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Duggar Family

NYC Burger Feast Costs

A Fortune for 23 People!

3/12/2013 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It costs a FORTUNE to feed 23 mouths ... just ask TLC reality star Jim Bob Duggar who took his enormous family out for burgers in NYC yesterday -- and we know exactly how much they spent.

Jim Bob -- along with his wife Michelle and 21 other family members -- hit up Bill's Bar & Burger in Manhattan ... splurging on burgers, shakes, fries, onion rings, you name it.

FYI -- Burgers start at $7.95 and could double in price if you want cheese and/or another burger patty.  Shakes run in the $6 range ... $4 for fries ... $8 for nachos ... $2 per soda.

Buuuuut ... the "19 Kids & Counting" fam did get a nice discount ... 6 of the children qualified for the kids menu -- $7.95 per meal.

So, what was the final bill??? We'll give you THREE options -- click on  the image for the answer!



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For all of the pea brains hating on this family just shut up. They are self sufficient. All of their children are being taught how to be a functioning productive individual. The parents earn their own living and yes they have a large family but they also take care of each other.Her children are well cared for.Michelle looks young radiant and she is full of light...grace ..loyalty and sweetness. What is there to dislike about her? Her and her husband want each other and so like many heterosexual married couples they have sex a lot.Leave this family alone. There are no baggy ass jeans filthy language and sullen hostile attitudes from the kids. Maybe if some other parents would strive to teach their children to be more like these kids there would not be so many punks..thugs...maladjusted freaks running around being hateful and breaking their parents hearts!

556 days ago


Someone has been drinking the Duggar juice, ha!

556 days ago


That poor ladies uterus is going to fall out when she's old..I wouldn't want that many kids coming out of now she must be able to just push once and pop there's the baby...

556 days ago


Michelle most certainly has to wear adult diapers. She has probably been incontinent for years. Where is the dignity in that? Her husband should be shot for controlling her in this fashion. Pig of a man.

556 days ago


They needed to spend that money on birth control. FREAKS.

556 days ago


Good for them. At least they aren't on public assistant. They take care of their own.

556 days ago

pete shallac    

I feel bad for these kids. Imagine having so many siblings that you have to make an appointment to speak with your parents. And the younger ones most likely have never had an outfit that wasn't worn by two or more older siblings. -

556 days ago


They are like rats in a box ! ...too much

555 days ago


Who has the bill for all of this group? OMG

555 days ago


They seem harmless enough to me, but they are definitely not as self-sufficient as some seem to think. They get very cheap health insurance because the dad was in the state legislature (that benefit is permanent). They get huge tax breaks because they established themselves as a church, something that ordinary families can't do. They've also had a lot of luck - for instance, having property desirable for cell phone towers, which most people don't. The TLC show was the windfall that made the difference, again not available to most families of any size. Before TLC, they were living in very cramped quarters. They are indeed frugal - without the show money, I'm sure they never would have taken everybody to New York, much less spent all that money on a fairly simple meal.
Also the mom just hands the babies over to the older children after six months, so the older girls in particular are basically nannies- homeschooling lets them be available 24/7. Most families don't really operate that way, since the older kids are in school and although some childcare duties are normal, most parents don't want to make full-time nannies out of their older children. They want their kids to have opportunities they didn't have, while the Duggars are actually doing just the opposite. The parents had more opportunities than their children will have. They're lucky the kids seem compliant by nature or else there would be quite a Duggar Revolution brewing...
Look up the Quiverfull movement to understand more about why they keep having kids (yes, they really are trying to outbreed us heathens...), and also google "no longer quivering" for some insight about what happens to less lucky folk in that movement who are struggling to raise increasing numbers of children. Homeschooling is part of the movement, to limit contamination by the rest of us. Homeschooling can be wonderful but not when done to isolate children and keep them undereducated. Most other types of homeschoolers make sure the kids have plenty of activities with other children and work with local schools, and their kids have no trouble dealing with regular high school and college. But higher education isn't even on the table as an option for the Quiverfull folks like the Duggars.

555 days ago


I w

554 days ago


I am very disappointed that Harvey featured this story without mentioning the cruelty that goes into making burgers this family is raising their numerous kids to be meat consuming and insensitive to the pain and suffering that goes into making their meal. We are brainwashed every day with commercials from all major fast food companies and childer are trained to be just a bunch of mindless consumers of animal products. Does anyone ever stop and think that animals have feelings too? Why is it ourageous whn we find out someone like Micheal Vick tortures dogs but its perfectly okay for everyone else to eat meat from baby calfs? who decides this animal has feelings and its better than that animal? Wasn't that the issue with black slaves not too long ago? Who are we to say we own and can abuse and exploit another species for our greed? Its really sad and for a woman who has 19±kids knows nothing about nurturing and educating a healthy child. Disappointed

554 days ago


Yet rich people spend hundreds on one or two people and your upset about a large family? At least they can pay their own bill.

31 days ago


Keeping her legs closed would have been a huge money saver here.

30 days ago
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