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Kim Kardashian

I'm Taking the Baby ...


5/17/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is NOT upset that Kanye West has decided to go on tour just a few months after the birth of their child ... because TMZ has learned, she plans to go with him, baby and all.

There are reports Kim felt like Kanye was abandoning her by scheduling a tour for his new album in October -- just three months after she's expected to give birth -- but sources close to the touring company tell us, that's not true ... because Kim and the baby are coming along for the ride.

And she's not messing around either -- we're told the touring company has already been given orders to arrange for cribs and soundproof hotel rooms at every stop.

Kanye hasn't announced whether his tour will go international -- but we all know the guy has an affinity for Paris, so we're guessing he'll most likely be heading overseas.

So with the baby coming as well as a new album ... we gotta ask ...


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Has anyone asked Kanye what he thinks of this great idea? Who in their right mind thinks this guy wants to be part of this no talent urine collectors reality life.
Kanye West has shown no desire to spend any time what-so-ever with Kim Kardashian these last few months. What makes anyone think that he wants to spend his tour time with a piggy looking, flabby Kimmie and his bastard kid?
Honestly, has he ever brought any of his other baby Mamas and their babies on tour - or anywhere for that matter with him.

524 days ago

river rat    

Hmmm, wonder if she has told Kanye yet?

524 days ago


This broad is dumb as a box of rocks and completely worthless. A newborn baby should not be constantly moved around in different environments because the poor things mom is a skank and desperate for her "man" to give a ****. p.s. Kim if you are reading this stop shoving your fat feet in sandals that you shouldn't be wearing!

524 days ago


Awesome idea Kim. Yeah - have a newborn - an unvaccinated baby on tour buses and constantly around people. You do realize your "baby daddy" chose to go on tour instead of giving a **** about his new child. If he had any interest in YOU or his CHILD he would have said "screw this tour, I want to be with my partner and child". this just speaks volumes about what kind of a person he is. and Kim, you're so ****ing stupid you just don't see it. and another thing - you do realize a child will CRY. yes - on tour buses, in ritzy hotel rooms and private jets, and wake you from your beauty sleep. so keep that in mind. but my guess is you will probably just pawn the child off on your 100 nannies and have them deal with it. and before you know it the child will know them better than you. it's just sad all the way around.

524 days ago


Why should we care, he's not a celebrity right? He should now be completely ignored as he has requested and no one should go to his shows. Lets turn him into the nobody that he wishes to be.

Oh that's right, I could already care less.

524 days ago


The difference with the Kardashian Klan is, they anticipate something is going to happen, and they put spin on it even BEFORE it happens, so it will look favorably towards them. They know Kanye is splitting, this is just damage control. Way to go, Klanswomen!

524 days ago


This fake couple won't last. KKK, Kanye is just not that in to you. I don't believe this "woman" would be willing to leave all of the spotlight behind to go on tour with Kanye. Her pimp/mom would never stand for that. Momager fears that with KK's expanding horizons, the baby will be all that she has to make money off of. KK's not getting away from her pimp/mom's talons any time soon.

524 days ago


If Kim leaves on that bus with him, she'll become a reality has-been. Paris Hilton is still available for the paps, and she's ready and waiting for them to follow her around again. Between her and the latest "my sex tape was stolen" ho, (oh wait, Paris did that too -- and you STOLE her MO) you're pretty much not even needed anymore. Got it covered, you can go chase Kanye now, but I guarantee you, he's going to buy you and the baby your OWN bus.

524 days ago


Where is the 'neither' option on the poll? I find neither of those two things exciting in the slightest.

524 days ago


Everyone has a "plan" before the baby is born but after the birth, things get real. Hopefully the baby will make them realize this is too much. Kim doesn't care what Kanye does, as long as he's making money.

524 days ago


Can we add this option to the "more exciting" poll in the Kimye article: "watching lettuce wilt"?

524 days ago


Why don't they provide a third option for those of us who don't give a ****?

524 days ago


She cant even take care of herself!!

524 days ago

arale norimaki    

Gay Fish Moments

524 days ago


THat child is going to have major problems. With parents that have the history that that have already, the spoiling of it like they are already doing, the mother that is only a "star" from being in a sex tape (that kid is really going to enjoy seeing that eventually), the list goes on.

Another person in society eventually that will believe that he/she deserves what ever it wants when ever it wants it.

524 days ago
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