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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer

Target In Witness Tampering Investigation

3/18/2013 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's attorney Mark Heller is in the crosshairs of a possible witness tampering investigation ... after allegations surfaced that he tried to manipulate Lindsay's former assistant into lying on the stand ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Santa Monica City Attorney will be launching an investigation and will interview Lohan's ex-assistant Gavin Doyle tomorrow in the presence of police.

We're told ... prosecutors believe Heller may have approached Gavin and tried to get him to admit that he was the one driving the vehicle when Lohan's Porsche crashed into a big rig on Pacific Coast Highway last summer.

TMZ has learned Gavin has told multiple people about the alleged witness tampering ... including an officer of the court.

As for Heller, he has strongly stated that any accusation of witness tampering on his part is "crazy."


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Hey guys, I don't get that either that people thinks Lohan got off easy.

Lohan screwed herself but good. 90 day lock-down was her biggest fear. No more 10pm-1am happy hour.

She's not going to last. She will screw up in no time. This judge isn't going to take any of her bullshyt. The 180 days jail. That stands if she violates her probation. 18 months of therepy

Plus Lohan has to pay for all of this. All court cost and fees, paying James restituation that amount has not been determined yet. Her rehab. This is costing her a bundle.

The best... is serarch and seizure at anytime no warrant needed.

Lohan is under the microscope.

553 days ago


the thought of hohan in locked down rehab cracks me up.

bitch won't make it any time at all before you're smacking workers, patients and trying to escape.

just as soon as she gets out it's going to be same sh*t, different day. someone is going to make some nice money taking her picture and turning her in for breaking the law...again.

553 days ago


So when is she suppose to report for lock-down? Will she have time to squeeze in ****eroachella?

553 days ago


Lohan has been on some form of probation since 2007 for god sakes. Add another 2 years on that.

She can't comply to her probation how many probation violations is she up to. Dabney is not going to tolerate at all.

Lohan should be very scared. Lohan farts wrong and it get back to Dabney it's over. No oops made a mistake crap. Thoes days are over.

553 days ago


@Sam...Lohan has 45 days to find a lock down rehab in NY that meets all reqirements.

Want to be she's going to try and say she can't afford it. Too bad.

553 days ago



these two are drunks just like hohan.

Nicole ‏@NicoleLDL
@moto_JJ Ugh i know. It's an injustice. I'm just going to enjoy this vodka and pepsi.

553 days ago


MiLo is just as much an enabler as crazy Nicole. That whole family is toxic and I think today was all a big act with MiLo and LiLo.

553 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

No jail for Lindsay!!! Yayyy!

553 days ago



Law Enforcement has been given unlimited power to take Lindsay down for any reason or no reason at all; Linds will be in the slammer before Coachella. Or the Sheriffs will get her there for parole violations, eh? She can’t go clubbing or hang with her old crowd. No matter how squeaky clean her new friends are they can be rousted because they are with Linds!

Anyone who thinks she got off light, just wait until Act II, the one with no recourse! She won’t even get a trial, get a ticket; go to jail. Period. And all the conditions will follow her after/if/when she gets out of jail.

If she shows up at the CM tonight, she will be in jail by morning; count on it!

553 days ago


The more she tries to get over the system, the more ensnared she becomes.

If she survives, I bet her P O will be throwing her 50th Birthday party

552 days ago


good luck to the person who snaps her picture first doing what she ought not be doing but she will be anyway.

nice early christmas shopping money!

happy holidays!

552 days ago


Hey, it's me.

552 days ago


If this actually happened, you can bet she was the one behind it. Lawyers don't take it upon themselves to do stuff like this. So, if they investigate and find out she was behind it, will she actually go to jail this time? Witness tampering is a pretty serious charge.

552 days ago


Right because this hair dying goblin is the picture of honesty. Trying a case in a state he is not authorize to work in. Shawn Holley must have thank the good Lord she is done with this POS.

552 days ago


I am convinced that Moto is help!

552 days ago
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