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Katherine Jackson


Between Murray and AEG

4/12/2013 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Katherine Jackson
thinks there's something rotten in both Denmark and L.A. County Jail ... because she just filed legal docs which insinuate AEG and Dr. Conrad Murray are conspiring together in the wrongful death lawsuit.

Katherine -- who has sued AEG Live for negligently hiring and supervising Murray -- wants to subpoena the visitors' logs from the jail, to determine if AEG has sent its employers, officers or lawyers to the pokey for chit-chat with the good Doc.

Katherine has put Murray on her witness list.  Interestingly, AEG Live has not.  It's obvious Katherine wants to know if AEG Live is trying to coach Murray or get info from him to defend the suit.

As we previously reported ... Murray wants to stay a mile away from the courthouse -- which ironically is exactly how far Murray's jail cell is from where the trial will take place.

Murray's lawyer, Valerie Wass, tells TMZ, "I believe the subpoena is a rather desperate, last-minute attempt by counsel for KJ and the children to try and find or create a surreptitious relationship between Dr. Murray and AEG."   Wass then says flatly, "There is and has been no such relationship."


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Who cares? She's just a crazy old lady.

527 days ago


Something rotten, Katherine? Even I smelled that rotten egg aping time ago. All the way to house! You, LaToya and Joe said it from the beginning: Michael was killed. You are a smart woman. Don't give up, regardless of what some people who don't understand what losing a son is, say. God bless you!

527 days ago


Mrs. Jackson is grieving money and not her son. This family is so money hungry it turns my stomach. I thought the father was bad, but she is worse. Grieve your son's death and stop forcing on money.

527 days ago

What I Think    

We all know that you murdered MJ, Katerine, in order to get your inheritance. The fact that your son was worth more dead than alive says it all. Confess already why don't you?

527 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

....the man /Dr. is an actor....remember the song(the little boy who santa forgot)...betcha he will be out soon....this was a hit....and he has no problem doing the time....singing all the way skip to my lou to the bank to collect the rest...overseas bank....just a lucid theory of mine.

527 days ago


Who KNOWS.. how Katherine and Michael's family are and how they live their lives? no one..! so for those of you who speculate in here and slam Katherine and the rest of Michael's family... There's not a damned thing anyone can do about what goes on behind closed doors.. But you sit there with your Beaver Cleaver make believe families..and judge another family that you don't know **** about...!! The Truth Is Not A Lie...and A Damned Lie... Is Definitely NOT The ABSOLUTE TRUTH.. Collect Facts...instead of sloshing dirt..against people that you don't know...
My prayers go all out for Katherine, Michael's kids and the Jackson family.... and if in fact Joe Jackson abused his kids.... the judgement's God's not mine or anyone else's..

527 days ago


Michael Jackson was responsible for his deceptions toward his Doctors. No one else. He was an adult who made the decision to be an addict regardless of the fact that he had 3 young children depending on him. Quit trying to blame others. She is only teaching her family that you don't need to be responsible for your own actions

527 days ago


What money hungry people. Mommy is just missing more money that Michael was giving her. Joe is the worst of both of them. The other family memebers, especially the boys are terrible. "Just give me a hand out. I deserve it,"-- is there way of living, off other people. Shame on all of them.

527 days ago

Joel Papp    

Never heard all these negative comments about the Goldman family when they were harassing OJ for money . I wonder why?

527 days ago


Every time I look down on, this timeless chic
Whether blue or gray be her eyes
Whether loud be her cheers or whether soft be her tears
More and more do I realize that
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I love Paris in the fall
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles
I love Paris every moment
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Because my love is fake

527 days ago


his music wasn't even that good anymore...enough of this clap-trap.


Correction: wasn't even any good to start with. If it was not because of the start up of music videos and Big Production, and it was generally acceptable for lip-syncing in concert tours at the time, we would have to ask really Michael who???

527 days ago


If there's money to be made by exploiting her long-dead son, Michael, then EVERYTHING is a conspiracy to Katherine.

527 days ago


Tragic pop icon Michael Jackson ahd an implant fitted under his skin in a bid to stop feeling pleasure from opiates, according to new reports.

The Thriller hitmaker is believed to have had the Narcan implant put in place in 2004 to counteract drug effects as he fought his alleged addictions..............

But, but, the coroner reported he was health and had no sign of drug addiction.........WTF, more dirt???!!!

527 days ago


Does Katherine and her attorney's REALLY think AEG Live would be that stupid to contact Murray in jail? There has never been a conspiracy between Murray and AEG Live.

Katherine is pissed because she didn't sue Murray hoping he would testify for her and him announcing on international T.V. that MJ said he no longer wanted to be the bank for his family.

527 days ago


Katherine Jackson thought say was going to start receiving millions once Michael $450 million debt was paid off last year, then the courts found more leans against Michael in the sum of $150 million more that have to be paid off before she starts receiving any millions, which will take another 5 plus years before she any money, that’s why she wants her money now from this law suit?

527 days ago
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