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Kris Humphries

I'd Miss NBA Playoffs ...

To Screw Kim in Court

2/17/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
is so hell-bent on humiliating Kim Kardashian ... he's willing to screw over his team and risk the NBA championship ... just to face off with her in court.

A judge has set a May 6th trial date for K & K's long-awaited showdown. Kim has wanted a simple divorce for nearly a year-and-a-half, but Kris wants an annulment on grounds she allegedly defrauded him ... he also wants to prove her reality show is fake. 

Problem is  ... Kris' team, the Brooklyn Nets, are on track to score a spot in the 2013 Playoffs -- which run from April 20th to June 20th.

Since the trial could last 2-3 days ... Kris has several options:

1. Settle the case BEFORE it goes to trial so he can play in the playoffs.
2. Play in Playoff games but miss the trial. It can go on without him, though it puts him at a handicap.
3. Go to the trial and let his team down

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ ... the NBA'er has already made up his mind -- if the Nets make the playoffs, and the trial falls on game days ... he'll ditch the games.

Now the really stupid part.  There's no way Kris is going to win this trial.  The judge will grant the divorce and Kris will get no money, because of the prenup (and the fact the marriage lasted 72 days).   As for what Kris will risk ... his 2-year, $24 million contract.

What's that saying? Bros before ... ?


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"Sources close to Kris tell TMZ" ... Tell me, TMZ, is that Kris Jenner you are quoting or Kris Humphries, because I don't believe that ANYONE who is close to KH would speak one word to you...spit on you yes...talk, no. As long as you don't specify which Kris it is, you can say all you want, and technically you are not printing a lie. You are only misleading the public

So, basically sources close to Kris Jenner are making up nonsense about Kris Humphries missing the playoffs just so he can be "mean" to Kim. Funny, sources close to me are saying that Kim Kardashian would rather give birth to a baby by another man and drag out the trial with her spouse than go through an annulment and have her secrets revealed. SHOCKING!!!

611 days ago

Darlene Method    

I was so on his side in the beginning. now he just looks like and ******* and it is time to let go!

611 days ago


Did we need this story to inform us that Humphries is an idiot? No. He's the fool that associated with this fake airhead. Why would a marriage be real, nothing else is. If by some fluke the Nets play and he shows Bench His Ass.

611 days ago


Well, he she certainly is a whore, so you got that right, Harvey. She could simply grant the fricken annulment and it would be all over with. KH is not in the wrong, but the gutter slut is.

611 days ago


Anyone with one active brain cell knows this family is a fraud, they are self absorbed media whores who rose to "fame" over Kim's filthy sex video. Do yourself a favor, walk away from the situation with your head held up high and consider yourself LUCKY to be away from them, all of them!

611 days ago


Some people are so easily swayed it's scary ! There are no real Facts in the story.

611 days ago

Menace to society     

You are a blessed man millions of dollars and you ditched this skank..Count the millions you put in the bank !!

611 days ago

jus do it    


611 days ago


I would like to know why doesn't the eriter put his/her name on these articles? Step up, if you are 100% confident in everything you are reporting on this family, then own it!

611 days ago

mike cohen    

I hope you win Kris!!!! I love how you don't give up or give in to threats or little miss popularities threats and dumb dumb following putting you down. TMZ, could your lips be up any farther in this no talent and her no talent, greedy, bullying families arse. TMZ, you are so for the rich and nasty. Shame on you!

611 days ago


First of all, I'm sure that Kris H is NOT going to blow off his team. He does not seem like the type of person that takes his job lightly. I'm willing to bet that he has already discussed this with his coach and things will be or are already worked out. Another story from TMZ that is always pro-Kardashian and constantly bashing Kris H. TMZ why don't you try to be a bit less biased. Oh that' right, Kris H isn't willing to pay you to keep his name in the news like Kim is.

611 days ago


What's to expose? Everyone already knows the K.s are grotesquely ambitious & monstrously selfish. Kim gets away with ALOT,because of her pretty face, but her lack of character is appalling. The man does not feel it was a" true marriage",so let him have the annulment!

611 days ago


Anya Briggs is a former hooker who is now a medium. She is a fraud

611 days ago


I love KH. I hope he gives us the scoop on her butt pads and Brazilian ass lifts too. I personally don't understand all the hype about a big azz. Seems like it would be rather hard to snap off a loaf, and it would be messy and hard to wipe the hole. just sayin.

611 days ago


There is NO WAY that is true... Krishna gets paid 10 million a YEAR and is a key part of the nets team... He would be in breech of his contract and would lose millions and ruin his NBA career if he ditched games for court for this... I can't wait until TMZ is wrong and ones up with some bull**** of why their madeup sources weren't right

611 days ago
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