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Farrah Abraham

Closes Sex Tape Deal ...

High 6 Figures

4/29/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0426_farah_vivid_articleElaborate sex tape scams pay ... just ask "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham who finally struck a deal for her on-camera banging session ... in the HIGH six figures.

Last time we saw Farrah she was marching into the Vivid offices with her father and daughter in tow to talk dollars and cents with porn king Steve Hirsch -- who's been interested in buying the "Teen Mom"/James Deen XXX vid from the get-go.

Even though Farrah said she was considering other offers ... sources close to the situation tell TMZ, Farrah finally inked a deal with Vivid ... for close to a million dollars.


Not only that, we've learned the 70-minute-long skin flick will be titled:  "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom."

Backdoor moms rule.


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arale norimaki    

Have no clue who this skank is and don't want to know. But lol at what she is trying to sell. Yeah, the porn star was the one who wants the attention

her 15 minutes are beyond up

540 days ago


You can watch porn all day long for free, so why would anyone want to watch another tramp make big bucks of of scam to make the money by being a S L U T on camera. Pathetic trash!

540 days ago


About time! I wanna see. I don't care what people say sex is a part of life! not everyone puts it on tape and sells it but you can't tell me you never did a backdoor seen in your bedroom!!!

540 days ago


She wanted to immortalize her 21 year old body by getting filmed getting it up the butt?
I can't imagine that be welcomed in the family slideshow.

540 days ago


She made close to a mil on the deal but didn't they say in the beginning that she paid to have a sex video made just as something for her that she wanted?

540 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton made multi-millions of dollars AFTER their X-Rated Video was released. I guess Farrah hopes to join them in making tons of money.

540 days ago

Getmynumchucks out    

She's such a catch! Cashing in on her unfortunate life! Pregnant,bltchy,addict with booze and meds mixed DUI , sleezy lying fake boobs chin and nose surgeries! She will go thru her 100k I feel bad for her daughter!

540 days ago


ENOUGH with all the PROSTITUTE comments ladies.
If you've ever given your man sex after he jumped through hoops on valentines day - well, then you also are a prostitute.
Farrah's rate is just higher

540 days ago


And she said she wanted $2 million!! Sorry sweetie but you ain't got a million dollar pu$$y or booty hole... Get some respect for you and your poor little girl

540 days ago


Deen Mom.

540 days ago


So let me get this straight, she became a teen mom for spreading her legs at a young age, gets a DUI, is disrespectful to her parents and thinks that she's a good role model for her daughter? She's a trashy nobody who got paid for takin it up the butt! Ewwwwww

540 days ago


according to her on Dr. Phil, this was a private video she made solely to appreciate her body when she's old. Cause you know... you can't do that fully clothed without someones d!ck in your a$$. This woman is a disgrace. Someone should take her daughter before she exposes her to diseases, or the way she brings men in and out of her life... sexual abuse by one of mommy's new boys. She's proven she doesn't care about her kid. Waxing her baby's tender face for vanity reasons, wasting tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery for herself not considering what her daughter could use that money for in her future... she worries more about her stardom than staying home and raising her child to not make the same mistakes she did, she rips the grandparents from her child's life when she's having her spoiled entitled b!tch temper tantrums when it's proven kids thrive when they have a full family including grandparents who love them (which her mom clearly does), she is a drunk and a wh*ore. That kid has NO CHANCE in life unless someone intervenes.

540 days ago


lol this heffer called james deen's penis small.... and her vid's name is "backdoor teen mom"? gives new meaning to the phrase "like throwing a hot dog down a hallway"...

but honestly, almost a million bucks? good for her.... hopefully she'll buy a decent house and a decent car, put some aside for her daughter and disappear from the spotlight....
oh snap, i forgot this is teen mom.... she'll probably get more plastic surgery (there's enough $$ she can laser off her kid's eyebrows now) and be back in 6 months with part 2: gangbang teen mom...

540 days ago


Gross! Close your legs

540 days ago


At least with her doing, 'Backdoor Blitz's', we won't have to put up with whingeing on another Teenage Mom special. (Every cloud has a silver lining).

540 days ago
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