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Jackie Robinson

Pitcher's Family PISSED

Over Racist Portrayal in '42'

4/30/2013 6:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The daughter of a MLB pitcher who threw at Jackie Robinson's head in the movie "42" tells TMZ ... producers blatantly disregarded the truth and unfairly portrayed her dad as a racist.

It was one of the most important scenes in the flick ... big, bad Fritz Ostermueller (pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates at the time) fired a baseball at Jackie's head ... and then shouted at him, "You don't belong here!!!"

Problem is ... Fritz never beaned Jackie in the head in real life -- according to multiple reports at the time of the incident, the ball struck Jackie's arm. 

Now, Fritz's daughter, Sherrill, is lashing out to TMZ -- "The producers of ‘42’ certainly owe my father an apology. If they were going to portray my father falsely, they should have used a fictional name."

0429_fritz_ostermueller_sub2Sherrill wants to make it clear -- her beef is NOT with Jackie ... "I have the deepest respect for Jackie Robinson and the courage he had to change baseball.”

However, Sherrill says producers have damaged her father's reputation beyond repair -- she tells us he was a "good man" who was never as angry or violent as he was portrayed in the movie.

We asked Sherrill if she believed her father was a racist -- to which she replied, "My dad, to my knowledge, was not a racist. I was not raised in that type of home."

We reached out to the people behind the movie -- so far, no word back.

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The only reason it didn't hit him in the head was because he put his arm up. I took this from an article written in 1997 :

"On May 17, when Pittsburgh pitcher Fritz Ostermueller nearly beaned him with a rising fastball—it struck Robinson's arm as he jerked it up to shield his head—the Dodgers in the dugout rose to their feet, gathered on the steps and peppered Ostermueller with threats and profanity. In the May 24 Pittsburgh Courier, Robinson's closest friend among the writers, Wendell Smith, wrote, "It was then that they displayed, probably for the first time, that they regard him as one of them."

Not too far from the truth. I've seen history butchered worse than this. She needs to calm down.


354 days ago


We all black when the lights out

353 days ago


as im reading..ppl saying sue the director, change the scene...so basically instead of aim for the head...have the ball thrown to the arm and him still saying you dont belong here.....i wonder why he said you dont belong here....is it maybe because he racist??? but i guess what family wouldnt cover that up...AND your father is dead nobody is thinkin bout him or how racist he was...

353 days ago

Ain't BreBre    

She needs to shut-up he was a racist and so was 90% of American and 50% of them still are. Stop the BS and Racism and we as American can get pass this BS instead of making movies about it for entertainment only because obliviously it doesn't change anything.

353 days ago


Are you trying to tell me that his family wasn't given a chance to screen the movie before he was sent to the masses? BS.

353 days ago

Spicy mag    

She doesn't sound so sure. Guess he was a racist and was aiming for the head but missed. So the movie makes him look like a better pitcher.

352 days ago


The movie was rife with inaccuracies, but seriously is tgis girl for real? He purposesly beaned him. She admits it, even. So whether it was to the head, to his arm, or heck even his ass, it was still deliberately done. What a moron.

350 days ago

puddin tane    

blac ass ****** this. black ass ****** that! there are only three races of man on earth negro, caucasian and Mongol. everybody is a mixture of two or all three. dont try to flip the script. Obama did not create this mess. the peckerwood before him did!

337 days ago

puddin tane    

Sorry Sherill your dad was no saint. Most peckerwoods back in those days, ignorantly or rather enviously resented ******s.

337 days ago


Rascis or not..Hit in the head, or hit in the arm. Your dad still threw the ball at Jackie Robinson FOR NO REASON!

336 days ago
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