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Michael Jackson's Doc


2/21/2013 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0221_arnie_klein_article_tmzDr. Arnold Klein, the dermatologist to the stars who was best friends with Michael Jackson and injected him with powerful drugs, has a warrant out for his arrest.

As you know, Klein has plummeted from grace after MJ's death. TMZ broke a number of stories, revealing that the Doc injected MJ with Demerol scores of times in the months leading to his death.  He also used multiple aliases for MJ in prescribing meds.

Klein -- who has now filed for bankruptcy -- failed to turn over more than 100 pieces of wildly expensive artwork as well as a 2001 Ferrari Spider to the bankruptcy trustee.

The judge has now ordered the U.S. Marshals to arrest Klein and send him to the federal pokey until he turns over the goods.

As for the artwork, it includes pieces by Andy Warhol (including the famous Marilyn Monroe), Robert Graham, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Renoir, Rodin and Toulouse-Lautrec.

Klein tells TMZ, "It's bulls**t, it's fraud.  Have them come arrest me."

Art is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is in deep s**t.


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606 days ago


Say what you will about this guy but he's got solid taste in art.

606 days ago



606 days ago


And thats how its done

606 days ago


Can people stop acting like Michael was a ****ing minor child, when in fact he was a 50Yr old man! If his life was in that much danger it's called, get help call the police and say your life was in danger. After all this is America. Stop holding everyone else responsible for his death. So ****ing annoying.

606 days ago


Michael Jackson fans are blinded by their stupidity to see that prince looks NOTHING like Michael Jackson.

606 days ago


Whose being charged here Arnold Klein or Michael Jackson? AMAZING... guess he is...invincible, after all!! USE HIM TIL YOU USE HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

606 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Yep... it was definitely his baby batter which made "Jackson's" kids.

606 days ago


Just as Michael Jackson during his lifetime, Dr. Klein has been framed and is now being victim of a "legal" persecution by the same mafia (=of the Music Industry) who, backed up by corrupt police, system of justice, government, and media, plotted Michael Jackson's murder and hired Conrad Murray to kill him. Most probably, because "Dr. Klein knows too much" in connection with MJ murder, they are now trying to destroy him. Bottom line, MEDIA STOP SELLING LIES!

606 days ago


SWT, I agree with you, but this man (Klein) has been involved in illegal behaviors way before he met Michael. He is an insider to a lot more than the media knows. I would not be surprised if was coerced in the plot to keep Michael drugged and bring him down. Everytime. I think about Michael I wonder how he managed to surround himself with so many false, callous people!

606 days ago

Cry Baby    

So evidently, MJ killed music as per Mmipoop that he inspired LL Cool J to get in the music business when he saw the shemale won all those grammys. But LL Cool J became a rapper and they all say music was killed first by rap and then hung out to dry by autotune - the like of ursher, Bieber, Chris Brown, Rihanna etc.
Well hope he really feel proud of himself in hell for being the first music killer!!!!


King of all music killer!!!

605 days ago

John Hanson    

Team Arnie!!!!!!!

605 days ago

John Hanson    

Team Arnie all the way to the end.

605 days ago


LUZ, it was not Michael the one who managed to surround himself of callous people, but them the ones who managed to surround Michael. And these were just puppets sent by the mafia of the moguls of the Music Industry who, in turn, were backed up by corrupt police and government. As regards Dr. Klein, I think that what he might have done before it doesn't matter here. What it does matter is that he had nothing to do in the death of MJ, for it was proved through trial that the one who killed MJ was Conrad Murray. Thus, the question is not persecuting Dr. Klein but rather, THE REAL QUESTION IS persecuting the ones who hired Conrad Murray to kill MJ for now profiting from his legacy. The key? Following the money track....

605 days ago


I utterly dislike Klein for his lies and as I stated before, his ethics are disgusting, but he never had money woes until after 2009...
He is being totally 'set up'
How can a man's wealth accumulated over decades be totally decimated in a very short time?
Don't ask me questions, do your own research.

604 days ago
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