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Magic Johnson Tells All

Gay Son, Black Hatred

& Closeted Athletes Coming Out

4/4/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Magic Johnson has never talked about it before ... but he wanted to open up about his gay son and the implications that Earvin Johnson III's coming out will have in the black community, in the sports community and in their lives.

TMZ sat down with the NBA legend for an unbelievably candid interview -- we've divided the video into three parts:

1) How Magic went to his son around the age of 13 and asked, "Are you gay?" Magic explains why he felt the need to approach his kid and the importance of letting EJ know his whole family loved and supported him.

2) Magic tells us how he feels about some of the hateful reactions to EJ's coming out on African-American blogs and whether he's bitter, given his unparalleled support of the black community.

3) Magic talks about how his son's coming out could inspire professional athletes to follow suit.  Harvey also asks Magic how, as the owner of the L.A. Dodgers, he would react to a player coming out.

You gotta watch Magic -- he's awesome and inspiring.



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No Avatar


Earvin is as gay as a rucksack, i'm fine with that. But does this p.ussy have to wear furs for 10k$ or dress like a caricature of a gay. What a stupid n.

535 days ago


ha ha ha, just stupid

535 days ago

Michael Winner    

When you have lots of kids like Magic does, you're gonna get some mutants.

535 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Why is it such a big deal? Okay he's gay, so are millions of people. I'm more concerned at how obese he is, especially considering his father owns gyms and was an athlete. Anyway good for them. Magic is a good dude.

535 days ago


i never questioned it before with magic johnson having aids but now its pretty obvious. He is gay, his love with isaiah thomas has raised a gay son. cause that is not the picture of a gay kid, he learned it.

535 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Also 12 is a little early to be asking if he is gay or not but whatever.

535 days ago


Seriously, was it possible to keep him in the closet?

535 days ago


Who cares! Show some more pics of Lindsey Lohans breasts!

535 days ago


What father wouldn't be proud of their son walking hand in hand with his boyfriend and his purse looking like a woman ? I know I wouldn't be but, one or two might be proud.

535 days ago


Wow that guy is lucky. I wish my parents were that cool when I came out; it would have saved me many problems in life.

535 days ago


Black hatred??? Great way to start of the anniversary of Martin Luther Kings death.

535 days ago


Ok...seriously. First of all. TMZ posted the video of his son because he is a spectacle. All dressed in fur and a pink purse. What is there to be proud of? He's gay...and he's super rich...so he can go to the most expensive Hollywood nightspots, dress like everyday is Halloween and act like a reality star who hasn't really accomplished anything. Now on to his father. This is really the bigger issue. Why does everyone sweep under the rug the FACT THAT HE ESSENTIALLY BROUGHT HOME A DEATH SENTENCE TO HIS WIFE AND UNBORN CHILD?? In 2013 Aids is controllable. But twenty years ago it was not. Why do we celebrate this person? Even after his diagnosis there were pictures circulating of Magic with hookers and strippers all over him?? Now he wants to come out as the PROUD FATHER OF A GAY MAN?? How gracious, caring and loving of you Mr. Magic. Why not start at conception with being proud and caring. No, he basically screwed hookers and brought home a disease that WOULD HAVE KILLED HIS BABY had the child not been born into a rich household at the right time. Some things are not forgiveable. There are people going to jail today who have infected people with Aids....should we forgive and tell them how wonderful they are?? Being a rich celebrity does not always wipe the slate clean. He's lucky his wife and child are ok and should be thanking god and modern science rather than hogging the spotlight and acting like this great roll model of a father!!

535 days ago


Magic Johnson is a horrible parent. He convinced his confused son that he was gay by beginning the conversation with leading questions.

A good parent would have told him that sexual desire is at it's peak at that age and that no decisions should be made at that time.

Sex with the Cherry Pie on the movie American Pie is a good example of the decisions children make in terms of sex and sexuality.

535 days ago


unless you count competitive eating as a sport, im not sure what this ***got has to do with black athletes..

535 days ago

Willie Lump Lump    

When will the gays learn that they do not need to announce their sexual preference. I don't know you. I don't hang with you. I don't care about you, so STFU and stop telling me and everyone else you're gay. We don't give a flying puhuck! I don't walk around with my kock out tellling everyone I like and want some cootie cat.

535 days ago
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