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Boston Bombing Suspect


Following Deadly Attack

4/20/2013 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0419-Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev-gettyBefore leading cops on a city-wide manhunt, Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was busy partying it up with friends in a college dorm room ... this just two days after his deadly attack on the Boston Marathon.

The bombs went off on Monday and while law enforcement pored over photos searching for a lead, Tsarnaev went back to his dorm at UMass Dartmouth and acted like a regular non-terrorist college kid, according to the Boston Globe.

He reportedly slept in his dorm, went to the gym and then partied Wednesday night with pals from his intramural soccer team. A student source told the paper, "He was just relaxed."

The 19-year-old even tweeted before the shin-dig ... "I'm a stress-free kind of guy." 

But by Friday, Tsarnaev's face was plastered over every media outlet, the UMass campus went into lockdown mode, his brother -- the other bombing suspect -- had been shot dead and Tsarnaev was finally captured ... after an intense stand-off with police, which left him wounded.

He remains in serious condition.


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This guy may have been framed

516 days ago


These conspiracy theories are hilarious. I applaud you for such creativity.

516 days ago


Wake up world.
Islam is hateful,heartless and evil.
If it isn't eradicated we all are extinct.

516 days ago

Cor Bryant    

Oh, and he's a Chechnian, not Russian you dumb ****, and he is a Muslim. Nothing racist about it. They are the ****s bombing us, NO?

516 days ago


This is an easy fix...if your family tree is not rooted in America for at least 3 generations......Get out and Go Home! One more addendum,..if you do go back 3 generations and English isn't your first language today, you have to leave too!

516 days ago


The plain and simply fact is radical Muslims hate us and want kill all of us, the problem is how to do you tell which Musilms are radical. In my opinion once again our government dropped the ball in Boston, they were tipped off 2 years about the older brother being a hard core terrorist and they did nothing to stop it. I am willing to bet our country is full of these crazy terrorists, our borders remain wide open and they continue to flood in this country as exchange students. They are just sitting back blending in waiting for the time to hit us again. We live In a very dangerous world full of wackos.

516 days ago


I am reading some of the comments and can not help but shake my head. This was a horrifying event for us. And while it was a terrorist act, it was not a Muslim act. I am not Muslim but our community is made up of many different people, including Muslim and we were all on lock down. We were all scared and we all cheered when he was captured. One of the amazing things about the Boston area is we are a community who respects each other's differences and comes together in times like this.

I would hope that people would be more intelligent than to blame a whole lot of innocent people for the acts of a few.

516 days ago


I'm pretty sure they have dashboard cams and audio/video of the negotiations. Eventually the FBI will release the actual footage of PROOF where Jahar places down the bag because they say they have it. Also, his mother said that he spoke to the FBI years ago and that she knew what he was doing? So did she admit that she knew he would do something too? And, I'm sure she's talking about when they confronted him due to Russia's request to interrogate him. I'm sure he called his mommy and told her the FBI approached him and that's what she was talking about. The aunt is a condescending *******. She was a lawyer in her mother country and now thinks that journalists aren't qualified to listen to her speak. I heard exactly what she said and she doesn't speak English correctly so EVERY mistake or misinterpretation the journalists made, so did I. She's obviously in denial and so is the entire family. The only one with the balls to say what he really felt was the uncle that called them losers. He knows it's an embarrassment but no one should hold them accountable. Those brothers are/were adults and they were influenced by other radicalists. Although, I don't sympathize with Terrorists, this 19 year old boy seems to be around some control freak family members & stubborn people. I'm sure is brother influenced him or demanded he listen to him. As you can tell from his relatives, if you don't listen to them then you are the enemy. It's genetics.

516 days ago


They "poured" over it, eh? What did they pour? Maple syrup?

516 days ago


I wish people would stop spreading false information about this story- such as the robbery of the gas station. These two guys did NOT rob any gas station. Go back and read please. The gas station attendant has come forward and denounced this stating it was false- that a black man robbed his store. The problem is this young man is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and yet he has already been convicted in the court of public opinion. If he is guilty- let's put him to death! But let us allow ALL the evidence to be brought forth and follow the truth. This story, seemingly, hAs just begun to unfold.

516 days ago


Will he party the night before he faces the executioner?

516 days ago


Folks, these two were Russian Muslim Islamics from Chechin....some of the worst extremist terrorists around..Im thinking that these two didnt plan this alone, and that there are others involved...just not caught yet..if others are involved hope they are caught soon..

516 days ago


Notice that NONE of these useless, self-involved young idiots turned him in. But they couldn't wait to get in front of a camera to be interviewed after the fact. S***

516 days ago


I can't say "s-c-u-m"??? But TMZ can say all the c-r-a-p it says?

516 days ago



516 days ago
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