than kris jennner!

564 days ago


Kim could've ended this ages ago simply by acknowledging what everyone already knows: The marriage was a sham.

But then that would hurt the Kardashian "brand".

So now Kim gets to go through a trial where Kris can use footage from the Kardashians' own show to paint Kim in a terrible light (like the scene where Kim's sister is admonishing Kim for not letting KIM'S HUSBAND move some of his stuff into her place!).

564 days ago


Ha ha fake ass marriage that's what she gets

564 days ago


Kim has zero morals

564 days ago

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra    

What an asswype!

564 days ago


I wonder if Kimmykakes is jealous of her lawyer yet? Woman is what, twenty years older than Kimmykakes, wearing 4 in *** FCUK ME HEELS and a skin tight dress and Kimmykakes needs to wear Dark pant suits to hide the massive hips and stomach plus her upper arms and face are really starting to show the extra weight she's gaining. Poor Kimmykakes, you can't pass off major weight gain during pregnancy as curves. BWUAHAHAHA

564 days ago


isn't it amazing the story these candid shots tell. No photoshopping on these candids. fug nasty.

564 days ago


Well, that's what she gets for being a dirty whore that would marry someone for 72 days as publicity stunt. Made your bed slut....

564 days ago

my 2 cents    

The handwriting was on the wall when Bruce said on the show that basically, Kim just wanted to be married and that it didn't matter to who. Humphries should supoena the shows' videotapes.

564 days ago

Throwback kid    

That old lady with the saggy face is hot? I want everyone at TMZ to make an appointment to have their eyes checked tomorrow. Saying Laura Wasser is hot is like telling us Khloe Kardashian is thin. I can think of several other words to describe Wasser, hot is not one of them

564 days ago


If she would just admit the obvious, that she used him for media attention and to make money, it would all be over with. She's not fooling anybody.

564 days ago

juggalo 6    

Ha Ha!! THis Kartrashian Broad gets stupider and Stupider. Getting knocked up by the neanderthal Kayne West only helps Kris's case. Kim's gonna lose Kim's gonna lose. No matter how much of a butch dike man hater her liar ass piss poor lawyer that has never successfully won a trial thinks she is.

564 days ago


Kris didn't "make it clear he wanted it to drag on endlessly", the pregnant (married) fat ho isnt even divorced from her 2 month wedding and is rushing the divorce because she's pregnant with another man's baby again, and the whole world has to jump to HER schedule? Fthat! Not EVERYBODY is TMZ, kissing Kardashian smelly butt all the time! Stop spinning stories in favor of your friends!

564 days ago

Gsharon 710    

After reading about how Kim's mother was, and is, and how the younger sisters have negative things to say, One could see why Kim is so mucked up. Kim, that can be overcome. You do not have to be afraid of your mother now and just because your mom had no morals toward sexual relations during marriage, does not mean you have to travel the ho street..
Try doing what is right, and not the crap your mother would have you do. If you do this, I am sure more and more people will have your back. I am very sorry you got knocked up by Kanye, and when he decides to hit the road, let him. You cannot hang with the mess he is involved in. Think about it.

564 days ago
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