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Farrah Abraham

Wanna Drive?

Get Down and BLOW

4/15/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0412-Farrah-Abraham-tmz-duiSex tape con artist Farrah Abraham will have to put her best skills to use if she wants to drive in the State of Nebraska ... because she can't start her car without blowing first, TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... the former "Teen Mom" star was popped for DUI in Omaha after celebrating St. Patrick's Day a little harder than she should have. According to police, she blew a .147 on the breathalyzer ... nearly twice the legal limit.

Farrah has since been ordered to install a "vehicle interlock device" in her car (a breathalyzer thing that prevents your car from starting if you've had something to drink).

Farrah has to use the device until September 29, which is when her normal driving privileges are expected to be reinstated. Call it practice for her next porno.

FYI, Farrah hasn't been convicted yet ... the blowing device is just SOP in Nebraska for anyone arrested for DUI. Her next court date is April 29.

Farrah's fully embracing her new status as permanent DD too ... she just posted this video online, showing off her new device.



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Az Heat    

This is a posed pic for her video because she is sucking on it rather than blowing! Were onto your games!

454 days ago


Ah Farrah - it's not something to be proud of - ugly hat too btw.

454 days ago


This girl needs a reality check ... no she's not all that either. She annoys me

454 days ago


LOL she has to give the car a be-jay!

454 days ago

Wow ...    

Is that something to proud of? What is wrong with people these days? This girl is running in the wrong direction fast. Not winning!!

454 days ago


This is what needs to be put in most cars nowadays

454 days ago


Is she selling her own stories now to TMZ, like the Lohans do?

454 days ago


Please get vince Neil one of those stat!!

454 days ago


After today, I promise to never comment on a post with her face or name again. I give my word. I think it's really MESSED UP how tmz and whoever tmz is linked to is trying to make this girl famous. She really doesn't deserve it & she's going to get the fame because of the everyday stories. I'm done.

454 days ago


That's classy, post your DUI punishment on Instagram like it's a joke.

454 days ago


Tell me.. Who on earth thinks it would be cool to have a breathalyzer to start your car?? Why would this stupid chick post something like that?? And how come no body gives this this "mom of the year" crap for not being a good mother? She rarely has her daughter, her mother takes care of her daughter, and the only time we see her with her daughter is at the zoo or some place like that.. You never see her with kid walking down the street, or at a store or doing regular things with her daughter.. If you ask me I think she's just like or just as bad as that Janelle person.. They both are a disgrace to teen moms everywhere who actually take being a "Teen Mom" as a serious FULL TIME JOB who work hard for their money, who provide a safe and descent home for their children and who actually have their kids on a daily basis..! Those are the type of people they should have on these shows!!

454 days ago


How many cars does this whore have? First it was the neon, then the 2011 Mini Cooper, then the four door mini and now the fiat 590. Must be nice to earn money by doing nothing.

454 days ago


I usually never comment on this c*nt because I don't want her to get famous, but I will today to say, you morons need to stop commenting. Seriously you are falling in to tmz trap to make skank wh0res famous,. They are doing the same thing they did with Kim k's dumb@ss. The other day her story generated about 400 comments. Wtf is wrong with you people? She is a wh0re, that is trying everything to be famous: singing, talking sh*t about celebrities, surgeries and now porn, that is beyond staged. She is a terrible mother and delusional as sh*t like her parents, she isn't even an attractive or a nice person. So stop commenting, otherwise you are going to be dealing with her @ss, like Kim, for a very longtime. This is what tmz and this dumb as sh*t c*nt wants, don't let them have it. Bye!

454 days ago


God, is this something to be proud of? Kids are getting stupider as the years go on...

454 days ago


Please stop giving this classless whore publicity. Maybe then she can go back to her job at McDonald's.

454 days ago
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