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Kris Humphries

Judge Rips Kim's Hubby

New A-Hole For Being No-Show

4/12/2013 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Kris Humphries were listening closely from New York, he could have heard a California judge screaming at his lawyer in court -- because Kris blew off a mandatory court appearance -- and it's worse than we first thought.

As we reported ... the settlement conference was scheduled for 8:30 AM today, but sources connected with Kris told TMZ ... he was stuck in New York.  We're told in court today ... Judge Goldberg went nuclear, saying Kris could have caught a flight and that he mocked and disrespected the court.

Judge Goldberg was so pissed ... he set a sanction hearing -- meaning Kris may be hit with fines for being a no-show.

There was obviously no settlement reached today ... We're told both Kim and Kris must appear on the 19th for a pre-trial readiness/settlement conference.  Kris better show.

Kim, on the other hand, was in court ... she answered all the judge's questions.  Score one for Kardashian.

And if that wasn't enough ... she looked like a (pregnant) rock star when she left the building.


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johnny B    

Go to radaronline.com or any other site for unbiased stories. Anyone who calls kim kardashian a rock star should kill themselves. I like north korea more than that whole family and i hate north korea.

556 days ago


Hmmm....how is it the other media outlets is reporting the court hearing/Kim's entrance-exit was closed to the media BUT, TMZ manages to get the "inside" scoop on what the judge said in the courtroom and they also manage to get pictures of Kim going in the courthouse?? No doubt this is another pay out to TMZ from Manager Kris J/Kim K.

556 days ago


Just wondering how Kim K. pulled off the "I loved Kris 100%" when she shows up pregnant with another man's child. Well, I loved him, the marriage was real, and now I moved on ( quickly). There is no way that Kim can say that the marriage was real. It was 100% fake. Yes, it was staged from the start. Kris Humphries was just dumb to get involved with the "Fakest family of all times." I bet Kris Jenner plans every minute of her and her kid's lives according to what will make the family the biggest amount of money!!!

556 days ago


Rock star??? She looks like the dumb fat h she is carrying the dumb bstrd child of her pmp.
Tmz is so lame-time to move to radar.

556 days ago


Look at tat moron trying to look as innocent as possible. She looks f*cking dumb and ugly as hell. What an awful outfit as usual. Knocked up by someone else while married to someone else. And yeah sure tmz, I'm sure the judge was just so mad about Kris being there trowing a fit infront of everyone? You are stupid as f*ck if you think anyone with a brain is goig to believe you. Why should the jusge care as much as you dumb sh*ts think? It is Kris's case to lose. Just liek the judge was just so mad at Lindsey Lohan when she turned up late and all these bad things were going to happen to her, like you let reporting. And NONE of it did. you guys suck and your reporting is bias as f*ck. Everyone see's through your bullsh*t. No credibility anymore. Sellouts, it will catch up to you immature losers.

556 days ago


Come on TMZ.....this is so obvious which team you are!!!! i heard that the Ks were paying some media outlets...i guess we know for sure you're one of them;
this article is so not professional.
it is not rocket science to get that 1° he did not show up because he had the game later on and 2° he wants to get to trial, the settlement does not interest him. full stop.
Now i am on neither side, but i just like fairness for both team....

556 days ago


Why does TMZ absolutely applaud the crazies like the Kardashians and then stick it to the normal people like Kris Humphries. Wow, you think the Kardashians never made up this Wedding for millions of dollars? You must be asleep Harvey :( Of course the Wedding was a sham. Maybe Kris Humphries knew something or maybe he didn't, but I do believe he went into the Wedding for love. The Kardashians are the "Honey Boo Boos" of the upper class. I bet if they **** they try to figure out how to make a buck off of it. Totally disgusting people. Maybe Kris Humphries should just take the high road and be done with them!!

556 days ago


I think the judge should have granted a divorce and ruled in her favor for his no show crap.

556 days ago


Perhaps he couldn't stand the thought of the stench of her big fat ass.

556 days ago



556 days ago


Why are you all on Kim's d*** tmz geeeez...

556 days ago


It is so obvious Chris is stalling as long as he can, hoping she will give birth still married to another man! He probably feels wronged by Kim since religion was a big part of his life and getting divorced was not what he wanted..By doing this it taints Kim and her baby in the eyes of religion for the rest of her and her child's life..He's playing very dirty!! I say score for Chris! (Kim though I am a fan, no-one's life can be or seem perfect, The price of fame evening out)

556 days ago


He'd love her to pop that kid while she's still married like the true cdumpster she is. Good job kris.

556 days ago


Looks like a 500 lb Rosie O'Donnell stand in.

556 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Just relax Kim, he's gonna hang his own self! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!

556 days ago
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