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Kim Kardashian

I'm Glad Kanye

Went After that Photog

5/14/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian is turning into a real bad ass ... she's telling friends she thinks Kanye West was spot on when he lunged and swore at a paparazzo in Bev Hills.

Kim -- who is always impervious to the gaggle of photogs who chronicle her every move -- thinks Kanye was justified when he bolted out of a restaurant and went all Incredible Hulk on an unsuspecting camera guy.

As you know ... Kanye had a close encounter with a metal sign as he walked to 9021PHO, slamming his forehead UFC style with a souvenir that will probably last for a week. 

Kim is telling friends ... the paparazzi have become increasingly aggressive with both of them since she became pregnant.  She's especially upset because on Monday a photog chased her down while she was driving and she had to swerve into another lane to avoid him and almost got into a bad accident.

Bottom line ... Kim is encouraging Kanye to take care of business when a photog crosses the line.  The problem with her theory -- in the case of the sign, the photogs held their distance and Kanye just didn't look where he was going.

The truth hurts.



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So why does she keep paying these sites to make Kanye look like a fool such as the pic above??

493 days ago


SKANK boy and SKANK mommy-how sweet

493 days ago


Really? Nothing like biting the hand that made you rich and famous. Harvey, I DARE you to not post any pictures of any of the Kardashians for a month and we'll see what tune she's singing THEN.

Now she condones violent behavior because she's so afraid he'll leave her, she'll do anything to make him happy. She's desperate, afraid she'll be alone with a baby. Should have stuck with Reggie Bush, who is an intelligent, classy guy, and this guy is a dumb, spoiled, self-absorbed 2-year-old. Unbelievable.

493 days ago


Kanye caught up in all this reality bullcrap.. He's lost all senses of what's real or what's fake. Here's the lowdown. Sign is real... Kim is fake. Mistake baby is real.. Child support payments for the next 18 years, real... Kim's love for you, fake.

493 days ago


This family lives for photographers to follow all of them around--it's how they earn their living, and they love the limelight. So these photographers are doing the job the Kardashian's want, and Kanye screams at them for being there, and he becomes so out of control he walks into signs. He seems to be angry about a lot of things. For once, I actually feel sorry for the photogs--damned if they do, (if the arrogant Kanye is around) and damed if they don't.

493 days ago


Kardashian hypocrites! Kim has made personal calls to the TMZ show. The "friend", is Harvey. Thank goodness this is the last season of their failing reality show. Such ostentatious people.

493 days ago


Thinking like Kris, they have to have a reason to break up, so to set it up, now Kim has taken Kanye's side in a stupid matter, showing her allegiance and loyalty to him, but his insistence they no longer are photographed by the Paps will hurt her career, so after a few weeks of trying to make it work with Kanye, she'll have to choose her career over him. That's why they're furnishing dumb pictures of him to TMZ (not that they're hard to find)! Press release will say, "She'll always love him and thanks him for the sperm donation." And he can go back to Paris and be whatever it is he is. End of episode.

493 days ago



493 days ago


KK twitterpost quote....""A paparazzi almost crashed into my car today! I am still shaking! He put me in such danger! When will this legalized stalking stop???!!!???"" ummm this legalized stalking as you call it pays your bills, maybe if you and your family didn't do***ent every single move you make....for goodness sake you yourself post the paparazzi pictures on your own website giving them credit for the photos (splash, x17 etc.....) So if you yourself are using PAPARAZZI taken photos why would they think it is not ok to follow you....I do believe your post is mommy starting to do damage control...because if kimmie is in danger kanye was justified for his KNOWN (one of many) tantrum....please go nest, be a "recluse" move to paris whatever....but stop playing the victim....for goodness sake

493 days ago


The Kardashians should be thankful that anyone cares. Kanye certainly wouldn't be in the press for all the great music he has made lately. He has just become an accessory for the Kardashian family. Nothing more than this month's new Gucci bag. Another black person they can exploit for their own benefit.

493 days ago


Very interesting that as soon as you not hear/read/see anything about Kim and the family something just "happens" to get people talking about them again.

For the couple that says one day that they not want baby gifts but to instead one donations to a hospital. Then why are they putting out a list of baby items that they want?

talk about hypocrits. Like they can not afford to get the baby that crap themselves?

What does that say about what they really want and what the baby really needs?

493 days ago


I'm I the only one who finds Kanye really unattractive? He's ugly.

493 days ago


Boy is he 1 UGLY MO-FO!!! They deserve each other!!

493 days ago


The whore and her pimp.

493 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

"Waaaa...I'm a celeb...I don't want my picture taken!!...." What-the-phuck-ever Kanye. The day they stop taking your picture and making you relevant is the day you should be pissed. You wanted to be famous?...take the bad with the good cry baby.

493 days ago
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