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Lionel Richie

New MJ Molestation Claims

Are 'Bogus'

5/9/2013 10:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
's longtime friend Lionel Richie is scoffing at the new molestation claim against the King of Pop ... telling TMZ, Wade Robson's abuse allegations are "bogus."

As we first reported, Robson -- a famous choreographer -- filed a creditor's claim against Michael's estate this week claiming the singer sexually abused him as a child.

Wade's lawyer told TMZ ... as far as he's concerned MJ was a "monster" who sexually abused Wade for seven years ... and then threatened Wade if he ever went public.

Sources close to Wade told us, 30-year-old Wade's repressed memories came flooding back following a nervous breakdown last year.

But Lionel's STILL got MJ's back ... check out the video.


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How the hell do you know richi, were you and mj hooking up too? Just shut the hell up you has been.

539 days ago

Sidney Pubic    

Well Mr. Ritchie, given his massive penis girth and bulbous testicles, of course would defend Michael Jackson. Mr. Ritchie loves to have a hairless anus and make melodious music which to practice tantric Pilates to. He knows Mr. Wade speaks the truth and Mr. Ritchie is ashamed to admit that he orders takeout from the Chinese American place daily.

539 days ago


Was he there? Another god damn psychic. Let's just do away with the courts. How inappropriate for him to comment.

539 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

The pursuit of money seems far greater than the pursuit of healing and moving forward here. Repressed memories or implanted memories one has to ask.

539 days ago


How would he know. Get another face lift Lionel. Michael Jackson was a pedifile.

539 days ago


Heresay is not allowed in court.

I don't see how this can even be a real thing right now.

Any of it.

539 days ago


Lionel Richie also claims Jerry Sandusky should be set free.

539 days ago


And I don't even Like, nor ever liked MJ. Blam.

But all this shouldn't even be getting attention, OBVIOUSLY little man's dancing career is hurting. Which is why he is making allegations.

539 days ago


I believe Wade 100%. He's ridiculously successful so has no need to lie for money.

539 days ago


So when Sandusky molest victims grow up and start spilling the beans, they throw the book at him and send him away forever. But when MJ victim does the same, he's in it for the money.

539 days ago


How does this this Ol' jerry curl ass n1G*a know.

539 days ago


This is the continuation on behalf of AEG and its co-conspirators to smear MJ and his family because of this suit. Expect more of this garbage coming directly from all their cohorts to (once again) put the public against MJ and his legacy. They just don't give up - so don't fall for it people. This is part of a well devised scheme on AEG et al - and its all about money. I hope, through the many more months and evidence coming up, that the Jackson wipe this pathetic crooked company and all the evil greedy people in charge of it, off the map! Go Jacksons!

539 days ago


Anybody wonder why Michael paid over 4 million dollars to a gay pornographer known for filming young men that was his photographer at Neverland?...evenTMZ ran a story about it years ago...Frederick .Mark Schaffel??

539 days ago


The real monster here are Wade and his lawyers.

I study psychiatry. I see a huge RED FLAG:

Robson had a nervous breakdown and went to see a psychotherapist. If the psychotherapist used any sort of hypnotherapy, mind-relaxation technique, medication in order for "repressed memories" to service, there is a HUGE problem medically and legally.

The subconscious is NOT a keeper of memory. ANY thing can effect the subconscious and cause a person to remember things that never happened to them.

This is a major reason why there are guidelines for therapists to follow.

Another person experiences repressed memories of her father killing someone after psychotherapy. There was a trial which resulted in any "memories" gained through hypnosis, medication and similar therapies to be legally invalid. The medical community also issued a warning. The father was found not guilty and the family has been ripped asunder, permanently.

539 days ago


Why is it so hard for people to believe that MJ molested children? The man was messed up in the head and I absolutely believe he was doing it to many kids back in the day. Regardless of the reasons Wade is doing it for, I remember back in the day people KNOWING he was lying to save MJ at the trial. You know, maybe Wade is doing it now becaue the Jacksons are again trying to bury it at this AIG trial...this is a backdoor (no pun intended...ok maybe a little intended) way to bring that out and remind people.

539 days ago
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