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Kim and Kanye

Face Homelessness

When Baby Is Born

4/23/2013 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tough times have hit Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ... they may not have a roof over their heads to care for their newborn child.  The stark reality is ... they may be homeless.

Here's why the couple is in dire straits ...

- Kim's $5 million Beverly Hills home has been sold, and she needs to be out by Aug. 1.

- Kanye's $3.3 million Hollywood Hills house is about to be sold -- and he's already moved out.

- Contractors have ripped apart the couple's new Bel Air estate ... the one they bought in February for $9 million ... and there's NO WAY it'll be ready in time.

So what is a young, struggling couple to do?  They're considering the worst option for any couple ... the in-laws.  In this case, they may stay with the Queen of F***ing Everything until renovations are completed at the new digs.

But there's one more option they're seriously considering ... renting a crib for $50k a month.

The recession has been hard on everyone.



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Jesus Christ, who cares? They'll rent something either together or apart, that's all. Enough of them. I know Kris Jenner is TMZ's master now, but it's ridiculous, next it will be Kim taking a ****. "It was large and stinky, but mother and baby are fine. Kanye was nearby the whole time to offer support, our source also says he flew in for it."

547 days ago


Maybe some day, Kendall or Kylie will write a book called "The REAL Kardashians", or "Mommie Dearest 2". Or "How Kris Jenner Ruined Our lives."

547 days ago


I hope she and the baby die during childbirth.

547 days ago


This story is so ridiculous--come on, TMZ. Even with your desperate story lines to make pimp mama happy, your readers still can't stand this family. When are you going to put the readers ahead of this family? Besides, what house they live in seems like a ridiculous story--since Kanye has been holed up in Paris since Kim became pregnant. He obviously has found a place to live there. Sacre bleu--they could live in France!

547 days ago


TMZ, I guess you are trying to be funny, but there are real people who are REALLY homeless with kids and to talk about the ultra-rich (one of whom is wearing fur in the photo you used) this way is just disgusting.

547 days ago


Still trying to figure out what she does for a living?... Oh, that's right a reality star ! Still trying to find that " major " in my college catalog..

547 days ago


Wtf... they have all the money in the world. .. HOMELESS MY ASS...

547 days ago


Oh no! They'll have to rent a house with 14 rooms instead of 15. Where will the baby sleep???

547 days ago


Ok people, if you want TMZ to stop reporting on the Kardashians, stop leaving comments. At this stage, I'll be comment 103 & counting. All TMZ care about is the hits & comments, as this means money, and looking at the comments each Kardashian article gets - the Kardashians must be making TMZ a lot of money. So, stop reading the stories, and stop commentating on these stupid stories, and maybe, just maybe, TMZ will stop!

547 days ago


so ****ing tired of KMZ talking about this ho
I have had enough of the bullchit story about this moral corrupt family. Harvey is no better since his love for more money is just as bad as Kim. I will go to radar on line.

547 days ago


God I hate KMZ....always finding ways to build up this lousy tribe.....I hope the IRS checks to see if they claim all these huge dollar figures that KMZ says they make...I'm sure the dollar amounts are as fake as the amount of twitter followers thy have....

547 days ago


Smh nothing to say on this

547 days ago


this is just proof they will not live together, so tmz stop implying that they will. he looks miserable around kim, cuz no one wants to get trapped into a relationship. i bet queen of f***ing everthing told her to get pregnant, now he's running halfway around the world to get away from this horrible family. once the baby is born there will be a magazine cover, but that's it, no life together. also epic douche tone by the tmz chodes who wrote the article, trying to be funny, while people lose their home everyday in usa. a whore and an overrated musician will be just fine...

547 days ago


Forreal all TMZ talks about is the KARDASHIAN'S how wack! i don't even consider her a celebrity all she does is take pictures for living WACK again

547 days ago


Goodness gracious, the terrified couple is in dire straits ...Homelessness! Oh my, the poor things! Another posting from the Sleazy KMZ, paid for by the fame-ball Kardashian Klan.

547 days ago
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