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Kris Humphries

I'd Miss NBA Playoffs ...

To Screw Kim in Court

2/17/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
is so hell-bent on humiliating Kim Kardashian ... he's willing to screw over his team and risk the NBA championship ... just to face off with her in court.

A judge has set a May 6th trial date for K & K's long-awaited showdown. Kim has wanted a simple divorce for nearly a year-and-a-half, but Kris wants an annulment on grounds she allegedly defrauded him ... he also wants to prove her reality show is fake. 

Problem is  ... Kris' team, the Brooklyn Nets, are on track to score a spot in the 2013 Playoffs -- which run from April 20th to June 20th.

Since the trial could last 2-3 days ... Kris has several options:

1. Settle the case BEFORE it goes to trial so he can play in the playoffs.
2. Play in Playoff games but miss the trial. It can go on without him, though it puts him at a handicap.
3. Go to the trial and let his team down

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ ... the NBA'er has already made up his mind -- if the Nets make the playoffs, and the trial falls on game days ... he'll ditch the games.

Now the really stupid part.  There's no way Kris is going to win this trial.  The judge will grant the divorce and Kris will get no money, because of the prenup (and the fact the marriage lasted 72 days).   As for what Kris will risk ... his 2-year, $24 million contract.

What's that saying? Bros before ... ?


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No Avatar


Kim is such a whore! I want Kris to win so badly, however I know she will most likely get her way once again! Freaking can't stand that woman! U know she's not even gonna take care of that baby she's gonna have a thousand nannies to raise him/her. Pathetic!

610 days ago

Lynn Sweet    

Good for you Kris... You take the marriage vow and commitment seriously, correctly seeking an annulment because of fraud on her pat. It was so obvious that that wedding was put together by her for the attention and the glitz.

I really hope that you get an annulment of this marriage, so that you may begin another relationship and marriage in honesty and sincerity and truth.

This bunch are true phonies. God for it. Make the pregnant B wait, she had no respect for your right to marry with an honest person. Take care of yourself now, and don't listen to this lot at TMZ either -- they do love to speak about a piece of a-- - classy as they are.....

610 days ago


I've never been a fan, don't read the articles..just come here for the comments! I don't know how their family still has a show. From the looks of it, NO ONE likes them!!

610 days ago


I think he figures by suing for annullment and being willing to let his team down, he will somehow wash himself clean of responsibility for what happened. It's sad the lengths to which people go to avoid taking personal responsibility for the mistakes they make. Grow up, move on, and deal.

610 days ago

Lynn M    

It wouldn't be the first time Harvey was wrong about what will happen in court.

610 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

"You can't make a ho a housewife kid" - MC Guru Gangstarr R.I.P

610 days ago


It's not like he's a star player or anything....he won't be missed

610 days ago


You people kiss Kardashian ass so much it's sickening. You vilify Kris Humphries as some loser just so you can stay on that skanky pig's good side. Pathetic

610 days ago


Tmz you suck!!!! You are in bed with grandmakrisjenner so to speak...Harvey is gone from a likable guy to a disgusting but kissin b*** power queen...I hope Kris bankrupts the kartrashians And mr. "In the closet" Ryan Seacrest. Off with their doucheheads!!!! all of them!!!

610 days ago


She is lucky there is no Jury trial

610 days ago


RENEE ZELLWEGER was able to get an annulment from Ken Chesney, for their brief union,on the grounds of FRAUD. She claimed there was no actual fraud, but they just wanted it to be annulled. SO KRIS H. should be able to get an annulment,whether fraud is proven or not. Right?

610 days ago


I hope Kris H. does get his annulment because I do think he was used for pimp mama Kris's plan to raise ratings and Kim's intense need to be the center of attention.

But if he doesn't, he should do what many people of the public are doing with the Kardassians in increasingly large numbers: forget they exist.

610 days ago


Regardless of the outcome, Kim and her mommy dearest, will be just fine. Narcissistic sociopaths always are!

610 days ago


Please make them just go away!!!! Every time I see her picture it makes me sick!

610 days ago

Lily Daisy    

It's a crying shame that he can't get an annulment from that girl. Everyone knows she staged the whole marriage thing. I'm sure it is fraud. Eventually the laws of the universe catch up to people like Kim.

610 days ago
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