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Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner

May Have Bought Scuba

Tanks to AMBUSH Cops

2/12/2013 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has learned ... alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner purchased a large scuba tank not for diving ... but to create his own air supply in case he was tear-gassed, which would allow him to ambush cops ... at least that is the main operating theory among law enforcement working on the case.

Although LAPD brass said at a news conference they were not in a position to confirm or deny Dorner is the person in the Feb 1st Sports Chalet surveillance video .... law enforcement sources connected to the case tell us they are "confident" Dorner is the man on the screen.  The reason the brass will not say definitively if it's Dorner is because the scuba gear was a cash transaction, but we're told they know it's him.

Our sources tell us ... they believe Dorner did NOT fill the 2 small oxygen tanks and buy a large one for the purpose of diving.  We're told they believe he knew he would end up being surrounded by cops while inside a building and they would probably use tear gas to subdue him. 

We're told cops believe Dorner -- who is quite familiar with LAPD tactics -- may well have made the purchase to create his own oxygen supply, so he could withstand a tear gas attack and then ambush unsuspecting officers who went in to subdue him.


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OMG who would have thought the guy would go to Mexico? Thank God the Feds figured that out. Like Mexico is so far away and no one can just walk over the border to enter.

620 days ago



620 days ago


Jeeeeez `` what a BIG joke this whole thing is!!

620 days ago

Pudding Tang    

And he also has Ice T's 'Cop Killa', blastin' repeatedly on his ipod for motivation.

620 days ago

Wow ...    

Good call TMZ posters - many of you said this thing yesterday. Kudos to you!

620 days ago


Makes no sense at all.... The police who use tear gas use a thing called a protective mask to protect them from tear gas. As a former LAPD cop he would know this, he could guy one, they are for sale in full working condition from any number of places.
More then likely he planned to steal a boat, abandon the boat near the coast of Mexico and swim in.
The LAPD and the idiots that came up with with the theory are about as capable as the idiots that don't know where he is.

620 days ago


Its horrible to realize how this man's mind works, obviously in survival mode.

620 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

To Christopher Dorner;
Over the last several days you have caused so much grief, pain and you have put so much fear into innocent people. And don't kid your self, you also put fear in all the actors & actresses you wrote about. I'm guessing you can't get enough of star gossip like myself. With that being said something horrible must of happened to you to cause you not to see clearly. I'm not going to say I understand your situation because I don't. But I understand what stress can do to a person. I know what it has done to me. I have fought off foreclosures 2 times and now I'm in the process of the 3rd time. This time they may win because I'm out of gas! I buried 5 life long childhood friends in less than 2 years. I'm only 36. The recession took all my savings, retirements, children's college funds and destroyed my business in a few months. It took 7 years to build and the recession took it down in 7 weeks. Everything I've worked for is gone. Times are so tough I don't know how to stay positive. What I'm trying to say is we all have challenges in our lives. There is no avoiding it and it doesn't matter if you fall as much as it matters how you pick yourself back up. Drop your guns and pick up hope! Turn yourself in and start to repair what you did as best as you can. You were once a soldier and a LAPD cop. Use your training in a positive way, not in a negative way that you been using. May god give you the strength to do what you have to do and turn yourself in. No more people need to experience fear or pain.
Phishie from Philly

620 days ago


They'll find you soon, you dirt bag. I only hope they find you before you murder anyone else. You are no ones judge and jury. You killed people in cold blood. You are not my hero. The only people who applaud you are the people who are too lazy to do their own cop killing.

You know, that whole town is run by DEMOCRATS and yet they claim the LAPD is full of racists. According to liberal ideology they should be the LEAST racist police force.
Now "hate" this post and as you do so think about how much the truth pisses you off.

620 days ago


And might I add, you are a hypocrite Chistopher. You claim to be anti-gun and what did you use to kill those people?! A GUN! POS.

620 days ago


Hey TMZ can you check the facts with your sources? Is it oxygen in those tanks or AIR? Big difference. Scuba divers and firefighters breathe air from yellow tanks. Green tanks are oxygen and oxygen is flammable. Both of your stories say it's oxygen, but I highly doubt it if it's for survival purposes. He would not be using oxygen if police used tear gas because it would explode or cause a serious fire.

620 days ago


Can't help but wonder if he was telling the truth back in '08 and got a rotten deal for it. LAPD is known for brutalizing on occasion and they are not known for telling the truth. There are good cops but there are a lot of bad ones. Certainly not saying that what he did was right but maybe after living with this for so long he just snapped. I doubt that they will ever take him alive so we will never know, will we?

620 days ago

Sarah Roth    

If you'd like your piece to be technically correct, they are not SCUBA tanks, they are actually called SCBA's. You speak each letter to pronounce it.

620 days ago


Uh .... going with your theory that he would use the tanks if he was in a building and they threw in tear gas (sorry but this is more trouble than it's worth) why not just buy a gas mask??? It's smaller, lighter and way more protection than scuba tanks. Just me ...

620 days ago


There area no good reasons to kill innocent people to prove your point!

620 days ago
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