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Kim K/Kris Humphries Divorce


4/18/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

4/19/2013  9:16 AM PT -- And now it's official ... Kim and Kris are officially divorced.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries could settle their never-ending divorce case as early as tomorrow ... TMZ has learned.

The fleeting lovebirds are both ordered to appear in court tomorrow for a settlement conference.  The big hang-up is that Kris has been fighting for an annulment based on alleged fraud, and Kim has steadfastly refused to go down that road.  She wants a clean, simple divorce.

Sources close to Kris say there are various factors that are softening his position, including:

-- There's an ironclad prenup, if the case goes to trial Kris will get NO money from Kim (although as we previously reported Kris has demanded $7 mil from her -- good luck with that).

-- After all the depositions and legal docs flying back and forth, no evidence has surfaced showing Kim defrauded Kris -- and that goes to the heart of his claim.

-- Kris is about to get nailed with monetary sanctions for being a no-show at the last hearing and, in the process, he's pissed off the judge who would be presiding over the divorce trial.

-- If the case goes to trial and Kris loses, he could be in the hole for as much as a million bucks in attorney's fees.  Sources tell us each side has already racked up $300k in lawyer's fees, and they'll spend another $200k if the case goes to trial.  We broke the story, if the case goes to trial and Kim wins, she'll ask the judge to make Kris pay HER lawyer's fees.

Our sources say it's by no means a done deal that the case is going to settle tomorrow, but as one source put it, "Kris is opening his eyes a little bit, and what he sees doesn't look good."


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No Avatar


He wasnt to prove her fraud and she want a "clean, simple divorce" unlike your "dirty, complicated spin" idiots.

366 days ago

Red Skye    

It's about time!!!!

366 days ago


He never asked for 7mil. When can we expect a retraction? Never? Oh, that's cause you're full of sh*t.

366 days ago


Cant wait for Harvey and Mike to spin this out of control today on TMZ Live. I can hear it now - KH is giving in he has no case - blah blah blah.
I'm sure TMZ wont mention the demands Kris H has from Kimmie (specifically the public apology)!

366 days ago


Hang in there, Kris! The K-whore family is in TMZ' back pocket. Behind you ALL THE WAY, dude!!!!! Take that fat, hairy bitch down...

366 days ago

Bud Short    

I think the judge should tell them that the original marriage agreement was until death do you part. Make them stay married from now on... End of story...

366 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

See now this is BS. And your story is BS. Because there IS evidence that kim defrauded Kris, YOU just haven't reported it, but other, nonpaid, sites HAVE, and it did get filed into court. And Kim has her witnesses? Well, so does Kris and some of those witnesses were VERY close to the whole situation. And your mention of this "ironclad" prenup doesn't mean SH*T if she DEFRAUDED him!! I AM BEYOND SICK OF YOUR BLATANT ONE SIDEDNESS!!!!!!! You are so far up that pathetic families ass my f*ck*ing LAPTOP smells like sh*t!! And i think that's a pretty good reason to leave. Good day to you all!

366 days ago


Wow, look at this more pro Kim K stories. You're not transparent at all tmz. You look so f*cking stupid with all your support for her and bias stories. This **** article was so far up Kim K's @ss I couldn't even finish reading it, it was so bad. I think I'm going to quit your site, like many other's who have moved to Radaronline. You guys f*cking suck at reporting, bias @ssholes. I hope your wrong about everything, just like you always have been about Lindsey. Dumb@sses.

366 days ago


BOYCOTT E PROGRAMMING!!! Tmz is a K publicity machine. You lost another reader.

366 days ago


After dragging this out, for a year & a half, if he settles for "a public apology", instead of exposing the Kriminal Kardashians, that would be pretty pathetic.
The public wants that family to receive their just dues.
You could cut their arrogance with a knife!

366 days ago


what is with TMZ...can ever seem to get it to allow me to like

366 days ago


I get that people have good reason to despise the Kardashians, but I'm so freaking sick of the "poor Kris" nonsense. To everybody claiming "he was tricked"... sorry, but he's a successful adult with his own mental faculties, and he chose to get married to a media figure that he'd known for a matter of months. And to those who think it's "so unfair" that he has to be in court when his team is in the playoffs... that's idiotic. Regular joes every day miss work to serve on juries or testify in lawsuits. People really think an athlete should get special treatment? Screw you...

366 days ago


What i like to know is if Kim was reluctant on going to their honeymoon...and she knew the marriage by the end of the honeymoon.. Why didn't she return all those wedding gifts? Especially that expensive car. Shameful greed.

366 days ago


Radar On Line is reporting that the settlement offer K.Hump made was for Kim to get down on her knees and beg him for forgiveness, and then, if K.Hump felt like it he would forgive her, and then she could have her divorce; BUT if K.Hump DIDN'T feel like, then Kim couldn't have any divorce.
I think K.Hump has lost his freaking mind. No Judge that I know of would agree to "humiliation" as being part of any reasonable settlement, but I do think that it will show the Judge that K.Hump is NOT bargaining in good faith. Get out your check book K.Hump!

366 days ago


Pity the proceedings will not be televised. They televise Jodi Arias' trial. We might actually see K.s real personality!

366 days ago
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