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Wade Robson

I'm Ready to TALK About

MJ Sex Abuse Allegations

5/15/2013 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Wade Robson is breaking his silence on the Michael Jackson sex abuse allegations ... and it sounds like he's about to drop a bombshell.

Robson surfaced at JFK this morning -- unsuccessfully trying to stay low-key in a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses.

But when the paps recognized Robson, they immediately blasted the guy with questions about his accusation -- that MJ molested him when he was a kid.

TMZ broke the story ... Robson claims MJ was a monster who sexually abused him for years ... but he didn't take action sooner because he repressed the memories. The MJ estate says Robson's allegations are completely bogus.

Robson says he'll open up about the situation tomorrow.

Stay tuned ...


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Talk to your wife. People aren't really interested in what you have to say. If you're telling the truth now, then you lied in court. Either way, you're a liar.

524 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

No one wants to hear about your fabricated fantasy sex romp with Jackson, you liar.

524 days ago


He just completely ruined his whole career, his reputation, and what he will be remembered for, rather than for his dancing. He will be remembered for the guy who turned on his mentor, after he dies, claiming to suddently remember 7 YEARS of abuse, but just wasn't able to remember it when being asked repeatedly about it for years afterwards. Way to go Wade. Assclown

524 days ago


What a ****ing douchebag. MJ didn't molest anybody
enough is enough

524 days ago


So you were abused by michale jackson..Im sure dozens of little boys were...he's dead who cares...

524 days ago

King of TMZ    

i have said it and I repeat it.
If this loser was truly molested by MJ for how long he said he would have grown more likely to be gay rather than a straight guy with kids.

Since he is not gay/acquired-gay and since the "repressed memory" already seems fishy on its own. This loser is definitely lying! Somebody from MJ camp sue this loser already for defamation & perjury.

524 days ago


I'm guessing he's either pregnant.


Froze his eggs.

524 days ago


I want to hear what he has to say
Where's the proof
bla bla bla
Hear say ``` isn't gonna be enough in this case.

524 days ago


"Robson says he'll open up about the situation tomorrow"

He is going to the media tomorrow. I f you really were molested then you should sit your ass down and wait for the proper authorities to take care of it. Why is he running to media before the judge has yet to decide whether to allow the claim or not?

Im sorry but is this how a "victim" of sexual abuse acts? I hope I dont offend anyone but if this dude was molested a year ago for sevens years I would think it would take years for him to heal, especially if it was your mentor/idol/friend who was the culprit and be left alone and what not to get his **** together... but this fool like the previous cant be trustworthy when they do **** like this.

Im sorry but who runs to the media if you found out just 1 year ago that you were molested by someone who you have defended for more than 20 years? Just the shock and trauma of that would just be too overwhelming and here he is, talking to the media.

He wanted his claim to be sealed but goes on NATIONAL TELEVISION to talk about it?! Because that makes sense, NOT!

524 days ago


I guess his lawyers aren't getting anything from the estate, they are giing to fight this! So now he wants to go on the Today show tomorrow and try to get the media to focus on him since they aren't really paying attention to him other than tabloids like TMZ! Wade is a pathetic creature, he really is putting the nail in his own coffin!

524 days ago


Silly DJ,,,it was Tito.

524 days ago


I'm thinking he won't be sleeping with Paris Jackson.

Once she comes of-age.

524 days ago


Talk about The_Flipping.

Way more interesting ...

Than any allegations.

Present checking account data - day prior to Flip.

524 days ago


He is a fool with these these staged pap pictures. So who called the paps to tell him he were at the airport? He so enjoys the attention and flashes the peace sign. He is really revelling in the attention too and playing up to the cameras. Just look at his demeanor

524 days ago


24 years from now Katherine Jackson will still be alive -

Suing yet another promoter.

Wade will have a concurrent lawsuit vs. Katherine.

Hopefully a truck will run me over by then ...

Or I'll die swimming to Taylor Swift's new crib.

524 days ago
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