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'Buckwild' Star Salwa

Ordered to REHAB

After That, Back To Jail

5/4/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Good News: "Buckwild" star Salwa Amin is getting out of jail!!!

Bad News: She's only being TEMPORARILY released so she can go to an inpatient rehab for opiates.

Worse News: After she completes rehab, the judge is making her go back to jail.

Old News: Salwa was locked up without bail in West Virginia on March 27, when a court-ordered drug test turned up oxycodone and morphine.

On Monday, a West Virginia court ordered her to an inpatient treatment program ... it's not clear for how long.

Salwa was originally arrested in a February drug raid at her friend's house. Officers allegedly turned up oxycodone and heroin and booked them on counts of felony drug possession with intent to deliver ... that's why she was ordered to drug-test in the first place.

Once she's done with rehab, Salwa is coming STRAIGHT BACK to jail to await a court date regarding the original drug charges ... and that date hasn't been set yet.


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rd porter    

guess she should change her name to li lo then she could do as she pleases without going to jail.

347 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

The Hatfields and McCoys and Amins were early settlers of West Virginia and Appalachia. This is the next episode in the famous Hatfield–McCoy-Amin family feud. It used to be moonshine that got them in trouble. It's so funny to watch hillbillies fight in that Disney cartoon.

347 days ago

marius bir    

there is something really wrong in the world....... i don't believe someone should be prosecuted for doing something to your own body, its your body! we own it.....if you don't harm anyone in the process then you cant prosecute them..... look at alcohol, its just as bad and worse but because the government taxes it then its OK.... its all about controlling you and taking your hard earned money....i don't know this girl but im just commenting in general, as for her? this person is in jail for using a chemical that make you relax and feel no pain, people use stuff to feel good... the jails are full of people who just wanted to feel good.... there is a small percentage who deserve to be jailed for using but i bet alcohol is the #1 poison in the world that brings a person to do a crime and its legal...

347 days ago


Too bad she's a junkie. She's kinda hot!

347 days ago

King Anton    

HaHa.. Salwa was selling H 100 miles a hour. Betcha Najee gonna be pissed when he hears bout this yall

347 days ago


She should do porn, she has the drug part down perfect

347 days ago


Kim Kardashians evil twin

347 days ago


Mtv sure finds the talent

347 days ago


Lindsay could make a fortune sharing her advice to all the wannabees out there who want to stay out of jail.

347 days ago


Shes hot. Haters be hatin

347 days ago


I'd do her in the can. I'd also stick it in her butt.

347 days ago

OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

Salwa is pronounced Sowa, as in calling sows. You have to yell it: Sowa! Sowa! Sowa! The sows will come running at feeding time. It's a common name for females in West Virginny. They love their hogs too much!

347 days ago


Trash just like the crackers

347 days ago


No bail! With no verdict and no court date. That's horrible.

347 days ago

mom in midwest    

Too bad her name isn't Lohan, she wouldn't have to deal with all of that. Maybe she should just call Lilo's lawyer.

347 days ago
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