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Lindsay Lohan

I Didn't Steal ANYTHING


3/29/2013 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329-linday-lohan-tmzLindsay Lohan says she stole NOTHING from "Anger Management" -- She's telling friends she had a deal with producers she could take all the stuff she wanted, and they'd just deduct it from her salary.

Lindsay acknowledges, she walked off with 2 bracelets, a necklace, sunglasses, a pair of shoes, gold earrings, a silk bathrobe, lingerie and tap shorts.  She claims the wardrobe person was well aware she had the goods and claims the wardrobe lady specifically said it was A-OK and the cost would be deducted from her salary.

Lindsay's also telling friends, she's NOT going to return the stuff, because as far as she's concerned she paid for it.

Here's the problem.  Sources from the show tell TMZ ... Lindsay walked off with the bracelets, the necklace, earrings and shoes BEFORE there was any discussion about leaving with the stuff.  We're told the wardrobe person told producers she was not going to become a cop and block Lindsay from leaving the set with her stuff, so she told her the value of "all missing items" would be deducted from her paycheck.

In fact, we're told the wardrobe person actually tried to get Lindsay to write a check for the goods, but LiLo refused.


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Hot Farts    

I thought I got rid of Dina when I posted 6 of the 12 judgments against her earlier on this fact I did and she reappeared even more drunk and logged in as 3 other people...LMAO. I am seriously shocked at how stupid the people that defend her are. Limited vocabulary with no stream of conscientiousness in their writing - just a lot of lying defense and enumerated ideas with bogus stats

510 days ago


DUIna is a whore who taught her daughter how to be one as well.

510 days ago


Blo Is Clamming it UP In Brazil----(shhhh...don't let NicHOLE know!)

"It seems that Lindsay Lohan is with her GIRLFRIEND at the events (a brunette who is always with her, but poses a "friend".) The brunette even came yesterday, under the table, along with Lindsay."

No comment from Blo's beard [cough, cough] "boyfriend", Avi Snow.

510 days ago


Hey Sullivan for brains ,Dina Lohan, aka Sullivansays is a joke. She's a one liner for late night comedians. She pimps and pushes her daughters, kicking and screaming into the limelight only to have them endure public humiliation for their lack of any real talent.

510 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Gotta go, I promised I would tell the twitterverse of Quasi-Moto_JJ's perversion, and I'm falling behind..
See you later H8turds!!!!!!

510 days ago


More recently:
Dina Lohan: Drunk and Disruptive at Charity Event

"With a mother like Dina Lohan it’s clear to see why Lindsay is such a mess. Mama Lohan showed up to the Rock Art Love auction event in NYC this week and got completely hammered.
Sources say Dina appeared to be bidding on art throughout the auction, but it turns out she was just drunkenly flailing her arms."

And of course, she didn't donate a dime to the charity.

510 days ago


Dina Lohan is a Vapid, Drunken, Harlot, Trollope, Strumpet, Slut!!

510 days ago

Hot Farts    

Maddy, Judge Dabney's email is not possible, but I can get his clerks email on Monday which is the same thing. Terri White's is public and so is the LA DA's just cant remember it right now. Terri White still has an open investigation in the case regarding witness tampering so he may be the one to give the heads up to...he is

Terry.White@SMGOV.NET and

Dabney's clerks number is (310) 727-6116

If I can I will call the clerk Monday (never call in the morning and they lunch until 1:30. - best time to call is around 3:00)

510 days ago


Everything this sad person does is wrong.

510 days ago


Dina Lohan is the latest of the controversial family to be embroiled in a scandal, and while it isn’t a car accident or a baby, she’s in some hot water for skipping out on a bill at a charity event in New York!

more recently:
Lindsay Lohan’s momager and her brother Paul Anthony Sullivan did not pay the bill or even leave a tip at the East Hampton restaurant Andrra where they were attending the Great Bonac Fireworks Show, which benefitted the Clamshell Foundation. They were offered four complimentary tickets to the event.
“They dined and dashed on a $2,500 check and didn’t leave a dime for the waiters!!”

510 days ago

Hot Farts    

One of the funniest cases against Lohans ("Mom and "Dad")was the one that I posted today for non-payment of rent judgment which was in 2000...3 years after Parent Trap. I just looked up Taters IMdb and she really didnt do many movies at all

510 days ago


Lohan can say anything she wants. She knew damn well she was stealing. As always when caught and confronted she pulls this bullshyt. Oh we had an agreement crap. No. No agreement nothing.

Lohan, I'll take whatever I want from wardrobe. Oh shyt caught. We had an agreement. I didn't steal. Probation violation scare. Take it out of my paycheck. See I didn't steal anything I bought it. NO.

Of course Lohan knows this. This is why so quick on the I didn't steal anything crap.

510 days ago


you shouldnt take out your jealousy of lindsay on Dina. She is a successful single mother of 4 who raised her children to be good people.


Ok, you've posted the same moronic lines over 15 times already. Do you have anything else to say about DUina (yourself) that doesn't involve the words, "single mother,", "sacrifice," or "Mother Fcuker of the Year?"

510 days ago


more recently:

Dina Lohan showed up to a charity art auction event Tuesday night, March 12, because apparently no one told her that paintings aren’t made of gin.

Sources told the NY Daily News that Lohan — Lindsay‘s mother and sometime roommate — lived up to her hard-partying reputation by getting good and sloshed at the Rock Love Art Ball on the Lower East Side.

“[During dinner], she said the self-serve steak on the table was the best steak she had ever eaten,” a witness said. “And when someone would receive an award, Dina would start clapping and stand up, the only one in the room standing.”

When the auction finally commenced, Dina kept clapping and started waving her arms about, prompting a reprimand from the auctioneer, who told her, “Ma’am, I have to remind you, when I see your hands above your eyebrows it means that you are bidding.”

And since Lindsay’s pretty much flat broke and that’s where her 50-year-old mother’s money typically comes from, we’re guessing she didn’t have much business bidding on anything. (LiLo, by the way, was supposed to be at the event but couldn’t make it.)

As per usual, Mama Lohan was spotted getting multiple refills of wine throughout the night. Then a massage therapist came over for a chat, and she slurred her way into a free session right there at the table.

Dina also shed some light on the upcoming sell-out of her kids memoir she’s writing, telling a reporter, “It’s totally cathartic, but my kids are like, write the book already. So I think it’s time. I’m doing it more for my children than for me to shed light on what really went down when Lindsay was little and what she had to deal with.”

So look for that atop the New York Times bestseller list. Or, more likely, atop a pile of discarded wine bottle corks.

510 days ago


Long Island Mother of the Year? Are you kidding me? I need proof. TMZ worst mother of the year 2009.

510 days ago
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