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Russell Simmons

The Illuminati Doesn't Exist

(I'm Rich, I Would Know)

2/7/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mega-rich, ultra-successful record producer Russell Simmons says there's ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY no such thing as the Illuminati ... which is EXACTLY what someone in the Illuminati would say!!!!

Simmons -- if that's even his real name -- is connected to a whole bunch of people rumored to be in the super-secret society that controls the world ... including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye and Oprah.

So when we asked if he could confirm or deny one of the alleged members ... or even acknowledge the group's existence at all ... it's almost like he protested a little too much, saying "Are you kidding me? I'm a grown f*cking man!"

Translation -- YES!!!!!


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Here is the problem - and I'm not being racist. If the Illuminati *did* exist, they sure as hell wouldn't let black people in. So all these morons who think someone is in the Illuminati because they got a triangle tattoo and they're rich are RIDICULOUS.

631 days ago

BB not bb    

Whitney Houston’s Death and The Secret-Society, Called The Music Industry

Exerpt: Whitney Houston was the Blood sacrifice that was offered on the Sabbath day, or Saturday, exactly 7 days after Madonna’s performance.

631 days ago

BB not bb    

Before a entertainer is given a recording contract they must first be a member of a secret society. A so called X member of the Illuminati, who was a music executive in the 70’s spoke about this publicly, his name was John Todd. According to Todd, every musician and entertainer in the music industry and Hollywood, has to be a initiated wizard or witch before they are offered a recording contract.


631 days ago

BB not bb    

I’m not blaming Bobby for Whitney’s fall, because he took the oath and made a deal with the goat just like her, so I believe they used Bobby to make Whitney’s life more interesting and to begin to tarnish her image. Like I said the music industry is not for those who are pure at heart and Whitney was a pure soul indeed!


631 days ago


im glad illuminati has nothing to do with blk ppl, yall cracker's thinks its cool to say it wouldn't be a black person in it, it shouldn't be a secrets society period!! But yall cracker's are scared to say something if your own race controlled the world!!! Racist Idiots

631 days ago

Sir Paul McCartney    

think this illuminatti stuff is alot of "Old Tripe." I would definatly know if there was one. Although we've been called "Devil Worshippers" and Aleister Crowley and all that crap. Although John and i read alot of books on the subject. I really dont remember alot of the other books we read. They say, If you can remember the Sixties, you weren't really there. I think of the 60s now as a supermarket of ideas. We were looking for new, valid ways to live. Some people took a lot of drugs, others abstained from everything, including coffee. There were chaste Christian communes, and others where there were no doors on the bedrooms and monogamy was banned. Everything was up in the air. We were just trying to make sense of it and not be conditioned by the 'British Way of Life.

631 days ago


this is so funny, " that exactly what someone in the the illuminati would say" lol the funniest **** ever!!!

631 days ago

To ya     

Russell please they all say theirs not the illuminati. DUUUUHH your suppose to say that it's suppose to be a secret society. It is true. Your a grown ass man that signed that oath and you know it. All y'all who don't believe that's what they want for you not to believe but don't say when the day they try to do some crap you wasn't told

631 days ago


There is clearly no Illuminati, but it is obvious why they wrote this article: For the sake of the handful of crazies on here that is convinced it is truth. I'm going to give you some information, free of charge: Whitney Houston died of a drug overdose because she was a drug addict. Anyone with two eyes can see that. You can't twist everything to fit your crazy theories, and when you do that, you make it look even more CRAZY.

631 days ago


Yes, there is a society of rich people, no it isn't secret and the only group that controls the world are the banks.

631 days ago


Of course he would deny it THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO, Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye, GaGa....all of them and more Rhianna the list goes on and on, google Illumnati members and not only do they list names they have proof, he is a bad liar too bad they value their soul so little

631 days ago


no such least not with these morons....please!

631 days ago


Cmon people there is no such thing. People who come up with these illuminati theories are insecure, unsuccessful, and weak minded people.

631 days ago


Put down the blunt TMZ!!!!!!!!

631 days ago


If it were an Illuminati, it they would not include stupid Kanya West. He is one of the most ignorant "celebraties" that I have every seen.

631 days ago
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