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Wade Robson

Says He Never Forgot ...

But Denied Specifics at Trial

5/16/2013 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
just said on TV ... he never forgot what Michael Jackson did to him -- he just didn't know it was wrong until recently ... but Wade's testimony in 2005 suggests if he didn't forget, he might have been lying.

Robson said on "Today" Michael performed sexual acts on him and vice versa when he was a child.

Wade told Matt Lauer on "Today," "I've never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse."

But we've looked at the trial transcript from the 2005 molestation case, and Wade was asked very specific questions about the physical contact he had with MJ.

Prosecutor Ron Zonen grilled Robson on cross examination and asked very specific questions:

--    Zonen:  Mr. Jackson would periodically kiss you.
--    Robson:  No   
--    Zonen:  Periodically hug you?
--    Robson:  Yes
--    Zonen:  Touch you?
--   Robson:  Hug me.
--   Zonen:  Did he ever kiss your lips
--   Robson:  No
--   Zonen:  On occasions you stayed in bed with Mr. Jackson would you ever cuddle in bed?
--   Robson:  No
--   Zonen: Would you lie next to one another?
--   Robson: No
--   Zonen: Would you touch?
--   Robson:  No

Short story ... Robson says he "never forgot" anything Michael did to him ... he just didn't know it was wrong.  So if he never forgot, did he lie on the stand or is he making it up now?  Fair question.


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He never forgot???? Wasn't this whole incident triggered by his visit to the psychiatrist and uncovering a "repressed memory?" Aren't repressed memories forgotten? What is he talking about? And why is anyone even interviewing him about this nonsense.

523 days ago



523 days ago


Look at the twitter-account of Taj Jackson!!!
God bless you Taj, i wish u all the best from bottom of my heart!!! U are not a liar like this guy here.

523 days ago

Meme Jones    

bb you are such a tosser!!

523 days ago

King of TMZ    

The Fact that he is doing PAID interviews about only shows it's about money and attempting to ruin MJ image for the benefit of AEG case. Hope this fires back on AEG. You would be making a BREAKING STORY TMZ (MJ Died Style, Or Rihanna Beatup Picture Style) IF you prove this has-been is connected to AEG. TMZBI Get to work :)

523 days ago

Anni -------- Soo true what he say!!

523 days ago

BIG Tone    

What's next, is someone going to come forward and say Michael Jackson touched me in my dreams?

523 days ago


That excuse he gave for not saying these things on the stand in 2005 was complete BS. Especially after saying no one offered him money or told him to lie on the stand, so why did you lie idiot if you werent told to lie or pressured to lie? Its very convenient to cry booty rape after the so called pedophile is dead.

523 days ago


Were any of Jackson's own children included in those slumber parties?

523 days ago


I believe he is a liar!!!!

523 days ago

Joe Aring    

I believe him. The problems is Wade was MJ's go to kid for defense all the way back to 1994 were he and his family defended MJ. I think MJ had wade under his spell for many years clearly and know finally the truth comes out. But the only way it will work is if Wade DOESN'T take the money. It needs to be about the TRUTH. If Wade goes for the $ then that is why people will think he did this.

523 days ago


MJ was a misunderstood man. He never grew up, so as an adult, he was very childlike. Wade lied underouth and is a money hungry ASS.

523 days ago


Interesting how he did not forget specifics when questioned in 2005 but after 2005 until 2013 he forgot everything until a so called breakdown.

How could you conviently forget if you where allegedly molested?

Talking about any credibilty that he has is quickly slipping out the window.

523 days ago


ridiculous. If he never forgot..and had the chance to convict his molestor, why not do it back then?? Unless he himself enjoyed these acts. Wade was an adult when he testified..I dont believe his ridiculous story. ANd didnt his family claim he had a nervous breakdown last year which triggered the memory?? ITS all for fame and money!! No one should be allowed to accuse the dead this way, only cuz they know he cant answer, and MJ is no longer around to be his so called friend. I believe in KARMA Wade...I really do. Your actions now are wicked and evil. You need to sue your parents, for allowing you to befriend this Molestor.

523 days ago


the SHOCKING part, is that if Wade came out and made an announcement that MJ molested him...with zero lawsuit...98% of the planet would believe him. there will be NO justice with the road he is taking...unless he announces soon that all money won goes to help sexually abused children with zero profit from him and his family. besides...who would want to be paid FOR THAT!!! I would feel worse being paid money as retribution for sexual abuse. yikes!

523 days ago
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