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Kim K/Kris Humphries Divorce


4/18/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

4/19/2013  9:16 AM PT -- And now it's official ... Kim and Kris are officially divorced.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries could settle their never-ending divorce case as early as tomorrow ... TMZ has learned.

The fleeting lovebirds are both ordered to appear in court tomorrow for a settlement conference.  The big hang-up is that Kris has been fighting for an annulment based on alleged fraud, and Kim has steadfastly refused to go down that road.  She wants a clean, simple divorce.

Sources close to Kris say there are various factors that are softening his position, including:

-- There's an ironclad prenup, if the case goes to trial Kris will get NO money from Kim (although as we previously reported Kris has demanded $7 mil from her -- good luck with that).

-- After all the depositions and legal docs flying back and forth, no evidence has surfaced showing Kim defrauded Kris -- and that goes to the heart of his claim.

-- Kris is about to get nailed with monetary sanctions for being a no-show at the last hearing and, in the process, he's pissed off the judge who would be presiding over the divorce trial.

-- If the case goes to trial and Kris loses, he could be in the hole for as much as a million bucks in attorney's fees.  Sources tell us each side has already racked up $300k in lawyer's fees, and they'll spend another $200k if the case goes to trial.  We broke the story, if the case goes to trial and Kim wins, she'll ask the judge to make Kris pay HER lawyer's fees.

Our sources say it's by no means a done deal that the case is going to settle tomorrow, but as one source put it, "Kris is opening his eyes a little bit, and what he sees doesn't look good."


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No Avatar


KMZ. From this point on you will forever be referred to as KMZ.. Who's with me? KMZ.
"Hey, don't you mean _MZ?"
"No. Harvey is Kartrashian's agent.. He is their stupid slave. KMZ".


499 days ago


I thought she liked black guys only---and didn't they discuss religion before the marriage since he is saying he has to have an annulment because of his religion. He should go with the clean, simple divorce and stop talking about fraud, he was not blind-folded and had his ears plugged.

499 days ago


Wow......... Crackers and cheese isn't enough fortis greedy puta.......

She is soooo wanting more money ..... I ope her eyes fall out soon...

499 days ago


If he really understood the Bible, he would know that adultery is grounds for a legit divorce where you can get married again and not be an adulterer yourself. His wife is having a child with another (talent-less) man...

499 days ago


National Enquirer reporting that Odom's charity under investigation and pimpmama in a tizzy over feds possibly looking into K empire.

499 days ago


Reggie Bush's baby is going to be so beautiful, due any day now. Meanwhile Kim going to wonder how hairy her baby will be.

499 days ago


This is stupid. How is he even supposed to get there? The Nets and Bulls are playing their first playoff game on Sat. I'm sure there is practice on Friday that he can't miss. The team has worked all year to get to the playoffs.

499 days ago



TMZ is Full of $#it

499 days ago


The Judge ruled no cameras in the court room. A family who manipulates the public by paying media outlets and lives off of being famous for being famous, suddenly deserves the respect of Privacy? Get real. Kris has something called a JOB. He doesn't have to manipulate or constantly keep himself relevant in Tabloids. Kim does. All Kim had to do was give the man his Anullment and it would be over. But in typical Kardashian fashion, they think that they can get away with anything. Kim took their presents, and donated them for a Tax Write off. What gave her that right? People telling Kris to move on are delusional. This broad did him DIRTY. She should have to make it right. Kim is the one perpetuating this whole thing because she just can't admit she's a FRAUD. Instead of sacrificing her reputation, she would rather sling Kris' name through the mud. Stay classy, Condashians.

499 days ago


after the dust has settled, whether this goes to trail or not, Kris H won. Kim has shown her true colors and there is not man out there that will EVER want her in his life.
Kim has done ALL OF THIS out greed and in the end she will have lost more then she gained.

499 days ago

For Sooth?    

Kris should let this roll until she has her out of wedlock child while still being married to him. This woman has no shame. She clearly is a public whore, flaunting this pregnancy, wearing stripper clothes while doing so, and most recently, taking on the role of pimp for her under age sister. TMZ should be brought up on charges of child porn for their part in publication of the photos.

499 days ago


funny how TMZ has yet to report that KH will settle ONLY IF Kim issues a public apology.

499 days ago


Kris wants an apology and he gets to decide if she's sincere enough.... Lol
Plus there are certain terms and conditions... Void the prenup....

This is going to trial.....

499 days ago

some guy    

Wonder if they'll file for joint custody of the crabs.

499 days ago


Mommy, what do you and your sisters do to make all this money, well honey child, we go to bed with really rich black mens and have their babies

499 days ago
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