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Kim's Witness List

Kris Knew What Was Up

4/9/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian
just filed her divorce witness list ... and it's now clear as can be -- Kim's lawyer is calling a bunch of witnesses who were involved in the prenup to show Kris knew EXACTLY what he was getting into before saying "I do."

As you know, Kris is claiming he was defrauded into marrying Kim ... left in the dark about her true intentions.  But now we know 6 witnesses will testify that Kris was actively involved in every detail surrounding the prenup.

In fact, sources connected with the couple tell us ... Kim and Kris were constantly bickering over details in the prenup and that he was as interested in the business of marriage as she was.
Among the witnesses ... 2 managers who were heavily involved in the prenup, at least one lawyer involved in the document and a court reporter who was present when the prenup was signed. 

There are other witnesses who will testify about the prenup, including Kim and Kris Jenner.

Short story -- the mission of Kim's lawyer is clear -- Kris went into this eyes wide open.


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No Avatar


TMZ...do you mean Bruce Jenner?

563 days ago


I'm the queen of the world yeaaaa com kiss my ****ing donkey ass kris smell it good lick it right yeaaa yeaaa yeaaa I hit ya first!

563 days ago


Kim has said in interviews that she really loved Kris and wanted to make the marriage work, however there are a lot of mixed messages. I don"t understand why she could have at least given the marriage a year. After their honeymoon Kim and Kris moved into a suite with Kourtney and her family in New York while filiming the reality show. Why didnt they have their own place, which is typical for most newlyweds? They could have still filmed the show. I remember one episode in which Kourtney and Scott laughed when their son barked as Kris walked past, not exactly respectful. Soon after they broke up, TMZ reported that Kim flew to Minnesota to meet with the minister that married them. I am sure that the minister recommeded marriage counseling, why was she unwilling to try that to see if it could make a difference and at least give the marriage a year, away from cameras if necessary? It just did not seem to me that Kim was that committed in making her marriage work, it was really about having and profitting from an elaborate wedding. Khloe may have her faults, but she does seem devoted to Lamar.

563 days ago


Kris needs to move on and let her too she doesnt love him and looks like he only wants fame from kim

563 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

I just bought some Khroma cosmetics (the Klan's makeup line)--a makeup primer with real gold and a red glitter nail polish.
They better not b l o w.
I know, I know, I am part of the problem, not part of the solution.
*hangs head*
*shuffles away*
I'm TIRED of this Kris 'n Kim shiz!!!
Just settle it already.
Is Kim gonna still be married to Kris when she has Kanye's baby?!

563 days ago


I get that this overexposed nobody doesn't deserve any good that comes her way; that's not in dispute, as the Kardashian "family" are simply terrible people feeding on the weak tastes of tv zombies. But come on, Humphries. You are a grown ass man making millions to play a child's game. Man up and walk away from this mess. Maybe use the time to work on your free throw % or post move? Or even on plastic surgery to stop looking like Blake Griffin, a REAL pro who is undoubtedly tired of being mistaken as Kartrashian victim # 4,678.

563 days ago


I briefly scanned this article full of legal gibberish and my eyes glazed over with boredom.

563 days ago



562 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

This does not prove anything except that he knew the details of the prenup. He is talking about fraud based on the prenup, he's talking about fraud based on the fact that he was tricked into marrying her in the first place. Also, I have actually read a lot of stories that are in Kris's favor, saying things that show he actually has a fighting chance of winning this, including his own witness list. Why is none of that ever reported on TMZ? You know, when I use to see people commenting that you guys were just payed off by some of these celebs i didn't believe it. But you have been completely 1 sided when it comes to anything kim. You leave out HUGE chunks of the story when it shows anything positive towards Kris, and jump on the smallest details that look like they will help Kim. I really hope Kris wins, but he is going into 1 hell of a fight.

562 days ago


Don't you ever get tired of pimping the Kartrashian line, Harvey? So Kris knew what was in the pre-nup -- isn't that just smart, to understand a contract before signing it? You're so tiresome with your "Kim is a victim of Kris" line. Kim's no victim, just another skanky piece of trash.

562 days ago


All about the money :)

562 days ago


Why am I so shocked that this chick is so stupid? Didn't her daddy teach her that it is a slippery slope to ask your atty to testify as to priviledged conversations? You should never call your counsel as your witness.
Of course, you should never take more than one blak peenus in the rear, either, but she lets them go down her slippery slope all the time!

562 days ago


From the photo's of then 27 year old Kris Humphries and Kim, any guy would naturally think she was crazy about him. As for Kris knowing, 'what's up', to please his mother -in-law to be, of course he would agree to have the engagement/wedding filmed. This guy planned on Kim being his wife and planning a family w/her, unfortunately for Humphries, Kimmie got cold feet but went ahead with an elaborate wedding, it made great TV and tons of money. No doubt about it, he was duped, give him his Catholic Church annulment and a hunk of cash, be done with it.

562 days ago

Joyce Guy    

Chris is a real looser and a very immature jerk. Those Kardasians are to smart to let her marry the jerk without a prenup. Thank God Kim dumped the jerk.

562 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

I have a question, If Kim is right in that Kris knew that it was a " Staged" wedding event, can the people at say People magazine sue the Kardashian/Humphries clans for fraud if they paid millions of dollars to get exclusive pics? And if it's true can I as a person potentially sue because I was defrauded if I bought the magazine for the pictures? If Kim is right and she opens up the floodgates for fraud she will be in for a world of hurt financially. Time for a "Class Action" law suit people.

562 days ago
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