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Jason Collins

And The First Pro Athlete to Make a Homophobic Tweet Is ...

4/29/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


... Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace!!

Just HOURS after NBA player Jason Collins announced he's gay, 26-year-old Wallace took right to Twitter to provide the first ignorant comment.

“All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH (shakin' my head) …”

30 minutes later, Wallace deleted his tweet and replaced it with a half-assed explanation:

"Never said anything was right or wrong I just said I don't understand!! Deeply sorry for anyone that I offended."

Fun Fact -- Dolphins are one of the few animals that engage in gay sex!

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Everybody acting like this gay **** is cool makes me ****in sick...this world is close to ending

507 days ago


Why do parents of gay boys say how proud they are of they kids decision to be gay

507 days ago


Ok sincemy last comment was blocked ..how about I word it as 'dolphins partake in nonconcensioual group relations with another dolphin..don't butter up dolphins sex lives to me (and I mean the fish not the team FYI)

507 days ago


So the lesson here is to be sure to never speak your mind, say what you think or feel, unless it is in line with the liberal media party gay line. Or whatever is the cause of the day. The man said he didn't understand homosexuality, a man with a man. There are millions who also do not understand, but will never speak out to say so, because of fear of reprisals. Who's the bully now?

507 days ago


I am a heterosexual female, in favor of gay rights. I have marched next to family and friends who are gay in Gay Pride Parades, and I am a proud member of PFLAG. I do not consider his comment to be homophobic.

507 days ago

Ms Lady    

I bet his ass will understand that fine/suspension his organization is thinking about giving him......

507 days ago


People are not perfect & a lot are closed minded no matter the race. We all share the same kind of human emotions. People are more alike in their thinking then they are different. It does not always matter that you have suffered. That's the reality of the situation. There are some people that educate themselves about a variety of things. These people have a higher awareness. Then there are people that are not interested in learning new things they are very closed minded & have no interest in growing as a human being. They are stuck in old fashion ways & use religion to justify a lot of false thinking.

507 days ago


I don't think the tweet was homophobic. I think Wallace just didn't consider how something said in private would sound in a public post.

507 days ago


Speak freely in this nation regardless of whatever backlash that materializes as a result.Too many have died so that you may do so.It is a right not a privilege;privileges can be revoked rights should never be. God bless the U.S.A.

507 days ago


Wow, this is how far the Gay Agenda has gone. Nobody can have a differing opinion against gays without being labelled homophobic.

507 days ago


i want to see the day when we no longer have to hear about someone being gay is some kind of accomplishment because it is not.

and this attitude from the gays, their friends and the media is so hypocritical it is nauseating. nowadays, when someone comes out and we don;t have anything but screaming praise and congratulations for them as if they have done something heroic- that person is branded a 'homophobe'
bull****. just because i am sick of hearing about it doesn't mean i wish bad things to them. whatever happened to keeping your private life private?

507 days ago


Oooh...here's another fun fact TMZ-- Canines have been observed to consume their own feces. That doesn't make it OK for humans to do so. Morons!

507 days ago


I've just heard that Jason Collins has come out, as the first active, professional athlete,who is gay. I don't know what most people will feel about this, but as someone who's lived in Toronto most of my life, and have many gay friends, and, as someone who is open-minded, I appreciate how important this is.

I've always judged people on who they ARE, not who they DO. I celebrate this as a great moment in sports, as well as a great moment in humanity. I'm just hoping that my friends and family will think of this as significantly as I do.


507 days ago


Some guys like big (and I mean BIG) girls Some girls like guys who tan and get mani/pedis some girls like girls who look like guys (aka hutch lesbians) and some guys like guys. besides, why are you complaining? If he's into guys, that means more girls for you! Quit your bitc#in!

507 days ago


This NBA flunkie was just released as a free-agent, his announcement was purely a publicity stunt. Dutifully, all of the liberal SP media run with it, suckers. Good for Wallace, except I wouldn't have appologised - most of America agrees with him, which is why gay marriage has lost EVERY TIME it has been on a ballot, even in the People's Republic of California. Oh, and half of TMZ's staff is gay, that's why they sound so angry.

507 days ago
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