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Baltimore Ravens Star

Stands Strong On Prop 8

3/26/2013 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Baltimore Ravens
star Brendon Ayanbadejo was in D.C. for the Supreme Court arguments over Prop 8, but he thinks the NFL can be as effective as any law in changing hearts and minds.

Brendon is pushing his league to become a pivotal platform against homophobia.

And, by the way, our photog asked Brendon if his opponents might view him as "soft" for supporting the LGBT community. He got a laugh out of that.

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Dan Frederiksen    

LGBT community are such bigot haters. Why do they disciriminate against the pedos, necros, incest and fans of animals. It should be the LGBTPNIB community.
Doesn't it get better for a man and his horse as well?

577 days ago

Colonel Nudge    

He has a lesion from aids on his forehead

577 days ago


The only people having a problem with gay folks is the obstructionist conservatives of the nation not the National Football League.

577 days ago

paul a.    

If gays marriages are equal then I feel the Mormons should be able to practice polygamy again. I don't see how we can deny them this anymore....

577 days ago

Colonel Nudge    

Nice 'fuchsia' vest bra-ssier

577 days ago


I've not a football fan but I'm now certainly a fan of this man! Bravo! The more straight men and women stick up for the rights of the lgbt community the more mainstream the notion becomes. People choose to be douchebags everyday but they are allowed to marry, no one is stoping them. This isn't a choice like being a douchebag so why the ban? The sanctity of marriage went out the window with Henry the 8th! When Britney Spears can get married on a Saturday and divorced on a Monday there is a lot more wrong with marriage that has nothing to do with gay marriage. I don't think it's my right to tell you not to practice a religion cause I believe it screws with science can I? So don't let your god dictate how I live my life!

577 days ago


Gays need to GO BACK IN THE CLOSET where they belong!...They want rights how about 10% off Vaseline now get the F back in the closet YOU SICK PEOPLE!

577 days ago


Star? Tmz he's a backup linebacker and special teams player... This is the type of reporting done by hippies, hipsters and nerds who know nothing about sports.

577 days ago


Gay boy, what don't you come out of the closet if you are so much in favor of defeating Prop 8.

577 days ago


Good for Him, He is Bisexual and Proud...

577 days ago


I understand that most sports organizations are not LGBT friendly, but at the same time, I don't understand why the concerns about being naked in a locker room with individuals who are sexually aroused by the same sex isn't a valid argument. It really ought to be. People have the right to be made uncomfortable by that fact. This is the reason why most bathrooms and locker rooms are NOT co-ed. Would a woman be okay undressing and showering in front of men? No because there is an unspoken, yet valid, concern there. This is no different but the logic seems to be lost on most people. This whole argument is being perpetuated by the liberals so that they can remain in opposition to republicans and secure a vote from a whole demographic of individuals. There are solutions out there that have been proposed - allowing civil unions (but not official marriages in the same sense that straight couples have), there have even been suggestions for taking marriage out of the equation in general so that marriage isn't even a factor for taxes, medical benefits, etc. But, no, that's not good enough. Why? Because this isn't about finding a real solution - this is about controlling the Dem party and keeping it as the majority rule in this country. If you haven't noticed already, the Dems are USING the gay and immigrant voters to secure their power. The Republicans were able to do it for a while with the Christian aspect but they've lost their hold. We are now in the age of the Liberals which means no morality or common sense, apparently. Thank God I no longer allow myself to be subjected to the insanity of the two-party system lol....

577 days ago


It would be one thing if this didn't overturn the will of the people. If you want it, put it to a new vote... otherwise what is the point of a democracy in America? Why put anything to a vote if it's just going to get ignored? It would be like President X winning the election in a landslide but the government gives it to President Y just because they don't want to hurt the feelings of the few who voted for him. It's ridiculous that America has come so far that day by day by day we are witnessing the destruction of freedom. Our votes don't count, we're being told what we can and can't eat, We're being told where we can and can't pray, Religions are being told they have to go against their moral beliefs, Our constitutional rights are constantly being rejected in the name of political correctness. This isn't America the Free, it's America the Nanny.

577 days ago


So I guess we don't need to wonder about the "blind" item saying someone from. The NL js getting ready (or fix in' to as we say here in Texas) to come out.

577 days ago


It's amazing how these people continue want to shove this in our faces but if we don't agree then we are labeled as bigots. So sick and tired of the hypocrisy coming from them. I could care less what this no name football player wants. The NFL doesn't need to promote homosexuality. If you don't like it then get a different job. You are nothing more than barely a backup. Don't tell me what I should believe in clown.

577 days ago


WHO CARES WHAT HE THINKS.. Joe Smith from Chicago thinks the sky is blue.... WHO CARES!! Do you really believe that the world is going to change because a football player whats gay marrage?

577 days ago
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