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Ronda Rousey to Rival

Enjoy Mommy Time ...

I'm Still Gonna Crush You

4/15/2013 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC champ Ronda Rousey is making it clear to her next victim opponent -- she can play nice outside of the octagon, but inside ... she'll still bash in her face.

Ronda's warning went out to fellow UFC fighter Cat Zingano ... who's going head-to-head with Rousey as a coach on the next season of "The Ultimate Fighter".

They're also going to compete in a title fight.

Zingano had the stones to tweet Rousey today, asking if she can have all the early training times while shooting 'TUF' ... so Cat can spend more time with her son.

Rousey tells TMZ ... despite her usual desire to torment the competition at every opportunity, she's willing to make an exception and grant the mommy time.

But Ronda also cautions Cat ... "Enjoy the convenience of your free time in the afternoon and evenings, but don't expect me to be so nice the night of the fight!”

Translation ... mommies get no mercy.


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553 days ago

al baby    

Could you imagine getting a hand job from them you would be done in a flash vanillapudding everywhere

553 days ago


This summer on Bravo... real housewives of the UFC!

553 days ago


Glad to hear Ronda went the extra mile on this issue. No reason to be the heel. She's intimidating enough without being unreasonable. There are so many things to look forward to! I can't wait for TUF18 and the fight!

553 days ago


Its a matter of time before Rhonda is eating her own words. The fact that all her fights have ended in armbars tells you about how good an mma fighter she is. She comes out trying to strike and always reverts back to the armbar when things dont go her way. Until she wins by any other way besides armbar, she will always be a side show in my book. She doesn't show any progression in any other area of mma and she will eventually get knocked off her high horse!

553 days ago


Rousey fight Cyborg or shut up. No one cares about these tomato cans you keep fighting. Cyborg owns you.

553 days ago


Get back to me when they start making out in the ring. Oh, they're just "fighting" ??? Nevermind.

553 days ago


Who cares?

553 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

I would pay to watch Ronda Rousey vs Jillian Michaels, or Naomi Campbell's in the octagon would be great to see if they are really tough since they act tough.

553 days ago


Wtf, name one other mma fighter that has won 9 fights with the same exact submission or even knockouts in the highest stage which is the ufc! That's right, you can't unless you name side show Rhonda! And if you think she can keep armbarring her way thru her whole career than your stupid!

553 days ago


Wonder if ROUSEY will ever win a fight without resorting to an armbar. When she's up against a fighter with good hands and strikes, she continually tries to go to the mat and do the armbar... it works for her, but one day she'll come up against someone who can sprawl and won't be taken down so easily... then what is she gonna do?

553 days ago


Unless che fight Cyborg she is a JOKE>

553 days ago


Man she can try to arm bar me in bed any night! It would be awesome to have a wrestle with her in bed.

553 days ago

Boogie Onerism    

They are marimachas!!!

553 days ago


Sigh. Why do I get into arguments with people that have no idea what MMA is about? Bottom line is Ronda has the belt. She has a long history of winning even before going professional. She wins with what works, same as anybody else would do. No fighter on earth would say to themselves "I know I can win with an arm bar but I won't try because I haven't won with a leg lock and I want to try that" Piss, moan and complain all you want. She wins. Get back to me when she loses. And don't throw Cyborg in to the mix. That's the same as asking why Jones won't fight Silva, why Silva won't fight JDS. Get a clue. When she makes 135, she'll get her fight. Yeah, Cyborg might beat Rousey. Wouldn't surprise me one bit. But until then Ronda has the belt.

553 days ago
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