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Lindsay Lohan

Rehab Plan May Be

Up In Smoke

5/1/2013 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has less than 24 hours to hightail it to Seafield Center in New York ... but even as she packs her bags she's telling people she may bail on the rehab facility because they won't let her smoke.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she doesn't think she can hack not smoking for 90 days.

We're told Lindsay asked her lawyers to try and convince Seafield to make an exception and, failing that, find a facility that would let her puff away.

Sources say Seafield was unbending -- no smoking, no exceptions.  So lawyers triggered Plan B -- we've learned they contacted Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach -- a place Lindsay once rehabbed at for a short time in 2010.

Morningside staff tells TMZ ... they DO allow smoking.  Problem is ... we've learned the City Attorneys for L.A. and Santa Monica haven't signed off on Morningside.  We're told prosecutors had no idea Lindsay is thinking of bailing on Seafield. 

Lindsay is acting like she's going tomorrow ... She Instagrammed this photo of herself packing, saying, "90 days and 270 looks."

Lindsay's lawyer is supposed to appear in court tomorrow with proof of enrollment -- and the expectation is that she'll have enrolled at Seafield.

FYI -- Lindsay is packing 270 outfit changes, but if she goes to Seafield, she'll have to leave 263 behind.  They only allow 7 changes of clothes.


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They should let her smoke and drink and take pills, walk around naked.... she IS Lindsay Lohan didnt you know. I wish her the best. She can hide out at my house under my DJ table for 90 days. I can put a bowl of water and some dry food under there for her

543 days ago


90 days!! She can't go 90 seconds.WTH,if the drugs don't get her,lung cancer will eventually catch her.She is a mess.It is no longer funny,it is tragic.

543 days ago


We don't want her in Newport Beach!!! Tell her to take her sorry ass to NY as planned and to pack a bunch of nicotine patches. Unbelievable! She's known their rules for over a month now. She CHOSE the place and now if they don't meet her demands she's bailing?!! Since when does the guilty party get to call all the shots?! Someone PLEASE make an example out of her once and for all and make some room in a CA jail and lock her up for 90 days. PLEASE!!!!

543 days ago


Poor baby...she cant smoke, its apparent she isnt taking this sh*t seriously.

543 days ago


I just finished reading a book Celebrity Inc. by Jo Piazza. The book is how stars make money-interesting-quick read. Chapter 11-how appropriate for someone who is broke-Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen: The Importance of Brand Consistency. Here are a couple of tidbits-“in just six years, Lohan had gone from being an asset on a project to being a liability.” “No one is unbankable or uninsurable: there is always money and there are always projects for a celebrity brand that is likable and consistent. Lohan had become unlikable and inconsistent. That’s why no one wanted to work with her.”
Charlie Sheen is a bad boy train wreck but he is consistent in his behavior and has made a ton of money since is “winning” days while Lohan’s negative Q score is 52 and her likeability Q score is 9.
Simply put no one like Squeaky.

543 days ago


For those watching EagleCam, mommy is feeding both babies, clear shots . . .

543 days ago

Suzy Q     

This should be really interesting in court tomorrow.

If she gets another continuance, I say, let's riot!

543 days ago


Haha what kind of a loser tweets out a picture of themselves packing for rehab? Her "fans" on her complain that the paps give Lindsay no privacy yet in private moments Lindsay is the first to send out the photos. I find this all just so amusing.

543 days ago


Spoiled rich girl.

543 days ago

I'll Never Tell    

This is so insulting to the professional staff of any treatment center she checks into. 90 days of babysitting an insolent child who isn't even trying to change.

543 days ago


She acts like a kid that is being forced by her parents to go to summer camp.

543 days ago

Suzy Q     

Don't know if this has already been posted. (There's blood in the water)

Tara Reid says Lindsay Lohan is a mean drunk

Tara Reid has lashed out at Lindsay Lohan and admitted they hate each other.

Talking to TMZ, the American Pie star said: “We don’t really like each other that much.”

She added: “If I get drunk, I’m a happy drunk. When she gets drunk, she’s just mean.”

Reid also claimed that when the "Mean Girls" star flips if she is photographed by friends when drinking.

“She’s so paranoid, anyone who has a camera phone on her, she drops it in the ice bucket," she said. "You can’t go on attacking people."

The blonde actress also said the troubled star should “stop driving.”

“She crashed one of my friend’s cars and I asked him ‘why do you let he do this’?" she said. "He was like ‘I don’t know.’ I don’t think people should get away with that much

Read more:

543 days ago


I can guarantee that the judge will give her extra time to find a rehab that WILL allow her to smoke and take her aderall.

543 days ago


She wont make it her priorities are all wrong. Next!

543 days ago


I smoked for years and I do understand the thought of not having cigarettes as being scary when you are stressed out but come on why is this bitch always looking to be the exception to every damn rule that is written. I personally would not trust any rehab that still allows smoking-not because I am anti smoking but cigarettes are used to avoid issues that have brought you to rehab to begin with. If all you are concerned with is smoking you are then avoiding what you are there to work on namely dependency.

543 days ago
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