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Jackie Robinson

Pitcher's Family PISSED

Over Racist Portrayal in '42'

4/30/2013 6:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The daughter of a MLB pitcher who threw at Jackie Robinson's head in the movie "42" tells TMZ ... producers blatantly disregarded the truth and unfairly portrayed her dad as a racist.

It was one of the most important scenes in the flick ... big, bad Fritz Ostermueller (pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates at the time) fired a baseball at Jackie's head ... and then shouted at him, "You don't belong here!!!"

Problem is ... Fritz never beaned Jackie in the head in real life -- according to multiple reports at the time of the incident, the ball struck Jackie's arm. 

Now, Fritz's daughter, Sherrill, is lashing out to TMZ -- "The producers of ‘42’ certainly owe my father an apology. If they were going to portray my father falsely, they should have used a fictional name."

0429_fritz_ostermueller_sub2Sherrill wants to make it clear -- her beef is NOT with Jackie ... "I have the deepest respect for Jackie Robinson and the courage he had to change baseball.”

However, Sherrill says producers have damaged her father's reputation beyond repair -- she tells us he was a "good man" who was never as angry or violent as he was portrayed in the movie.

We asked Sherrill if she believed her father was a racist -- to which she replied, "My dad, to my knowledge, was not a racist. I was not raised in that type of home."

We reached out to the people behind the movie -- so far, no word back.

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tom p    

Don't like being called a racist? Then quit doing racist things. A lot of people in the future aren't going to like their portrayal as homophobes either.

504 days ago


Nothing is always truth when it comes to "based on a true story" movies. Movie producers/developers change it up so it will have a bigger impact. Like instead of hitting Jackie Robinson in the forearm, lets hit him in the head. Bigger story there!

504 days ago


Fritz Ostermueller is dead his reputation did not get ruin. his last thing he did on the field that was good that was he is remember by. all the of his fans are all ready dead so what reputation does he still have

504 days ago


Black people are more racist in this day and age than whites!!!

504 days ago


Very simple: did the man say to Jackie Robinson that he didn't belong on the baseball field? If he said those words, he is/was a racist.

504 days ago


Ill pair my Irish immigrant ancestors' experience against the black experience any day. Of course, it's against the agenda to lament a suffered past if the victim is white- just lump us all together (while freely adding new categories like "white Latino" for George Zimmerman types) and make it ok to be racist towards us. Funny, most blacks today have no idea what prejudice is. Acting a fool or breaking the law, then getting caught or called out on it, does not make the people who demand responsibility "racist". Liberals have brainwashed the black population for votes- you've become soft. No one is holding meetings on "how to keep the black man down". Grab some self pride, a job, and a clue.

504 days ago


A lie is a lie regardless. If it is true thats one thing. If it isn't they should apologize publicly.

504 days ago


Ok so it was the arm not the head this is just a movie however Fred DID make the comment which makes him a racist.

504 days ago


OHHHHHH! He threw the ball at his ARM, not his head. Well, that changes everything. Her father was definitely not racist. Just a really bad pitcher, who didnt' like black ball players.

504 days ago


Hollywood has NEVER let the complicated truth get in the way of a boring, predictable Politically correct movie. Since they used the REAL name of her dad and portrayed the incident incorrectly, SUE them. Shame on the movie makers but I'm not surprised they chose to make a PC movie.

504 days ago


I can only surmise from this reaction that Linc Hand did a very credible job if his short time onscreen was seen as the most important scene in the movie.

504 days ago


She only denies what part of Roinson's body the ball hit, not his comment. So if he throws a ball and hits his arm, and says "you don't belong here", that means he's not manifesting racist attitude?

504 days ago


So you don't think your Dad was racist give me a break. Race was a big problem when a Black Player joined an all White team. Young lady you do not know what you are talking about because you were not born. MOST WHITE PEOPLE WERE RACIST BACK THEM GET THE FACTS.

504 days ago


To the racist white folks....why all the hatred toward blacks...what it really is,is you guys are intimidated by us....we make you nervous...why? ...a black kan cant get a business loan to open up a grocery store or a gas statiion...but yet the people that bomb our country can come over here and get loans to open up businesses....

504 days ago

Real n the field    

Man here we go again:
Listen folks, you would have to be a blind person not to realize that White America in those times were more racist than in Slave times.
(Why do i say that, well because in Slave times,
blacks were the only income provide for white
america. But when slavery ended, Whites became
increasingly Racist because they felt challenged
and they feared blacks would rise up and not need
them anymore).
99% of whites were racist, whether a little or a lot.
And for those who fit inside that percentage of 99%, that say there not, there in denial.
White america stood by for decades, if not centuries and let Blacks (as well as asian/latino) be subjected to crimes that even dogs wouldn't be subjected to.

Speaking of dogs, as much as Whites love dogs, if animals were kicked on, spit on, shot at, murdered, bombed, and being subjected to constant harrasment, White would not stand for that!

They would all come together, and March in the millions, or petition in the millions for Change...But
how many whites did you see marching in selma alabama for civil rights, or try and change the attit ude of America at that time, huh??

how many chinese, latinos, jews, or persian (haha persians..that one is a joke) did you see fighting for change? fighting for equality?fighting the Devil himself?huh?? ...just 1% of whites contributed..thats how many.

So don't try and pull this crap about your dad wasn't racist.

Jackie Robinson was minding his own dam business
like blacks did in africa, before a rich white man wanted to exploit him for his ego and legacy and brought him into a Hostile environment that he had to endure ALL ALONE!
can you imagine going to work 3-5 days out of the week and being called racial slurs not just by your co workers, but by hundreds of people in an arena,,while still trying to maintain your cool and be productive!! Can You!! How many of you can realistically endure that?

Jackie Robinsons wife waited for decades to make this movie because she wanted the story to be told true to form. She could have made this movie years ago, and did indeed interview many directors. (if you dont' believe me...google it)

But she choose this particular director because she wanted the story and his legacy to be told exactly how it happened.

So for those who was not old enough to understand why or believe all that Racist slurs and hate was subjected at Jackie Robinson...know this..it was REAL...White America was very EVIL then, and a little less Evil now.
Just like in the movie when harrison ford told the philadelphia baseball owner" you better have a good explanation to tell the Creator when you stand before him, why you didn't want Jackie Robinson to come there and play against them"

Racist and Evil people better have a damn good story for God on Judgement Day , as to why they were so Evil and Hateful towards there neighbor, when the Second Command from God is: to Love your neighbor as yourself!!!. enough Said...

504 days ago
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