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Wade Robson

I Hope to Inspire OTHER Molestation Victims to Come Forward

5/17/2013 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Wade Robson says he feels LIBERATED after opening up about the alleged sex abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson on national TV ... and says he hopes he inspires other people to "speak their truth."

Robson had just landed at LAX yesterday after his big tell-all interview with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show -- and said he has no regrets about going public with his MJ accusations.

While Wade's story is under fire -- considering he so vehemently DEFENDED Michael during the 2005 molestation trial -- the dance choreographer says he hopes his decision to come forward will be viewed as inspirational.

"If my coming forward and speaking the truth can help, honestly, one [person] to gain courage to speak their truth and begin the healing process then that would really be more than I could ask."

TMZ broke the story ... Wade is going after the Michael Jackson Estate in court, claiming MJ sexually abused him as a child. Wade said he waited so long to take action because he didn't realize he was being abused until recently.


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Wade has my support. Michael Jackson fans are the absolute worst. They attack victims of abuse because they can't accept reality.

Let's sum up a little...

In his bedroom, MJ had a nude polaroid photo of a boy he was suspected of molesting. Police found it during their '93 raid

MJ owned vulgar books of nude boys which were edited and photographed by convicted child sex offenders

MJ has at least four accusers (it's believed there are many more privately)

Multiple witnesses gave statements to police that they saw him molest Wade.

When asked if he ever molested children, he always pleaded the 5th under oath on the grounds his answer might incriminate him.

At 15, Aaron Carter woke up to find MJ on his bed with him.

MJ showed Corey Feldman a book of genitals when Corey was 13.

MJ masturbated on the phone with Terry George when George was 13.

MJ paid of two boys with multimillion dollar settlements.

In order to believe that MJ was innocent, you have to also believe that over a hundred people are lying. Witnesses, the entire police force, the DA, victims, etc. If you believe that, you are a fkn idiot

Stop making excuses for very inappropriate behavior. Deal with the reality that Michael Jackson was a pedophile.

491 days ago


The only people he will inspire are other lying schemers who think they should cash in on other people's hard work and success.

491 days ago


Shut up Wade, no one believes a word you have to say. Get yourself a violin and tin cup and stand on the corner and see how many people want to contribute anything to you. You are a pathetic creature and a money grubbing liar. No one is going to hire you for anything, your so-called career is KAPUT!

491 days ago


Hope to inspire others to sue estates of dead people for millions of dollars? Dead people who can't defend themselves...

491 days ago


Jacksons fans can't seem to seperate Jackson on stage entertainer to Jackson off the stage. 2 totally different people.

Jackson been accused of molstation before. He had the money and clout to get away with it.

The 2nd time he was accused there was enough evidence to get him arrested, booked and tried. Again, had enough money, celebrity and clout to get him out of it again. That doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Just like he wasn't a pharm junkie. Hell Jackson was doing propofol since the late 80's. Christ, 19 known different names for all of his drugs. Why?

Jackson was not a saint. They are doing and blaming anyone they can to protect his image. The Jacksons just want any money they can get.

Michael Jackson didn't leave them a penny in his will and they were pissed.

491 days ago


This dude is lying, just to get the money he feels entitled to. He needs to go back to being irrelevant.

491 days ago


I know MJ was 'different' , totally get that. But I really don't believe he was a sick man. Not in terms of children anyway. I guess he or maybe a group of lawyers think saying this will make more join in & try to sue. So are we supposed to be so stupid as to believe that a group of people wouldn't lie & take money as quickly as one person would? It's like someone thinks the general public isn't any smarter or more worldly than a 2nd grader. Seriously? Do they think the public didn't see this coming? or is someone just that desperate?

491 days ago


Can someone please explain to me one of the many contradictions in this story? B/c I really am confused by his story.

Assuming it were true, how do you correlate his saying MJ told him they would go to jail and lose their careers with his also saying he did not understand it was abuse or wrong? How do those go together? Why would he go to jail for something that was not a crime? I know victims behave different ways and you can't predict their response, which honestly seems to be a way of excusing every less than credible fact in this story. But how does this add up? And, for that matter, if it wasn't wrong (in his head), why would he need to be coached into lying on the stand? Why wouldn't he believe that he could tell the truth since what they were doing was not abuse? How could he not know it was abuse or wrong when it was shrouded in so much secrecy and he was allegedly told by MJ that he would be punished if it ever got out?

Can someone who has experience with abuse victims and thinks his story is possible explain this inconsistency for me? I honestly don't get it.

491 days ago


I believe Michael Jackson used his cult status to groom Wade Robson from a young boy even brainwashing him like a cult member to protect him in court. I find his personal testimony compelling.

491 days ago


This guy is LYING big time. Its all about money. The Jacksons' lawyers better hire a good P.I. to find out the truth here.. and just why this guy skipped California and moves to soon as he "opens up" ...He's definitely been got to by AEG and their crooks to come out with this and keep it in the public domain to try to bolster AEG's in the Jackson case, which AEG is clearly LOSING. They stand to lose a lot of money.. if not the entire organization .. That's a lot of MOTIVE right there. We do NOT BELIEVE YOU WADE. You are s*** for doing this for MONEY.

491 days ago


Well, isn't it strange. A witness to Jerry Sandusky's sex abuse was called out and the flood gates opened so his victims could come forward and there were many looking for justice. The voice of Elmo had a victim come forward and all of a sudden there were three. Then accusations against Travolta from a victim and out came several others. How come Wade hasn't got himself several more victims coming forward? Again, for the haters and enablers, I'm not saying MJ did, or didn't. I'm just curious why we don't have the flood gates opened with victims finally speaking out about their stories.

491 days ago


Shouldn't he be arrested for perjury?

491 days ago

Lady Luck    

Speaking of the MJ inspired Cirque shows. If Michael was such a "monster," as Wade is now claiming, why in the world would he want to be the director of that particular show? Wade can be seen speaking in a clip from Rhythm Addict TV and he is going on and on about how much pressure choregraphying the MJ Cirque show is. Only problem is, he NEVER worked on the show. He was on the short list at one time, but apparently didn't make the cut. The man is nothing more than a liar!

491 days ago


That under the table money from AEG must be pretty good, because no one is talking about the wrongful death lawsuit now. Let me be clear, I don't know this as a fact, it's just my opinion. What I do know is that this guy is SO full of it!!! The things people will do to score a free payday!

491 days ago


Fk him he makes me sick!

491 days ago
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