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Farrah Abraham to Mom

You Can't Kick Me Out ...


4/17/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0417-Farrah-Abraham-tmzFarrah Abraham's sex tape has created a fiery rift between her and her mother -- whom she lives with -- and now, Farrah's packing up and moving out.

You'll recall, Farrah's mom pretended to be blissfully ignorant of her 21-year-old daughter's porno -- telling us Farrah would never star in such a video ... let alone commission it ... protesting, "We have religious beliefs."

Fact is Farrah did it ... and when it came out that she was the one who masterminded the sex tape (info courtesy of James Deen) mama flipped out.

Sources close to Farrah tell us, the two have been arguing tooth and nail ever since ... so today, Farrah packed up a U-Haul and hit the road.

0417-Farrah-Abraham-tmz-movingSources say Farrah's mother gave her the boot ... but Farrah tells us, "After meeting with my counselor today, I've packed up everything and I'm not talking to my mom anymore."

She adds, "My mother will never be a good mother to me and it is too hurtful to deal with let alone have my daughter Sophia around it."

Ironic ... Farrah preaching about "good mothers."


No Avatar

"My mother will never be a good mother to me" . . .

Yeah, because a "good mother" would have congratulated her daughter on her sex tape..what a moron. No wonder this country is so ****ed up. There are no morals left.

472 days ago

Trooper Tom    

If she thinks a porn tape is going to make her famous she needs to get a clue. Her beaver will be pounded six ways to Sunday and she will wonder why she has an air tunnel between her legs and will still be a wanna be

472 days ago


Good gosh, just think how messed up that Sophia kid is going to end up.


G'ma is nuts but Farrah is even nuttier.

472 days ago


man i feel sorry for that baby.

472 days ago


Sounds like the counselor needs some counseling tooo!!!

472 days ago


the sad thing is that she actually thinks she is a good mother smh... i went to her blog out of curiosity and it talks about how she wants to be a good mom and she is a good person lol... someone needs to take that baby away from her

472 days ago


This bitch would have been out of my house because her attitude is disgusting! I would not put up with it. Go Debra!

472 days ago


omg, she's blaming her mom?!

472 days ago


For those of you saying Grandma should take that baby, why? She did such an awesome job with Farho that she should attempt to raise another one just like her? I'm sorry, but that mother of her's reminds me of Dina Lohan. She's going around preaching how they have religious morals, um yeah, your daughter was having sex at 15, had a child out of wedlock at 16, went on t.v. and acted like anything but a well rounded girl brought up with religion in her life.

472 days ago


Ha, just saw her website. 'Your go to public figure', what a f$@king tramp.

472 days ago


she has the same personality traits as Casey Anthony. single mom that loved/loves to party and acts like a ho. i don't think her mom knew she even did the porn until recently since in the last tmz video posted here it sounded like her mom was under the impression james dean was making it all up. i'm not surprised Farrah lied to her mom, who probably doesn't watch/read much media to begin with. i admit i find it very interesting how she ends up. i'm thinking either in porn or in a abusive relationship and a neglected kid.

472 days ago


This is the new generation the Kardashian's are creating - setting the example you can make it big with a sex tape. Reality is, families are torn apart, self-esteem is ****tered. This brat kid should have thought about more than just herself before she did this. this is now permanent and she will forever be known as "that girl with a sex tape". she should think how she will explain this to HER children down the road. she should be ashamed and embarrassed. but probably not because she just cares about money like the rest of hollywood

472 days ago


Blah, blah, face.

472 days ago


This girl is a first class BITCH! It seems her Mother was the only one really trying to repair and work on their relationship. Her Mother always seemed to walk around on eggshells with Farrah because she gets so easily pissed off and doesn't want to lose seeing her grandchild. I'm sure Farrah loves having a baby she can "take away" from her Mother to get back at her.

472 days ago


really?????? HER mother is not a good mother??? The only mistake her mom has made that the public has seen is allowing Farrah to treat her and her husband horribly yet help and support her the whole way.....oh....and take care of HER baby whenever she asks. ???

472 days ago
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