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Journey's Neal Schon

Judge Tells Ex-Wife ...

Get a Job

2/26/2013 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0225-neal-amber-schon-article-getty-2Neal Schon just scored a big victory over his ex-wife -- a judge not only shut down her attempt to milk an extra $2,758/month out of the Journey guitarist, but also suggested she get a degree and support herself ... TMZ has learned.

According to court documents, Amber Schon wanted Neal to up his $3,000/month in child support to $5,758.90/month. Amber and Neal have 2 minor children ... Aja and Sophia.

But a family court judge in Minnesota -- where they were divorced in 2007 -- recently ruled against Amber, saying the requested increase was "intended primarily to upgrade her own standard of living."

And what a standard ... according to the documents, Amber's annual expenses include $7,200 for clothing, $5,760 for a storage locker, and $9,600 for birthday parties.

But the most shocking expense -- $2,400 on postage! Apparently, someone hasn't heard of email.

In the docs, the judge says Amber could be earning up to $36,000/year on her own ... if she'd just complete her teaching degree -- and added it's not Neal's fault she failed to "obtain any kind of employment."

Neal tells TMZ, "My concern is with my children and I'm infuriated they are being exploited and used to extort money from me."

It might be time to stop believin' ... for Amber, anyway.


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I'm sure he makes in one performance more than he pays in child support in a year.

571 days ago


Good for the Judge...while I agree support should be paid, some of these cases are ridiculous. Tens of thousands of Dollars in child support for a 5 year old. Of course it's for the luxurious life style of the Mother. Why not increases and put it in a trust for the child until a certain age?

571 days ago


I still can't believe he married that loser salahi . That should last about five minutes, hopefully.

571 days ago


Another money grubber thinking because she birthed out some crotch fruit that exempts them from ever having to work another day in their life.

571 days ago


Advice to the gold digger he's with now.

Get ready to get a job yourself once he dumps you.

571 days ago


Wow. I read the headline and was prepared to agree with the judge, but $3000/month for two children is a very small amount for a millionaire. I thought that child support was supposed to ensure that a child wasn't punished, in terms of lifestyle, because their parents' marriage failed. Regardless of the judge, it's sad that he'd rather provide for his hoochie white house crashing wife than his own children.

571 days ago


I use to love Neil but the more I see and hear the more I dislike his values. He breaks up a marriage, brags about it, buy a a super expensive car, then gives a a super expensive ring and now he does want to pay more in child support for 2 kids. My sister gets almost that much and her husband is no superstar. The kids should enjoy some benefit from their dad being famous.

571 days ago


Idiot judge. Neal Schon has a net worth of $30million and is paying .12% of that towards his children. The point of child support is not to raise the children on what OTHERS think you should, but according to the lifestyle they would enjoy if their parents were still together. I'm gonna go out on a limb and state that if these two were still married, these kids would be living a lifestyle above $36,000 a year.

571 days ago


As far as child support is considered, unless I am mistaken, if the judge tells the father he has to pay 3,000 per month, he considers the mother will alsio kick in 3,000 per month as well.

This is supposed to be for the child's upbringing.

So the figure should be 72,000 per year,

Forget about the mansion and the fancy cars. Forget about shopping on Rodeo drive and just lead a normal life. You should be ok. In Canada at least.

571 days ago


That is a slap in the face considering he has a net worth of 30 million dollars. Tell him to quit marrying if he doesn't want to pay, he is on his 5th wife for Pete's sake!

571 days ago


He has something like five children with three different wives. So neither of them appear stellar.

571 days ago


Good judge. About time a judge tells a woman to stop being a gold digger.

571 days ago


Good, it's about time a judge woke up and stopped granting these ridiculous "child support" rulings. Wish more of them would. You can't tell me that these women that insist they need 5, 10, 20,000 or more a month in "child support" actually use that money to care for the child. Sure some does but the majority of it goes to the gold digger that doesn't want to get a job or give up the extravagant lifestyle they think they need and deserve.

571 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Haha, loser.

571 days ago


For those bashing Neal how do you know if he doesn't provide for the kids like pays for private schooling and insurance and everything else? I know a rapper who is worth over 100 million but pays a low child support payment but his daughter is very well taken care of by him so maybe yall shouldn't bash Neal unless you know the FULL details

571 days ago
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