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Alec Baldwin

Allegedly Threatens Reporter, Hurls Racial Slur at Photog

2/18/2013 6:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin was involved in another confrontation with the media ... after he allegedly threatened to choke a reporter to death and hurled a racial slur at a photographer.  

Both Baldwin and the photographer for the New York Post, G.N. Miller, filed harassment claims against one another following the run-in.

According to the Post, the reporter Tara Palmeri, approached Baldwin while he was walking his dogs to ask him about a recent lawsuit against his wife Hilaria. The reporter says Baldwin responded by grabbing her by the arm and saying, "I want you to choke to death."

The Post says Palmeri played an audio recording of the threat to police.

Baldwin then turned the Post's photographer -- who they say is black and a retired detective with the NYPD's Organized Crime Control Bureau -- and allegedly called him "a coon," "crackhead" and "drug dealer."

The Post says Baldwin posted several tweets about the incident, one of which said, "Thank u 2 NYPD officers who came to my home 2day so that I could file a formal complaint against NY Post 'photographer' who assaulted me."

The tweets have been deleted.

Baldwin was involved in two confrontations with photographers last year just days apart -- on June 19 and June 29.

Alec Baldwin says the claim he hurled a racial slur "is one of the most outrageous things I've heard in my life." Baldwin says it never happened.   

As for what caused the explosion of tempers ... sources very close to Baldwin tell TMZ ... it all emanated from a story in the Post a few days back, reporting that Alec's wife was being sued by a student in her yoga class, claiming he was instructed to perform a dangerous move in an overcrowded class and was injured as a result.

Alec's sources say the actor was infuriated because the Post story did not give her side, even though they claim they had multiple conversations with the reporter, saying the class was not overcrowded and the injured man got special attention because he was being careless and even admitted the accident was his fault.

Sources close to Alec say he's the one who called the cops and lodged a harassment complaint against the Post photog.  One Baldwin source denies Alec threatened to choke the photog, claiming he said, "I hope you choke to death."

6:55 AM PT -- Baldwin just tweeted using the official Alec Baldwin Foundation's Twitter handle -- saying, "I find it ironic that my foundation's last grant was $50,000 to the Arthur Ashe Learning Center."


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I don't condone his choice of words (if true), but I think anyone who bothers Alec Baldwin when he's walking his dog is just asking for trouble (based on his history with the paps) .. especially when it's about something so personal that doesn't involve him.

551 days ago


serious question: why is it ok for african americans to use the n word but not ok for anyone else to use it or one that's the equivalent of it?

if it's racist for one, it's racist for all. correct?

551 days ago


Aex is the biggest JERK on earth.

551 days ago

judy jetson    

Alec Baldwin is a LOSER!!!

551 days ago


This idiot man thinks she can threaten everyone.. Someone beat his ass..

551 days ago


Omg here we go with the black and white thing cmon every body knows this dumbass is an idiot..... I wouldn't stop and talk to him for **** im not a fan of any of the baldwins after woeda like coons ill never be either

551 days ago

Cletus Van Damme    

I'm not believing the racial angle until I hear a tape. Sounds like the kind of detail you add in later if you don't think you will get enough sympathy.

551 days ago


He grabbed Tara Palmeri, by her arm and told her, “I want you to choke to death,” Palmeri told police, for whom she played an audiotape of the conversation. Apparently there's proof.

551 days ago


This guy ranks right up there with Katt Williams and Mel Gibson. They are all ticking time bombs!

551 days ago

Jean de Bupeloup    

I know that these people get right in the faces of the rich and famous. I would probably explode, also. I wouldn't have gotten racial, though. What I find extremely funny is that Baldwin's wife's name is 'Hilaria'.. now THAT's Hilarious!

551 days ago


Isn't this the same jerk that called his daughter out of name what a jrrkm

551 days ago

total scrotal implosion    

Yea so ima call u a dumb bitc

551 days ago


So many questions This photographer wasn't recording when this slur was hurled? Why isn't this on tape? Why would you type " who (sic) they say is black"? Do you not believe he's black? That's the part of this you doubt? Also, is the irony that he donated to Arthur Ashe center or is the irony that he's accused of calling someone a coon? Also, why hasn't he learned to keep his hands to himself and to reel in that wayward to tongue of his? I want to choke people all the time, but I don't announce it ( getting away with murder 101).

551 days ago


You forgot to put in his history him calling his 11year old daughter at the time, a rude thoughtless pig. Alex Baldwin did that because she didn't answer his calls. You know you always bring up Chris Browns past you need to do the same for Alex Baldwin.

551 days ago


Alec obviously needs some help dealing with his anger issues stemming from his permanent PMS. Dude, when you gonna learn you can't go around telling people how you want them to die, that's a bad thing. He might learn when he tries that **** with some one who doesn't give a **** and beats the crap out of him.

551 days ago
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