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NY State Senator

Alec Baldwin Should Be

Blacklisted from Hollywood

2/18/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A New York State Senator is begging Hollywood -- both TV & movie producers -- to SUSPEND Alec Baldwin from all projects ... in the wake of allegations he spewed a racist epithet at a NY photog.

State Senator Malcolm Smith tells TMZ ... he was outraged after hearing reports that the former "30 Rock" star lashed out at a black photographer, calling him a "coon" and a "drug dealer." Smith was also upset at the report Baldwin threatened a female reporter.

"If these allegations are true, then no television network or film studio should hire the veteran actor until he seeks help," Smith said.

He continued, "In today’s modern age it’s a disgrace that people still use remarks that provide hatred to others based on race or orgin."

Smith says he's contacting NBC and will ask the network to push Baldwin into anger management courses.

Baldwin signed a 2-year TV deal with Universal (the TV arm of NBC) back in December.

A source close to Baldwin tells TMZ  ... "As someone who's been regularly investigated, [Smith] should be much more careful about jumping to conclusions."

FYI -- the feds investigated Smith regarding his link to a Hurricane Katrina charity accused of exploiting the tragedy's victims ... but he was never charged with a crime.


No Avatar


He makes me wanna say "mmm-mmm"

575 days ago


the only reason he said what he said is because he wasn't worried about getting his ass beat. the only reason most whites don't say what they are thinking out loud is that beat down that will follow. like the guy said take off that gun and that blue uniform and i will beat your ass to death.

575 days ago


This nobody should keep his fat mouth shut unless he has PROOF of something. Alec says he did not say such a thing. Wait for PROOF, idiot. And PS: telling somebody you hope they choke may not be nice but it is not a threat. "I want to choke you is" a threat, that's not what he said. Publicity seeking idiot.

575 days ago

Eisha F.    

I honestly think this is not true. As we all know, Alec Baldwin is very close to Tracy Morgan, A black man. And Baldwin is married to Hilaria, a latina. So to be honest, all these are just that, "allegations". Another photog milking a celebrity. And this senator is an idiot for even commenting on some "alleged" scenario.

575 days ago


Me does NOT like Alec Baldwin But me seriously doubt he is a Racist, Baldwin loves Tracy Morgan, Baldwin VOTED for Obama and contributed Money to Obama's Campaign, me DON'T think Hollywood is going to BAN Him because They Love and Respect him too much, Alec Baldwin has WON Multiple Golden-Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Emmys...............They LOVE him.

575 days ago


He'll only get blacklisted if he's antisemetic otherwise goodluck....

575 days ago


get rid of the guy,this will give obama a better chance for his acting career since he never learned to be prez

575 days ago


STFU Senator..what the hell are you talking about? Stay out of the business..and do somethign worthwhile with your time.. our tax dollars should not be spent on you on this BS... a hole

575 days ago


Funny how it's come out now that there was no racial slur, and he said exactly what he said he did. But you wouldn't know it from the TMZtards. Who needs facts? They have conjecture and hearsay!

575 days ago


so sick of the black card its not even funny anymore. doesnt that senator have more important things to do? shut the f*(() k up?

575 days ago

Sue from jersey    

I have both races in my family and feel that he just said that like a curse word not to degrade the photogs race .but it still stings

575 days ago


Why? Is it because he speaks his mind and isn't fake like half the actors in Hollyweird? It's called being a New Yorker! This sissy needs to grow a set of balls and do something more constructive with his time.

575 days ago


Alex is an idiot......albeit a funny idiot.
If Baldwin should be barred from all projects I guess Mel Gibson will have to move back to Australia........which would be OK with me too.......

575 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

The net York states senator Smith should be fired! How dare he requested that Alec Baldwin be blacklisted in Hollywood. Didn't you ever hear of freedom of speech. How can you be a Senator and not believe this. Senator smith please step down for condemning someone and asking for an american not be allowedc to provide for his family just for saying something that you don't like or agree with. You are abusing your power and that's worst than using bad choices of words. STEP DOWN because you are incapable of being a fare Senetor.
Phishie from Philly.

575 days ago

P. Scott Parker    

Wait, BLACKlisted, "BLACK listed." Hold on!!! Is not using black in this pejorative manner racist???? Why not say "white listed?" Or purple listed? Or pink listed? No no, you have to say black listed because black is associated with BADDDD, things, darkness, evil, wrong. Black heart. Black soul. LOL. Man. The world is essentially arranged for black people to get all upset. Live your lives and don't worry about your color. I don't give a squat about your skin. I just don't want you, or anybody, to infringe on my freedom.

574 days ago
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