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Magic Johnson Tells All

Gay Son, Black Hatred

& Closeted Athletes Coming Out

4/4/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Magic Johnson has never talked about it before ... but he wanted to open up about his gay son and the implications that Earvin Johnson III's coming out will have in the black community, in the sports community and in their lives.

TMZ sat down with the NBA legend for an unbelievably candid interview -- we've divided the video into three parts:

1) How Magic went to his son around the age of 13 and asked, "Are you gay?" Magic explains why he felt the need to approach his kid and the importance of letting EJ know his whole family loved and supported him.

2) Magic tells us how he feels about some of the hateful reactions to EJ's coming out on African-American blogs and whether he's bitter, given his unparalleled support of the black community.

3) Magic talks about how his son's coming out could inspire professional athletes to follow suit.  Harvey also asks Magic how, as the owner of the L.A. Dodgers, he would react to a player coming out.

You gotta watch Magic -- he's awesome and inspiring.



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I think Magic will have more of an impact on black gay youth than EJ will. I am sure some gay youths will not want to be just like EJ - there's a wide spectrum of lifestyles within the gay community, and EJ might be too flaming for them. The best thing will be when an athlete comes out, because then you can't deny that a man can be gay, respected and manly all at the same time.

570 days ago


Awesome. I have thought about it if one of my sons was gay, how would I really react? I think I am open minded, but it would not be what I would want for my boys. But I now don't believe anyone really chooses to be gay - why would you? It isn't easy. I admire Magic Johnson for supporting his son no matter what. That is what the parenting gig is all about.

570 days ago


Like father,like son.

570 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Didn't you know that Blacks do not believe that they can be prejudiced? Because they have suffered prejudice they believe that whatever backward thoughts that they have about other racial groups or gays are perfectly acceptable. Ignorance knows no skin color of sexual orientation.....

570 days ago


MUCH respect Magic. MUCH respect.

570 days ago


Well this certainly explains his HIV status. No wonder he's ever explained where he got it, I guess the apple doesn't fall far.

570 days ago


This is the best dose of reality ever set in the entertainment news. Obviously there's tons of closet gays whose PR teams work 24/7 on to make he or she look heterosexual to keep their careers as celebs a success with no taboo. But thus also raises human rights issues beyond the entertainment industry. Everyday there are gay blacks, latins, Asians, Arabs, and others, whether out or closeted, who get emotionally and verbally chastised by their own ethnic community and families for ever being happy, cool, comfortable with who they really are, which is a human being whose personal preference so happens to be gay or bi. For their family and close ones remind them 24/7 being a minority and gay is a double stigma that will not help them further their careers and dreams. In a sense that's true. Especially in the Entertainment industry & sports- most of any public professions. It's a sad inner personal struggle that minorities have to hide abs play down on a daily basis for of they stress too much about instantly will trigger suicidal tendencies. Though not all gay minority Americans can't afford to jump up and move fast to another country that accepts gay minorities more, they keep calm on this issue. By doing self exercises on self love, self pride, self respect and hope that one day they or any future generations never have to face these issues.

570 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

people have been verrrrryy open toward gays for decades now. they are in the center of society, leaders and not 'discriminated against' any longer. i mean harvey levin is homosexual. he is the king of celebrity gossip ANDDD a very successful attorney. whoever is still saying 'gays have to be afraid to come out' is living in some crazy fantasy world life. so why on earth are gay men in sports still in hiding? not because they are afraid of their team mates, or society, but because they are afraid of losing all the 'lady perks' they get by playing straight. and they PREFER to remain as 'straight' in the media, so they can cash in on faking to men, and to women, that they are straight. and that is shady. no one is forcing you in the closet, you are staying in it, because it pays more for you.

570 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

but they want to make it up the ladder first, cash in, make millions of dollars on endorsements and milk their attractiveness towards women, especially, as lady's men, and then come out as gay. after they've cleared the table. to them it's just all about money and they don't give a damn about the people they are deceiving. they deserve a reward for that, because 'people would be less interested in them if they were out as gay' and they deserve the same 'income' as a straight person? there is a BIOLOGICAL REASON why women are not attracted to gay men. it's not 'discrimination', morons.

570 days ago


I love all these comments about what a great, supportive father lol. Hey dummies, magic hasn't come out yet. He's embarrassed.

570 days ago


I don't think when you sleep around with women and end up with HIV makes you a classy dude. It makes you an adulterer and a dude with no morals at all. I don't care how good he was, he failed as a husband and as a father. No matter how well one sells himself or how much money he has, you can never ever undo what he has done.

570 days ago


Anyone who thinks "society has long been gay accepting" can basically look through the comments here on TMZ, or Perez Hilton. Sites owned by gay men, with probably at least half gay/bi staff. And see the homophobic abusive comments. Delusional.

570 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

you lose 90% or probably close to 100% of your marketablilty if you come out as gay. same as if you come out as a nazi or a racist. people are no longer interested in you. why should i be forced to accept a gay playing straight, if i don't have to endure some racist, or some we all know is racist playing kumbaya? media is all about your selling factor to the masses. gays don't sell well. but lies are going to be even worse of a refund.

570 days ago

wooden spoons    

love the handbags....Magic and Cookie you are such wonderful and supportive parents.....EJ not everyone is negative and homophobic...Ignore the noise and the negative and live your life....when your parents are in your corner....you can do and be anything!

570 days ago


"Magic talks about how his son's coming out could inspire professional athletes to follow suit."

This part makes no sense to me. His son does not appear to be an athlete, so why would it inspire another section of society to come out? Two different worlds, he's far from making an impact on the athletic world.

570 days ago
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