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Wade Robson

Skipping Town After Filing

MJ Molestation Claim

5/13/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
's wasting no time hightailing it out of L.A. after alleging Michael Jackson molested him -- he just unloaded his Santa Monica condo -- and is leaving Cali for good.

Wade listed the condo March 21 for $789,000 and closed escrow May 8. And get this -- he scored more than the asking price -- $825,000.

It's not an outlandish leap to think the timing isn't coincidental.  We broke the story this week ... Wade filed a creditor's claim against MJ's estate May 1 ... claiming the King of Pop molested him over a 7-year period when he was a kid.

Sources tell us, Wade, his wife and son plan to lay down roots in the Aloha state ... where his wife grew up.

Check out the condo and all its amenities.  Repressed memories not included.


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Legally, there are few penalties for making accusations that are unsubstantiated or false (cause you can always say it was your opinion, your belief) and it it easier to make an accusation than it is to defend yourself from one. Lots and lots of people have been falsely accused over the years, and child sex abuse is one of the wost things you can be accused of, if not the worst. It destroys your reputation just to have that accusation made. Nevertheless, many people have been falsely accused of that. If you research the McMartin Preschool case, it is a real eye-opener. This case happened in LA county and ran from 82-90. It is the longest and most costly criminal trial in USA history. 450 children were interviewed and many said they were abused. The children said incredible things, such as they were flushed down toilets into rooms below where they were molested. They said that animals (ex. horses) and even babies were ritually murdered. They said orgies took place in car washes and airports--public places. All this is just incredible but it was accepted and everyone went wild. The children said there were hidden tunnels under the school, and bulldozers went looking for them, tearing up the place--nothing was found. Later some of the children did say why they came up with these stories and that they were making it up. Also it was clear the investigators used improper techniques to question them, such as keep asking the same questions til they got the answers they wanted, and so the children were exhausted and said what the adults wanted to hear. Anyway, the long and short is after 15 million dollars were spent on trying to prosecute the teachers and staff of the preschool, no one was convicted and the charges were dropped. However, one guy spent something like 7 years in prison waiting to be set free.

What I am saying is there are such things as false accusations. Michael was a wealthy man; he was a target. If you study the facts, the stories of the 3 children who accused him before (Jordan Chandler, Jason Francia, Gavin SArvizo) do not add up at all. That is why he was declared not guilty by the 05 jury.

There are a couple of do***entaries on the false accusations that happened. One is called Witch Hunt, a do***entary about the Kern County, Bakersfield, CA case, produced by Sean Penn. The other is a PBS Frontline special called Innocence Lost, about the Little Rascals case in North Carolina, the longest and costliest in that state. The Witch Hunt one is one yt and the other is on the pbs website.

506 days ago

What I Think    

You mean his second wife don't you, TMZ. MJ was his first wife.

506 days ago


In the testimony in civil court, Karen Faye said Jackson was so sick and frightened and his heart beat could be seen through his chest skin. Why were the family & make-up artist doing nothing for him?

Oh, right. Karen Faye and the Jacksons are better than AEG.

506 days ago


Whether you believe him or not, TMZ - and I do - being snarky about somebody's alleged memories of being molested as a child is not cool. Get it together.

506 days ago


Jackson was found on the floor passed out drunk in London by Karen Faye because he was so scared of losing his money, home &
children. I guess there was no time to bring Jackson into the hospital. Nothing was wrong.

He spent millions on the light-skinned boys of the world. Isn't that precious?

506 days ago

BB not bb    

Well even if he doesn't get any money from MJ's estate, God is maybe still smiling down on him for coming out with the truth about Michael Jackson.

There has been a lot of doubt in people's heads from all of the conflicting stories. I think this guy finally settles it that even the witness who spoke in favor of Jackson was telling the truth.

Memories can be repressed very deeply. People don't take you seriously as a person unless you act like everything is okay, because that is how they expect you to act. They don't want to hear about whatever isn't in front of their faces.

Maybe MJ was so ashamed of himself, he was afraid to show his real fact to the world, and that is why he changed it into some bizarre white alien looking face.

He couldn't sleep at night either without his propofol that killed him. I guess his guilt maybe overwhelmed him all of these years until it finally did him in. Meanwhile Wade is a happy and successful person.

506 days ago


THAT's what you get! ......"repressed memory"bull****.

506 days ago


Jackson pretended he was mentally better after "forgiving his father" publicly. Jackson thought if the fanatics saw how loving he was to criminal Joe Jackson, then everything Jackson did afterwards was perfectly healthy, uncriminal and forgiveable too.
It doesn't matter if Jackson hurt any boy physically.

He already abused the boys and his own children when he neglected them in his home while he was drugged up on painkillers and unconscious for years (not just in 1993). Gavin Arviso broke into a wine cellar and harrassed the Neverland staff but Jackson did nothing about the problem.

506 days ago


If it was true he should have said so the first time. You either is or you isn't. To me it sounds like he cashed in the first time and he's going for seconds.

506 days ago


Jackson paid for milk and cookies for the boys and then made the taxpayers pay for his trial. An insurance company had to pay for Jackson's obsession with light-skinned boys. Look at Momma Michael and her beautiful orange lip color...She's so pretty.

506 days ago


"Repressed memories not included"...really TMZ..really????

506 days ago



506 days ago

Cathy T    

Yeah you better run you lying BA$TARD!

506 days ago


Wade Robson, is a has been, washed up unemployed for some time now clown, can't prove chit, obviously needs attention, want revenge and MONEY from MJ estate? Excuse me, but I just can't get pass the fact that EVERY FREAKING LOSERS WHO CLAIMED TO HAVE BEEN MOLESTED BY Michael Jackson, all has gone after money and not JUSTICE! Hm... I wonder why?
Unbelievable!! One family used Michael to pay for their son medical bills, they all moved in and freeloaded off him for years before MJ kicked them to the curve when they became menace to Neverland and its staff then suddenly they sued claiming molestation, they're the same people that tried to sue JC-Penny for the same reason. Then another family father wanted MJ to invest in his movie business and MJ turned him down flat and suddenly it's another child molestation charge, funny how these people got their money and disappear off the face of the earth and now a bunch of years later here come Wade Robson overgrown broke ass wanting money too. Not JUSTICE mind you, MONEY!

UGH! Not right to accuse someone of wrong doing when you don't have any evidence to back it up other then the words of a convicted child rapist whom probably never even met Michael yet alone been in Michael's home or when the person you accuse is decease unable to defend themselves. This whole thing in my opinion is pathetic. It's disgustingly sick to say the least. Shame on them all!!!

506 days ago


Repressed memory not included? well if so it's even more esay 4 the estate, they just have to let know the judge that he lied underoath 2 times. secondly btw in the legal do***ent filed by his lawyers, there's a code mostly used by lawyers, to file cases of repressed memories- He had nervous breakdowns even previously (he admitted so to a dance magazine, in a interview), and just now he goes to see a doctor?.

506 days ago
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