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Wade Robson

'Michael Jackson Was a Monster'

And Sexual Abuser

5/8/2013 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0507-wade-robson-tmz-michael-jacksonThe lawyer for famed choreographer Wade Robson tells TMZ, Michael Jackson was a "monster" who sexually abused Wade for seven years as a child ... and threatened him if he ever went public.

Robson's lawyer, Henry Gradstein, tells TMZ, "Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, he [Wade] collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child."

Robson spent many weekends with Jackson at Neverland Ranch and his other homes in L.A. and Vegas between ages 7 and 14.

Gradstein goes on ... "He [Wade] lived with the brain washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him."

Gradstein says Michael would tell Wade, "If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives" and “our lives will be ruined forever.”  

Gradstein tells us the threats worked, and Wade kept his mouth shut, adding, "This kind of intimidation of a child by a sexual predator is tragically characteristic and effective, keeping them quiet about the abuse - often for a lifetime."

Wade was steadfast for years that MJ did NOT molest him and indeed became Jackson's star witness at his 2005 molestation trial, adamantly denying any untoward conduct.

The lawyer says, "Michael Jackson was a monster and in their hearts every normal person knows it."

TMZ broke the story ... 30-year-old Robson has filed a creditor's claim against MJ's estate alleging the singer molested him as a child and asking for damages. Sources tell us ... Wade is claiming the reason he didn't file the claim on time is because he repressed the memories of the abuse.

Gradstein says they have not asked for any specific amount of money in their legal docs, although that's clearly the point of filing a creditor's claim.  He then trashes what he calls "the Jackson money machine" which he says is "at it once again to keep the truth from coming out."  But he says, "This time it won't work."



No Avatar


Money grubber....

536 days ago


Wade, the problem here is that you are asking for money. Come out with a statement about what happened, without asking for money OR require all money go to children who have been raped and you will have 99% of America behind you.

As of now, it looks suspicious.

536 days ago

mj fan forever    

HE and HIS client are the ONLY monsters and most probably sexual abusers ALSO!!! I am disgusted by this two freaks, who of course do not know what to say to justify such a disgusting lie, and the repressed memory excuse is really pathetic. This joke of lawyer must expect a share of the money they have already planned to ask for, but this disgusting, freak, monster is not going to have a cent of Michael Jackson's money!!! AND btw it did not work before and is not going to work now as well as it is not going to work the aggressive strategy. MONSTERS PAEDOPHILES GO GET SOME TREATMENT OR OTHERWISE. This whole thing is as disgusting as them. Be ashamed of being in the world pathetic excuse for human beings.

536 days ago


Mercy, the woodwork must need renovations there are so many people coming and going. This guy hopped the fence one to many times, he testified as an adult under oath he was never touched, now he tells a different story. This sounds more like it has something to do with the current court case then anything else and likely money is also the motivator. Where the hell were his parents when all of this was supposedly going on? Here is the thing I keep coming back to - how could so many parents let their kids stay at a grown adult's house without their supervision? As a parent, this makes no sense to me. If the household staff seen anything, why did they not pick up the phone and dial 911 if they personally witnessed a crime? So many testified at both trials of supposed crimes they witnessed, yet no one called 911. Is it also a crime to witness a crime and to not report it? The truth is so far buried under much BS and a paper trail of money paid out. We will likely never know the truth, unless this guy can give specific info and it can be corroborated then I think this latest one should trail off like the others. I don't believe him until I see or hear something credible.

536 days ago


It's very true you can collapse under the weight.

The repressed memories, the bullying, the threats.

The brain-washing of a monster and/or monsters.

Happened to me in grad school - this all rings true.

536 days ago


Get over it Mr nobody ~ The guy is dead, move on now !

536 days ago

King of TMZ    

This has-been z list choreographer is in dire need of cash! he must be sued.

The timing of this BS is not a coincidence he'sprobably pushed by AEG.

Hopefully it backfires on both of them.

536 days ago


He was indeed a monster and a real freak.... talented, yes, but none the less, a real creep! The family... that created, enabled and lived off this monster.... are not much better.

536 days ago


Once read an interview I gave:

Lauding my captors and tormentors.

Brain-washing, at the time I really believed -

Maniacs, mentally-ill people.

Had my best interests in mind.

I believe this story to the max.

Took tons of therapy and money - to get me right.

536 days ago


I believe he was abused. I believe he was damaged by the abuse. I don't believe he totally repressed the memories--that is extremely rare, esp. when the abuse goes on for many years and the child is the age Robson was when he says it happened. The repression story is an excuse for lying about it in the past and for filing the financial claim too late. I understand why he would keep it a secret all these years but I don't think he deserves the money because he waited too long.

536 days ago


this dude is full of crap....he waits all this time and now that mrs. Jackson has this aeg lawsuit going on now he wants to sue

536 days ago


They need to look into:

Anti-social personality disorder."

Which both my tormentors had -

Sociopaths -

Going un-detected - seen as gentle town folk.

The most skilled manipulators - on the planet.

You'll be eating ca-ca - convinced that it's good.

536 days ago

Jericho Morton    

I am not sure about this reverse psychology malarkey. I would think if I got attacked by some pervert I would have hurt them so bad, if not I would have been beaten and restrained. I would tell as many people on the street pointing directly at the freak as I could about the filthy beast. The only reason seems to be comments like "Who would say such a thing, who would say that? We need privacy!" Only the bloody pervs need that. Because there is just no concept of reality people subsume this Freudian plague. The police, FBI and media don't acknowledge this because of the 'rights' of the perverts - equal rights. No, they are NOT equivalent. That's why you should tell your children to complain right now, I am sure some of my neighbor as a kid would have just dealt with it. This wishy washy call an expert BS has CAUSED this. If you don't want to be accused by a child you meddled with, keep your dirty ass well away from other people's children, at least 500 feet. That won't kill you and I couldn't give a damn if that makes you sad, we need to make it clear what WE mean for our children. That doesn't involve sexual deviants getting to play a roll and wear a bit of drag and DEMAND we allow them in. No pitchforks needed, just the back of my hand and maybe a boot, pervy bastards.

536 days ago


There'll be a campaign to discredit this guy.

Just like there was a campaign to discredit me:

"He's just doing it for money..."

536 days ago


How many kids now adults have brought charges against this weirdo i mean look at him. look at the evidence, look at the interviews he has done and the only reason hes was never put in prision is because he paid them million of dollers to keep quiet

536 days ago
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