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Kim Kardashian

I'm Glad Kanye

Went After that Photog

5/14/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian is turning into a real bad ass ... she's telling friends she thinks Kanye West was spot on when he lunged and swore at a paparazzo in Bev Hills.

Kim -- who is always impervious to the gaggle of photogs who chronicle her every move -- thinks Kanye was justified when he bolted out of a restaurant and went all Incredible Hulk on an unsuspecting camera guy.

As you know ... Kanye had a close encounter with a metal sign as he walked to 9021PHO, slamming his forehead UFC style with a souvenir that will probably last for a week. 

Kim is telling friends ... the paparazzi have become increasingly aggressive with both of them since she became pregnant.  She's especially upset because on Monday a photog chased her down while she was driving and she had to swerve into another lane to avoid him and almost got into a bad accident.

Bottom line ... Kim is encouraging Kanye to take care of business when a photog crosses the line.  The problem with her theory -- in the case of the sign, the photogs held their distance and Kanye just didn't look where he was going.

The truth hurts.



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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I don't believe Kim has attempted to flee from the paps. Ever. Ever ever.

535 days ago


Good for him. I have zero tolerance for paparazzi. Clear the vermin from the face of the earth.

535 days ago

Craig P    

The idiot runs into the sign and then gets mad at the Photogs, what a baby. There's no law that says we can't take your picture, you can't just go around town threatening people who are on public property abviously not threatening you in any way. If you don't like the Photogs and being under the microscope all the time, go find another profession. I'd be happy to have my photo taken every day of my life for the kind of money and fame you get... so just relax you little whiny baby!

535 days ago

Brian brogan    

Hes such and idiot it's so funny!!'

535 days ago


I feel sorry for the foetus.

535 days ago


first world problems right here on tmz

535 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Shouldn't the tmz headline read, 'karbitchian is pro-violence!'

535 days ago


Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Secondly, she LOVES the cameras, so WHY does she have to drive crazy and swerve to avoid them? Drive normally or as normal as you can in CA, and let them snap away! Just pay attention to where you're going and don't worry what you look like! You're not much to look at anyway! Your ass is bigger than your "baby bump"! Do you EVER look in a mirror? Your choice of clothes leaves a LOT to be desired!

535 days ago


Here is your headline......"Idiot goes after photog..attacks sign..injures self" yup that's a real man......

535 days ago


Doesn't this whore have some knee pads to replace or something? Poor kid is going to have to fight his way thru various peckers to even get here. THATs what she needs to worry about and not Kanye The Ugly One's itsy bitsy feelings.

535 days ago

all about the money    

Yeah...Kanye had all the reason in the world to go off at someone else after all he was the one walking with his head down not watching where he was going and ran right into that sign...oh sorry I meant Kanye has every right to be ticked off after someone moved that sign right into his path, and made him slam his head into it. It was probably the photog he went "Incredible Hulk" on that did it too....
As for Kim...without all those photogs you would be just another celeb chasing loose legged fangirl who got filmed being a hoe and didn't get noticed until her sex tape was "leaked".

535 days ago


Reality stars are the reason genuine actors and actresses are hounded by the paparazzi. They've created an atmosphere where every God forsaken move is do***ented and sold...even their most intimate moments so now people look for that from even the most private of stars. I'm not a violent person but I have this overwhelming urge to knock Kim Kardashian out for even insinuating that the paps me becoming too much...ever hear the phrase "be carefule what you wish for"? Probably not...that would require her to be able to read.

535 days ago


She is so fat that it takes 10 minutes for her ass to follow her around a corner, what a disgusting couple, wish he would take a swing with his little punk ass.

535 days ago


Oh come on Kimmy. If it wasn't for the camera you'd be simply another hairy Armenian woman with a big nose.

535 days ago

Pete Beau    

kanye really is the missing link

535 days ago
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