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Wade Robson

Says He Never Forgot ...

But Denied Specifics at Trial

5/16/2013 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
just said on TV ... he never forgot what Michael Jackson did to him -- he just didn't know it was wrong until recently ... but Wade's testimony in 2005 suggests if he didn't forget, he might have been lying.

Robson said on "Today" Michael performed sexual acts on him and vice versa when he was a child.

Wade told Matt Lauer on "Today," "I've never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse."

But we've looked at the trial transcript from the 2005 molestation case, and Wade was asked very specific questions about the physical contact he had with MJ.

Prosecutor Ron Zonen grilled Robson on cross examination and asked very specific questions:

--    Zonen:  Mr. Jackson would periodically kiss you.
--    Robson:  No   
--    Zonen:  Periodically hug you?
--    Robson:  Yes
--    Zonen:  Touch you?
--   Robson:  Hug me.
--   Zonen:  Did he ever kiss your lips
--   Robson:  No
--   Zonen:  On occasions you stayed in bed with Mr. Jackson would you ever cuddle in bed?
--   Robson:  No
--   Zonen: Would you lie next to one another?
--   Robson: No
--   Zonen: Would you touch?
--   Robson:  No

Short story ... Robson says he "never forgot" anything Michael did to him ... he just didn't know it was wrong.  So if he never forgot, did he lie on the stand or is he making it up now?  Fair question.


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Oh come on, TMZ, are you going to play this game all day? This is becoming armchair lawyering. The one thing that keeps sticking in my mind is how this guy, at the age of THIRTY is trying to sell the "I DIDN"T KNOW IT WAS WRONG" crap. Back in 2005 paedophilia was huge subjects and awareness was out there. If in 2005 he was on the stand and ten years old, I'd believe it. WHAT F'n 20 something year old says "I DIDN"T KNOW IT WAS WRONG!" ??????

525 days ago


Where were Wade robson's parents in all of this?

525 days ago


Liar, liar. The hole he's digging is getting very deep.

525 days ago


TMZ is being pretty biased in how they are reporting this. Harvey may be a lawyer but he's NOT a psychiatrist. This is CLASSIC psych 101.....the kid was highly damaged and manipulated by an adult he looked up to that carried on to his adulthood. Look at the effing FACTS people..........when you manipulate and touch kids they grow up to be screwed up......and sometimes a life changing event....say....having a son you never want molested ...changes your do justice to his son...he came forward and opened up.....MJ is a weirdo pervert drug addict that practically had his nose removed and bleached his skin......HELLO?????????? and THIS kid is lying? Use common sense for once and stop torturing this poor kid. You can't sue someone criminally that is dead so your only other option is monetary.... which was filed privately. He's doing his son justice and no matter how many people call him a liar or a thief...I see him as being a GREAT father!

525 days ago


Wade has Nooooo credibility!! Freakin liar!!!

525 days ago


I knew TMZ would have it in for Wade the minute he said on TV that he never suffered from repressed memory.

Now TMZ will punish him for the wrong info they report. Don't yall have Kardashian a$$ to kiss this morning?

525 days ago


uhh... WHOOOOO?????

525 days ago


I belive Michael was a Pedophile.

525 days ago

Jay W.     

The things people will do to get the bills paid...

525 days ago


I always knew in my heart that Wade was keeping this secret, and I never thought he would tell. While I do believe MJ 'loved' and did indeed molest Wade, I also think Wade has already been compensated from the fame and fortune that MJ bestowed on him. Wade's parents were paid off
years ago by MJ for the privilege of allowing their son to live him for YEARS. Wade should not receive another dime. Sure MJ had a psychological hold on Wade, but MJ also paid Wade with gifts and fame and fortune. No more money for Wade.

525 days ago

News Flash     

I think the guy is telling the truth. To many boys have come forward. OMG! On Oprah he was holding hands with one and told her he slept with them.

525 days ago


I believe MJ was a pedophile but this yoyo is looking to cash in on something that I don't believe happened to him. Why didn't he accuse him while he was alive. Perhaps because he served a purpose in furthering his career at the time but now since he's dead robson is looking for another cash cow. If his allegations are false he's doing nothing but victimizing the real victims once again.

525 days ago


How in the hell can you be 20 something years old and NOT know being touched like that was WRONG..especially considering he's was in the middle of a child molestation trial being asked all of these questions for hours. Molestation has been a big thing in the news and talked about openly everywhere for like 20 years now....DUDE the previous statement of repressed memory was more credible LOL....This is so stupid.....>>>Don't forget the whole thing of him still being friends with MJ and paying tribute to him 100 times and still defending him...while allegedly knowing the entire time he was a molester.....yeah OK. Nice try. He really needs money huh?

525 days ago


Michael Jackson died four years ago so why brings this now

525 days ago



525 days ago
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